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Hipodromo Chile - Chile South America

Board: $70

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Horse Age Owner
Awrimae bl.f.2 Sara Julin
Bhauriki ch.m.6 Susie Rydell
Conjuration bl.g.9 Tiger Person
Cumulative Valor ch.g.3 Sarah Shook
Fire Touch ch.c.2 Kent Saunders
Fire Wardens Son dkb.g.4 Patrick O'Malley
Firstlastandalways ch.c.3 Esther Winters
Glass of Hot Fat bl.g.14 Jay Trotter
Horse 1480684572 b.f.2 Iggy Timeeczech
Horse 1481050396 bl.f.2 Xander Zone
Horse 1481072598 ch.f.2 Jeremy Janitz
Horse 1491764575 b.c.1 Iggy Timeeczech
Horse 1491862452 bl.c.1 Xander Zone
Ice Road Island ro.g.7 Patrick O'Malley
Jamacnese bl.m.7 Xander Zone
Krispy Queen b.m.11 Melanie Lejeune
Horse Age Owner
Lux Bux gr.m.9 Patrick O'Malley
Many Fire dkb.f.2 Dusty Klatt
Mighty Surprises ch.f.4 Patrick O'Malley
Oh La Laa ch.f.3 Dusty Klatt
On the Chin b.m.8 Melanie Lejeune
Out of Funds b.c.3 Norman Architecture
Position Statement b.m.9 Iggy Timeeczech
Positively Unsure b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sacred Heartbeat ch.f.3 Norman Architecture
Sign Maker dkb.c.4 Patrick O'Malley
The Lady Door w.m.6 Natasha Yar
Thedarkonesownluck bl.f.4 Patrick O'Malley
Tidal Winners dkb.g.3 Kathlene Dyer
Toxic Scare ch.g.2 Jeremy Janitz
Vain Gray gr.g.7 Patrick O'Malley
Worst Chick ro.c.3 Dusty Klatt
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