Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Ancient Truth NJ b.h.6  Regina Moore Leo Da Vinci 884
2 Allonsy NY dkb.h.5  Susie Rydell Doctor 799
3 After Earth GBR gr.g.10  Patrick O'Malley Gibraltar 727
4 What's This GBR b.h.7  Bernard Kwok Eohippus 721
5 Frank Footer IRE b.g.8  Bob Oliva Frankel 712
6 Front Page Star CAN bl.m.5  Leonard Beagle Early Edition 695
7 Le Canadien BRZ bl.h.8  Bradley Davis Holiday Gift 695
8 Fantasmic NY dkb.h.8  Lisa Strummer The Opera Ghost 673
9 Rostov FRA bl.h.6  Ryan Whitehead Stalingrad 661
10 Dark Shadows FL ch.h.6  Stormy Peak A Darker Day 659
11 Time Limit NY ch.h.6  Cleo Patra Two Toned 641
12 Hooray KY b.h.5  Lee Cara Private Zone 630
13 Andy Loves April SWZ bl.g.6  Tim Matthews Homeland Security 626
14 Lion's Cry LA b.g.8  Rocki Ryoliza Lion of Senet 619
15 Minneapolis NY ch.m.5  Eric Nalbone White Fang 615
16 Piper's Pit IL b.h.6  Danny Derby Maelstrom 615
17 Pointless MD gr.h.6  Stephen Saratoga Point of Pride 615
18 Invocation IRE ch.h.5  Ali Hedgestone Bright Heart 611
19 Smokes KY bl.h.7  Lucas Davenport Editors 611
20 Wolfgang NY bl.h.6  Patrick O'Malley Sidney 610
21 Starbridge MN b.g.11  Rachel Sadler Song for Ten 609
22 Twisted Reality WY gru.h.6  Kenzie Larkin Macho Bugsy 591
23 Two Tier System NY dkb.h.7  Magic Star Two Toned 580
24 Shadowdancer MD b.h.7  Lisa Strummer Ball of Fire 577
25 Hephaestus GBR ro.g.10  Erin Sanderson Nipote Di Atlante 565
26 Consecration CA b.h.5  Peihe Sun Just An Act 563
27 Gecko TX b.g.7  Charles Bunbury In the Trench 557
28 Wheel Forthe Judge NY gr.h.6  Lucas Davenport American Valor 553
29 Move On SWE bl.h.5  John Slotmon Quite the Feat 550
30 See You Monday TUR b.c.4  Ronnie Dee Sepia Tint 550
31 Super IL ch.h.5  Jolene Danner Maelstrom 549
32 Captain My Captain IL dkb.h.5  Cleo Patra Maelstrom 545
33 Lifeaholic MD dkb.c.4  Regina Moore Royalty for Life 543
34 Catalyst CA b.c.4  Kenzie Larkin Pace of Life 542
35 Salted Caramel VA ch.h.5  Stephen Saratoga Buttermint 540
36 Dreamcast NY b.h.6  Nick Gilmore Sidney 537
37 Spellbound CA dkb.h.6  Lucas Davenport Ender 534
38 Riff FL bl.h.5  Lee Cara Movie Sign 525
39 Eastern Westside CA gr.g.6  Mark Branch Taste of Shadows 520
40 Zombie Fish KY bl.m.7  T.D. Palm Great White 519
41 Really Really Big NY b.h.10  Randell Johnson Big Moment 513
42 In the Dark FRA b.m.6  Lucas Davenport War Lock 512
43 Westley TX bl.h.5  Susie Rydell Liam 509
44 Saw Red GBR ch.g.7  Laura Smith Looking Alive 506
45 Spend It With You CA ch.m.5  Susie Rydell Doesit Need Saying 505
46 Threesneaks TX bck.m.5  Alleyne Torres Sneak Sneak 502
47 Trot Christopher IL dkb.h.5  Marc Plouffe Fighting Irish 502
48 Socrates Gift NY bl.g.9  Dakota Fox Roke 499
49 Great Pyrenees AUS b.g.10  Laura Smith Beagle 497
50 The Thunderdome NY gr.h.5  Carolyn Eaton Sidney 493
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