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by Douglas Marley posted 4 months 0 weeks ago

SimHorseRacing, with its motto, “it’s not the horses that are real . . . it’s the emotions” is a fairly effective means to vicariously enjoy the emotions of owning, training, and racing horses. The one area that may be somewhat lacking is the primary goal of any equine competition, the improvement of the breed. In the real-world horse’s running records and personal achievements of the humans involved in the sport, should come second to the goal of improving the various horse breeds.

For example, when the Standardbred registry was created, horses had to trot in a time less than two minutes and 30 seconds. Today, to be competitive, a Standardbred would need to trot well under this standard. In 1936, the legendary Greyhound set a trotting record of 1:57 ¼, the then fastest time in a race. At the time of this writing a trotter, Homicide Hunter, holds the mile record of 1:48.4. We can see a clear improvement in racing times.

While the improvement of the breed is a huge factor in the real world, our Sim is more interested in our achievement and the on-track achievement of our horses. Yet, occasionally, we honor a horse that truly improves the breed in the breeding shed, not on the track. One of these horses is standardbred-pacer Writethisdown.

Writethisdown entered the SimRacing world in Y23 at the creation six new breeds (Arabian, Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse and Standardbred trotters and Pacers). This was a time when these new breeds needed to find stallions and mares to improve the breed.

Writethisdown was purchased by his owner, Josh Lamp for the price of $5,000. Currently, Lamp was moving toward his first 250 winners. As of this writing Lamp’s win record stands at almost 3,200.

Writethisdown shared the barn with his perennial foe and stablemate, Igetmoney, who later was named Y23-Standardbred Pacer Horse of the Year, Y23-Standardbred Pacer Champion Three-Year-Old Male. Writethisdown faced Igetmoney in everyone of his starts and, in later days, shared a place in the Hall of Fame.

Writethisdown won his first two starts, all in stakes races. The first was the $50,000, Meadow Fields Prince Pace. Igetmoney came in second by one and a half lengths. Writethisdown then faced Igetmoney in the $60,000 New Jersey Stallion Series. Writethisdown again won, this time by a length, ahead of Pace On, future Y24-Standardbred Pacer Champion Older Male. Igetmoney finished third.

Writethisdown tasted his first loss in his third start when he finished fourth to Igetmoney, Pace On, and stakes winner, Tough Decision, in the $150,000 Northern Hemisphere Cup. Two weeks later Writethisdown finished third to Igetmoney and Pace On in the $250,000 Meadow Fields Pace.

Writethisdown proved his mettle by winning his next start, the grade 1, $250,000 Niatross Pace against all the usual suspects. Finishing a half, a length behind him was Pace On, in second and Igetmoney, third by a length and a half. This would be Writethisdown’s last and greatest victory.

Writethisdown finished second, by three quarters of a length behind his stablemate Igetmoney in the $250,000 Western Dreamer Pace. Writethisdown trotted two more times in the $500,000 Big Blue Bucket Stakes and the $500,000 Steward’s Crown Pace. Both these races were won by Igetmoney, with Pace On finishing second.

Writethisdown was now ready to move on to the most important part of his life in the breeding shed at Hill Valley Equestrian Center. At Hill Valley Equestrian Center Writethisdown sired 430 foals, with 296 (68.84%) becoming winners and 59 (13.72%) becoming stakes winners. Of the stakes winners Writethisdown’s foals won at least twenty-two championships. Of these champions four became Horses of the Year, Writeitagain, Freak show, Oh So Scary, and Scary Fast. Finally, seven foals of Writethisdown joined him the Hall of Fame including Alluring Eyes, Autobiographical, Freak Show, Holly Roller, Oh So Scary and, Writeitagain.

As a writer I look for a hook, and angle to catch the reader’s attention. Usually, it is flashy stats, huge win percentages or amazing records. Writethisdown did not establish an amazing record on the track, but in the breeding farm he established a dynasty of excellence. His contribution to the breed is unmatched and should be honored when ever his name is mentioned.

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