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Gothenburg Horsepark - Week 2

by Polk Buffalo posted 4 months 0 weeks ago

Gothenburg horse park Week 2

”Soakwood park”, ”New Lakeway park”, ”The Raincoats stakes”, ”New lights and a flood aren't new floodlights”
The nicknames hailed(!) from the audience during raceday.

The roads were flooded. The parking fields were a muddy lake. Cars were stuck and the children cried. The ones that actually made it to the arena enjoyed the new roof over the western stand.
Well at least the scaffoldings for the roof. The actual roof had been delayed for next week.

-The horses and jockeys have a newly built, high standard, well spaced area with plenty of fresh water, heating and comfy relax rooms and there are still balloons left for the children, horse park official Glenn McAllan proudly proclaimed.
No one heard him... They were busy marching out on the horses track demanding to talk to the person in charge of this.

Luckily, the economy adviser Glenn Wyzer grabbed the microphone and said that all entry tickets would be refunded.

-If the ticket is just fragments of wet paper, a smart phone pic of a stuck car near the horse park will be valid too. And we have also arranged with a free car wash at Old Mikes and of course a cup of coffee and a hot dog, and dry balloons too. But please stay around for the races 'cause they will make you forget the heavy rain, and besides all your cars are stuck or washed away so there is nothing else you actually can do.

And the races held what Glenn Wyzer promised.

Already in the NW races, ”The Sky at Night” ran faster than anyone thought was possible in these conditions. A speed figure that would have placed her at the podium in the stakes race.
-Well statistically yes, but a stakes race is a complete different ballgame and besides the track got soggier for every race, so I still think we picked the right race for my star. Next time with a little more confidence, we might go for the big race, trainer Emmie Kay wisely said.

The main race was a fierce battle between Centaur's spell and Serenade the Stars, the horses that we picked as small favourites last week.
Serenade the Stars was literally out of the picture halfway through, but plowed through the mud at tremendous speed almost catching Centaur's spell at the finish.
-Your horses ended up first and second. Did you have any team orders? Was it decided beforehand that Centaur's spell should get the win and that Serenade the Stars should stay in second, Mr McAllan asked after the race.

-It was not until all horses had been showered clean that we knew who actually won, remember? How do you expect anyone to be able to have team orders? You watch too much formula one, old man, and by the way, there is only cold water available in the showers, Rachel Sadler grumped back.

-Amazing performance, you actually set a new track record at 3½ miles during these conditions! Glenn Wyzer said in an impressed voice, half a second faster than last weeks Abba stakes.

Rachel Sadler cheered up, forgot about the mud, the cold water and felt like a queen for a while.

Glenn Wyzer saved the day again. He was way younger and more inexperienced than Mr McAllan, but he was indeed...Wyzer.

-Welcome back all for next week. There are some international races at Montpelier, but I hope that some of you will come back with your smartphone pics and you will have free entry. Next week we will have the Zlatan stakes. So far we have room for 6 more entries.
We also have the ”Where is my snus” stakes which is only half filled with hungry youngsters, McAllan finished off, trying to take the credit from the man who actually saved this evening.

-By the way, where IS my snus?
Glenn, can you go and buy me a new one?

-Young Mr Wyzer, knowing that his boss would become even more unbearable without his Snus, handed him a spare Snus container which he kept only for occasions like this. Mr Wyzer knew better than to start with tobacco...

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