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Gothenburg Horsepark - Week 3

by Polk Buffalo posted 3 months 3 weeks ago

Gothenburg horse park Week 3

-We did well this week, didn't we? McAllan asked his economy advisor.
More spectators than last week and everything went smoothly. I think we should expand and run races on fridays too. I mean, today is midsummer and we don´t have races. Imagine how much money we lost today...

-I guess people spend this day watching their children dancing around a big pole pretending to be frogs instead. It's a family holiday. No one wants to watch horses today. Instead they pick their best summer clothes and jump around that pole because it is a tradition. They eat pickled herring, strawberries and pick flowers, even if it is raining, and today it is rainy and cold.., Wyzer replied.

-We just have to put a giant midsummerpole in the middle of the infield and people will watch horses instead of frogs. That would be a nice new tradition, don't you think? Watching the bumper races around the pole would have been perfect., McAllan dreamed on..

Wyzer realized that the old man actually made some sense this time. Unfortunately there would be a lot of paperwork to have chasers run on fridays.. That had never been done before.
-And who should do all the paperwork and applications to arrange a friday race next midsummer? Wyzer asked.

McAllan just looked at him, wondering if that really was a question. MrWyzer just sighed, -Ok, I will call the Steward...

Week 3 races were indeed a great rebound from the week before. Sunny weather, firm tracks. Even though Montpellier had some competing races, the starting lists were packed with star horses.
Seven different stables shared the wins. Arthur Cutler was the only one to manage two wins in the first two races. Corporate Ladder in the sixth race won by five lengths in a stunning performance.

After that is was time for the big race, the ”Zlatan stakes”. Zlatan, a strong, acrobatic, cocky football player from Sweden. Stating in an unSwedish manner how good he is. Perhaps that mindset would produce an equally strong winner in this race?
Tremendous city made it look easy and took a comfortable win. But only Zlatan is Zlatan...

”Where is my snus” stakes was won by a familiar face. The winner of the Abba Teens-stakes did it again. Firefox Z started in the middle of the field but finished of in an impressive way.

Coming up in just a few days are the week 4 races.
No race will be unfilled and there is still plenty of time for late entries...
The main events will be the ”Swedish Chef” stakes. The Swedish chef in the muppet show is how people from abroad think the Swedish language sounds like.. just saying random hoonimoonimoon sentences in random pitches that go up and down all the time. Actually that is more like Norwegian language to me... Expect the saddest horse at halftime to explode in a happy rush and get the win and then suddenly turning sad again..

The Swedish meatball stakes is from another tradition. Don't expect any stewardbred to win this one. The best Swedish meatballs are the homebred ones. One exception is ”Mamma Scans” meatballs, but she is not entering this race.

-Oh, no! ”Rainy Day Monday” entered the bumper race. If he is right about the weather again we have to fix the parking first, MrMcallan realized.

-I have checked and the weather will be good. I have also made sure that all parking surfaces can handle heavy rain now and that the roof is now a water p. roof, Wyzer said trying to be witty.
Oh, yes, I forgot that we fixed that, McAllan said, trying to take credit for someone elses work again.

See you at the tracks!

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