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Gothenburg Horsepark Week 4

by Polk Buffalo posted 3 months 2 weeks ago

Gothenburg Horsepark, Week 4

Eight races, six different winners. Flizan Hambletonian and Rachel Sadler were the ones that were able to grab two wins each. Rachel Sadler won the biggest of them all, the swedish chef stakes in comfortable distance to the silver medalist.
The Swedish Meatballs stakes was of course won by a homebred by Lucas Davenport, doing an impressive speed figure.
Those were the facts that made it to the newspaper, but as usual lots of things happened ”backstage”.

-You bought what? Mr Wyzer asked? And for how much money?

-It will surely bring a profit in the long run once we get it here. I just have to arrange the transport from Denmark. By the way do you have a large truck that can load it, Mr McAllan said, expecting Mr Wyzer to take care of the transport of this rare find.

-If I understand you correctly, the midsummerpole will stand in the middle one week per year and this, thing.., will stand in the middle of the track the other 51 weeks of the year? And you plan to ”invest” in more of them and make a complete park of it?, Wyzer now a bit more irritated.

-Plan to is not the right way to put it. I actually bought three smaller ones already. Where children can have their photos taken for a fee. I thought one big T. Rex and three small raptors would spice up this park a little, and their transport is easier to arrange, McAllan smiled.

This was clearly getting out of hand, Glenn Wyzer realized, he was going to the board as soon as possible to get this man fired. Ordering four plastic giant dinosaurs without consulting the economy advisor because he thought this would come as a welcomed surprise. Boasting that the big one could even wag the tail and make a dinosaur sound when the horses reached the finishing line.

Instead, Mr Wyzer just replied ”Ok, I will have a look at the transport arrangements, please don’t invest in any more creatures until we have those first ones installed. Please focus on the horse races for week 5 instead. They look really interesting”.

-The Volvo stakes is cool, but it is too safe. Not like a dinosaur. It is a well built car, but a T.Rex can bite through it at any time. Perhaps a few spikes or shields on the roof would make the Volvo look more attractive, McAllan said. The Saab on the other hand is an extinct species which makes it more interesting. Did you know that the Swedish government spent a lot of money on building a two file motorway and a double track railway from Gothenburg to the factory in Trollhattan to ship the cars to the port just two years before the SAAB species became extinct, instead of spending the money on a motorway from Gothenburg to Stockholm. That must mean that the SAAB species is worth saving…

What MrWyzer thought was a well deserved three day vacation for the old man had turned into something much worse. Why did he recommend that dinopark in Denmark for the old man.. This could really jeopardize the entire existence of Gothenburg Horsepark as we know it.
Even dinosaurize it.

See you at the tracks, and if the water in your drinking glass starts to tremble.. Run!

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