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Trial Park Week 16 The Good,Bad and Ugly

by Tony Baker posted 4 weeks 0 days ago

Actually, there was no bad or ugly I was ecstatic to get my first winner at Trial Park along with 2 others from the ten I marched off a few days ago. As a result I am going to order some silks in celebration.

Talk about being bitten by the “Sim bug” I can’t wait until racing starts again next year and I can really get stuck into it.

Some kind owner had reminded me to use the “ask the jockey” feature from the results page and it seems 3 of the runners had their gear set wrong so there will be work to do there (something to tinker away with during the break).

The main race of the day the “Restored Royalty” was absolutely dominated by the two “Steward Horses” Captain Obvious and The Grey Sky…(Is this why they always cost so much ??)

Captain Obvious running for Magic Man drifted back shortly after the start of the race and at the first/second and third call was sitting in 5th place before making a late surge to run over the field and win by 1 ½ lengths with a speed figure of 87.

The Grey Sky running for Mark Markson looks to have been very brave in defeat leading for the majority of the race despite being harassed and what we call here “softened up” by the other front runner Water In The Air, leaving The Grey Sky vulnerable in the last few furlongs.

I am somewhat surprised yet excited to see the above as this is what can often happen in turf races here in Australia. Believe me I have been on many front running horses as some tracks here have a definite leader bias only to get my horse annoyed by another on-pacer and leaving the horse out on his/her feet in the last furlong and vulnerable to the sharks leaping from behind. If this is what is being replicated in the Sim then it’s very exciting and very cool as it adds a whole new dimension to the game (another mini brain explosion).

Poor ol Facing Monsters just wasn’t up to the task and finished just out of the money, but as mentioned previously I was excited to be part of the event. Is it normal that my heart was pounding a little harder while going online to check for the result (or am I just weird) Hopefully Facing Monsters can find a few easier races next year.

Trial Park racing honors for the week once again fell to Peter Quill with 13 wins followed by Mark Markson with 6 wins.

Am so looking forward to racing here next year and I hope to be able to listen to any live calls late in week 16.

Good Luck

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