Summer Burner (NJ)
ch.c.4 - 15.2
Marking: Stripe
Earnings: $0
Owner: Bobby Glantzberg
Breeder: Bobby Glantzberg
Location: A Central Hub Stable (KS)
Total Stats: 0: 0-0-0
Dirt: 0: 0-0-0
Turf: 0: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Ghost of Summer Dam: Burning Decision  
Grand Sire: Rambling Dam Sire: Flamengo Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings  
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Year-51 Week-16 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-51 Week-15 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-51 Week-14 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-51 Week-12 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-51 Week-11 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-51 Week-10 Day-1 6 furlongs. Dirt.
Y54-W13-D2 Jogged
Y54-W13-D1 Jogged
Y54-W12-D7 Jogged
Y54-W12-D6 Jogged
Y54-W12-D5 Jogged
Y54-W12-D2 Jogged
Y54-W12-D1 Jogged
Y54-W11-D5 Jogged
Y54-W11-D4 Jogged
Y54-W11-D2 Jogged
Y54-W11-D1 Jogged
Y54-W10-D7 Jogged
Y54-W10-D6 Jogged
Y54-W10-D5 Jogged
Y54-W10-D4 Jogged
Y53-W5-D4 Jogged
Y51-W9-D4 Swam in Pool
Y51-W9-D1 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W8-D5 Jogged
Y51-W8-D2 Swam in Pool
Y51-W7-D6 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W7-D3 Jogged
Y51-W6-D7 Swam in Pool
Y51-W6-D5 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W6-D2 Jogged
Y51-W5-D6 Swam in Pool
Y51-W5-D3 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W4-D7 Jogged
Y51-W4-D4 Swam in Pool
Y51-W4-D1 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W3-D5 Swam in Pool
Y51-W3-D2 Jogged
Y51-W2-D6 Swam in Pool
Y51-W2-D3 Worked on the Longe Line
Y51-W1-D7 Swam in Pool
Y51-W1-D4 Jogged
Y51-W1-D1 Swam in Pool
Y51-Preseason Worked on the Longe Line
Y50-Break Renamed Horse 1536032710 to Summer Burner
Y50-Break Bred by Bobby Glantzberg
Y50-Break Bred by Bobby Glantzberg


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