Scared Ship (TX)
Retired Maiden
bl.f.4 - 16.3
Marking: No Marking
Earnings: $0
Owner: Joseph Griffitt
Breeder: Cindy Saunders
Location: Spirit Dreams (KY)
Total Stats: 0: 0-0-0
Dirt: 0: 0-0-0
Turf: 0: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Abandon Ship Dam: Hearts Afraid  
Grand Sire: Two Toned Dam Sire: Band of Horses Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Year-53 Week-13 Day-6 3 furlongs. Turf.
Year-53 Week-10 Day-6 2 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-53 Week-8 Day-6 2 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-52 Week-10 Day-6 5 furlongs. Turf.
Year-52 Week-7 Day-6 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-52 Week-6 Day-6 4 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-52 Week-5 Day-6 3 furlongs. Turf.
Year-52 Week-4 Day-6 3 furlongs. Dirt.
Offspring (Total Progeny Earnings: $0)
Name Type Sire Earnings Stats My Alerts
Horse 59009616423 bl.c.0 Can't Be Moved $0 0: 0-0-0
Y55-W15-D4 Renamed Horse 1545684357 to Scared Ship
Y55-W13-D2 Sold to Joseph Griffitt for $50
Y55-W3-D6 Retired
Y55-W3-D6 Galloped
Y55-W1-D6 Galloped
Y55-Preseason Galloped
Y54-W15-D7 Galloped
Y54-W14-D6 Jogged
Y54-W13-D6 Jogged
Y54-W12-D6 Galloped
Y54-W11-D6 Swam in Pool
Y54-W10-D6 Swam in Pool
Y54-W9-D6 Galloped
Y54-W8-D6 Galloped
Y54-W7-D6 Galloped
Y54-W6-D6 Galloped
Y54-W5-D6 Swam in Pool
Y54-W4-D6 Galloped
Y54-W2-D6 Galloped
Y53-W16-D5 Jogged
Y53-W15-D7 Galloped
Y53-W14-D6 Galloped
Y53-W12-D6 Swam in Pool
Y53-W11-D6 Galloped
Y53-W9-D6 Galloped
Y53-W7-D6 Galloped
Y53-W6-D6 Swam in Pool
Y53-W5-D6 Galloped
Y53-W4-D6 Galloped
Y53-W2-D6 Galloped
Y53-W1-D6 Galloped
Y52-W15-D7 Galloped
Y52-W14-D6 Galloped
Y52-W13-D6 Worked on the Longe Line
Y52-W12-D6 Galloped
Y52-W11-D6 Trained with stable pony Swift Baby Boy
Y52-W11-D6 Schooled in the Gate
Y52-W11-D6 Schooled in the Paddock
Y52-W9-D6 Swam in Pool
Y52-W3-D6 Jogged
Y52-W3-D6 Worked on the Longe Line
Y52-W2-D6 Jogged
Y52-W2-D6 Galloped
Y52-W2-D3 Galloped
Y52-W1-D6 Jogged
Y52-W1-D6 Galloped
Y52-W1-D3 Swam in Pool
Y52-W1-D3 Galloped
Y52-Preseason Galloped
Y52-Preseason Galloped
Y51-W15-D1 Bred for $25,000 Fee
Y51-W15-D1 Bred by Cindy Saunders
Y55-W13-D2 Sold to Joseph Griffitt for $50
Y51-W15-D1 Bred by Cindy Saunders


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