Yee Haw Haw (NJ)
Retired Maiden
bl.m.9 - 16.3
Marking: Star
Earnings: $0
Owner: John Sloan
Breeder: Cesar Raez
Location: Darn Tootin Farm (AL)
Total Stats: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Scary Edgar Dam: Holy Redhot  
Grand Sire: Edgar Dam Sire: Holy Roller Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Year-51 Week-4 Day-6 1 mile. Dirt.
Year-50 Week-8 Day-4 1 mile. Dirt.
Year-50 Week-7 Day-3 1 mile. Dirt.
Year-50 Week-5 Day-3 1 mile. Dirt.
Offspring (Total Progeny Earnings: $554,670)
Name Type Sire Earnings Stats My Alerts
Dance Little Jean bl.f.3 Bomb Threat $72,000 10: 4-2-0
Giving It Legs bl.m.5 Kindaonaroll $0 0: 0-0-0
Horse 61521531270 gr.c.0 Bomb Threat $0 0: 0-0-0
Study Cash Flow bl.f.2 Cashformiki $3,590 2: 0-0-1
Think About First bl.m.7 Thinking Out Loud $136,100 20: 3-0-3
White Boy Rick bl.g.6 Tell All $303,640 29: 6-4-2
Yee Haw Cash bl.f.4 Cashformiki $39,340 12: 3-3-3
Yee Haw Titan bl.c.1 Always B a Titan $0 0: 0-0-0
Y57-W16-D5 Moved to Darn Tootin Farm via airplane
Y51-W5-D2 Moved to Racing Heroes Pension and Hospital
Y51-W5-D2 Retired
Y51-W4-D6 Renamed Horse 1513974959 to Yee Haw Haw
Y51-W4-D6 Sold to John Sloan for $5,000
Y50-W7-D3 Jogged
Y50-W4-D4 Jogged
Y50-W4-D4 Trained Under Harness
Y50-W4-D1 Jogged
Y50-W4-D1 Trained Under Harness
Y50-W3-D6 Jogged
Y50-W3-D4 Trained Under Harness
Y50-W2-D4 Trained Under Harness
Y50-W2-D1 Trained Under Harness
Y50-W1-D4 Trained Under Harness
Y50-Preseason Trained Under Harness
Y49-Preseason Bred for $20,000 Fee
Y49-Preseason Bred by Cesar Raez
Y51-W4-D6 Sold to John Sloan for $5,000
Y49-Preseason Bred by Cesar Raez


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