The Air Up There (FL)
Retired Maiden
ch.m.7 - 15.1
Marking: No Marking
Earnings: $0
Owner: Stormy Peak
Breeder: Stormy Peak
Location: Foremost Farm (FL)
Total Stats: 3: 0-0-0
Dirt: 0: 0-0-0
Turf: 3: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Forgot Dam: Thinnest of Air  
Grand Sire: If You Think Dam Sire: Old Dan Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings
Year-52 Week-2 Day-5 Arcadia Park (CA) Condition: Firm. Race 39 - 1 1/8 miles. Turf. Thoroughbred. 3 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $15,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:49.38 b Jockey: Parker Fox
Rein 1 1/4 Salty Tears 1 1/4 Summer World 1 Broke outwards middle path angled out weakened (11)
11 $0
Year-51 Week-14 Day-5 SIMperior Park (KY) Condition: Firm. Race 8 - 1 1/16 miles. Turf. Thoroughbred. SIMperior Players Only. 2 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $20,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:43.64 b Jockey: Parker Fox
She's Not Grey 1 1/4 Bella Dancer 1 Minokoleman 1 Broke inwards lagged early moved inside even finish (12)
12 $0
Year-51 Week-11 Day-1 Futurity Park (FL) Condition: Good. Race 17 - 1 1/16 miles. Turf. Thoroughbred. 2 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $15,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:43.48 b Jockey: Parker Fox
Love Cannot Fail 1 Pass the Baton 1 1/4 The Crown Jewel 1 3/4 Away alertly steadied behind horses in tight lane held position (12)
12 $0
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Year-51 Week-13 Day-6 5 furlongs. Turf.
Year-51 Week-9 Day-1 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-51 Week-7 Day-1 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-51 Week-4 Day-4 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-51 Week-3 Day-3 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-15 Day-1 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-12 Day-6 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-10 Day-5 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-9 Day-1 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-7 Day-6 4 furlongs. Turf.
Year-50 Week-5 Day-3 4 furlongs. Turf.
Offspring (Total Progeny Earnings: $6,250)
Name Type Sire Earnings Stats My Alerts
Brilliant Blue ch.f.3 Dark Shadows $6,250 7: 0-0-1
Y52-W2-D5 Retired
Y52-W2-D5 Moved to Foremost Farm
Y52-W2-D3 Moved to Arcadia Park
Y52-Preseason Moved to Chiricahua Farm
Y52-Preseason Trained to Jump
Y52-Preseason Galloped
Y51-W14-D5 Moved to Foremost Farm
Y51-W14-D3 Moved to SIMperior Park
Y51-W13-D6 Galloped
Y51-W11-D1 Moved to Foremost Farm
Y51-W10-D6 Moved to Futurity Park
Y51-W4-D4 Renamed Horse 1521394924 to The Air Up There
Y51-W4-D4 Galloped
Y51-W3-D3 Galloped
Y50-W15-D1 Galloped
Y50-W12-D6 Galloped
Y50-W10-D5 Galloped
Y50-W9-D1 Galloped
Y50-W7-D6 Galloped
Y50-W5-D3 Schooled in the Paddock
Y50-W5-D3 Galloped
Y50-W3-D7 Schooled in the Gate
Y50-W3-D7 Galloped
Y50-Preseason Galloped
Y50-Preseason Worked on the Longe Line
Y49-W10-D7 Bred by Stormy Peak
Y49-W10-D7 Bred by Stormy Peak


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