Bay Area Park - California California

Board: $60

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Horse Age Owner
Alittle Sparkle bl.m.6 Kara Kramer
Heal the Keys dkb.f.3 Peter Quill
Heart of Soul ch.g.4 Azure Sapphire
Horse 1536251034 dkb.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1568771517 bl.f.1 Kara Kramer
Horse 1569532801 b.c.1 Steph Lonhro
Horse 1572925950 bl.c.0 Kara Kramer
Knowledge of Four bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Look Beyond bl.g.18 Tory Egerton
Lucy's Child bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Horse Age Owner
Not Newsworthy bl.g.7 Todd Lucas
Off Side Blues ch.g.5 Keith Place
Plate Time b.m.6 Cappa Cap
Probably Did ch.f.4 Kim Helley
Queen of Sparkle bl.f.2 Kara Kramer
Quiet Glance ch.g.4 Kim Helley
Sabi Sands b.m.12 Steph Lonhro
Slippery Sideways ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Sockie Troop b.f.3 Keith Place
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