Saint Louis Raceway - Illinois Midwest

Board: $50

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Horse Age Owner
Belle Is Born bl.f.2 Scott Hotaling
Belle Scare bl.g.6 Kevin Ater
Boogie Monster gr.g.3 Tom Mudgett
Bring It Back bl.f.2 Lori Hamill
Bulakan Cage ch.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
But This Love b.f.2 Brooke Ketron
Courageous Sallie b.m.6 Rocky Strambler
Dillhead b.g.2 Jeremy Janitz
Dubai Dessert dkb.f.3 Rod Pyke
Effin Commands gr.g.2 Jeremy Janitz
Fair Hair bl.m.5 Keith Place
Fantasy Camp bl.g.2 Rob Solmundson
Fire Cherub ch.g.2 A.R. Roberts
Flashlight Party b.c.2 Rocky Strambler
Foxy Jazz b.c.2 Rocky Strambler
Future Acceptor b.g.3 Jeremy Janitz
Gator's Side b.g.2 Jeremy Janitz
Golden Express ch.g.5 Emmie Kay
Heartbeat Away gr.f.2 Ed Malloy
Hotlanta Erica ro.m.5 Team Keanna
Horse Age Owner
Late Night Factor dkb.f.2 Alyssa Meyers
Look Who's Ready bl.g.4 Dylan Price
Million Drive bl.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Miss Toledo Eight b.f.3 Rocky Strambler
Modest Look ch.f.2 Lori Hamill
Moment of Decency bl.g.2 Ed Malloy
Night Getaway bl.g.3 Alyssa Meyers
Oh So Weird gr.m.5 Keith Place
Pay Me Now bl.f.3 Gary Stewart
Plate From Afar gr.g.3 Keith Place
Return My Call bl.g.2 Ed Malloy
Scary Ride bl.g.2 Alyssa Meyers
Sea Fret b.g.4 Peter Savage
Stop N Stare b.f.2 Alyssa Meyers
Szechenyi bl.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Walk Freely bl.g.2 Steve Wildermuth
Wilder Child bl.f.2 Dylan Price
Ye Olde Tale b.g.2 Jeremy Janitz
Yozulu b.g.3 Jeremy Janitz
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