New Orleans Park - Louisiana Louisiana

Board: $60

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Horse Age Owner
Aeromoon ch.f.3 Cappa Cap
Always Allowed bl.m.5 Karie McBrian
Alzira Bay ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Artic Fever b.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Azula Smasher bl.m.5 Cappa Cap
Back to Base b.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Card a Nal ch.f.2 Jamie Bates
Chukker w.c.3 Mountain Man
Circletheemperor b.g.2 Bob Allensworth
Closetheline ch.f.3 Keith Place
Couldbeeuropean ch.f.2 Gigi Gofaster
Did It for Johnny b.m.5 Rocky Strambler
Dreamhe'llcometome gr.f.3 Kelley Wachter
Eight Crosses b.m.7 Team Keanna
El Nocturno bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ensure gr.f.3 Keith Place
Free Orca ch.f.3 Te Akau Downs
Future Promise ch.f.2 Xander Zone
Futuristicsurprise dkb.f.2 Kristina Budd
Give Me Time Plz ch.c.3 Xander Zone
Hallo Skill ch.f.2 Keith Place
Hand in My Regards b.c.3 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Hic ch.g.3 Keith Place
Highly Happy ro.f.3 Richard Smith
Historic Times gr.f.3 Kenneth Prater
Hose It Down ch.c.2 Pat Phillips
I Reckon Not gr.m.5 Gina Cork
I'm Fixin' To b.g.2 Paul Swint
I'm Not Saying b.f.3 Keith Place
Izm L'strike dkb.h.5 Eddie Trent
Jezebel's Joint bl.f.2 Rocky Strambler
Kailani b.f.4 Katarah Simones
Kings Shot gr.g.3 Kenneth Prater
Look Back Forever ro.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
Looks Like Skippin dkb.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
Makes House Calls ro.c.4 Michael Higgins
Many Obligations b.f.3 Gina Porter
Mexidy gr.g.2 George Knatz
Minion Overload b.g.6 Anthony Name
Mirrored Look b.g.2 Richard Diemand
Modest Luck gr.f.3 James Selby
More Queso w.g.2 Simon Lake
Horse Age Owner
My Fluffernutter b.f.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Night Behind bl.f.2 Kyle Collins
Night Left gr.g.2 Kyle Collins
Night West dkb.f.2 Kyle Collins
Notascoldasiseem b.f.3 Sherry Crow
One Lookn Back gr.f.2 Nick Gilmore
Paper in Fire b.f.2 Kenneth Prater
Plated Bell bl.g.4 Keith Place
Quick to Act b.f.4 Cappa Cap
Quickly Walking gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
R and R Milkbone gr.g.2 Zag Stables
Reborn Again bl.f.3 Alyssa Meyers
Reck Bay gr.m.5 Keith Place
Rigmarole b.g.3 Andrew James
Sancho ch.g.9 Susie Rydell
Second of Bravery ch.f.3 Howard Cake
Seemliness ro.f.2 Mike Prevost
Shoe That Fits b.c.4 Gina Cork
Shopways ch.c.2 Keith Place
Showcased ro.g.2 Zag Stables
Simperica dkb.g.3 Jeremy Janitz
Sky Out West bl.g.4 Richard Smith
Smoulder ch.c.2 Xander Zone
Sol Raider ch.c.2 Kristina Budd
Southern Dream gr.f.2 Keith Place
Southern Flash bl.f.2 Keith Place
Stars Between Us dkb.f.2 Cosmic Soul
Super Hip b.g.3 Jeremy Janitz
Swift Waddle gr.f.3 Keith Place
Sword Act dkb.m.9 Steph Lonhro
The Brave Apple ch.m.5 Noel Collins
Tiger's Spirit gr.c.3 Kelley Wachter
Toho Plate dkb.f.3 Gina Cork
Toho Within ch.c.2 Gina Cork
Warrior's Rampage dkb.g.4 Kyle Fleming
We Could Be gr.g.2 Alyssa Meyers
Weekly Toho dkb.m.8 Gina Cork
Well They Can't gr.g.2 Lee Tuttle
Wellspring gr.g.11 Loree Ethell
Why Not Cross dkb.h.8 Team Keanna
Yana dkb.g.10 Susie Rydell
You Reckon b.g.5 Richard Smith
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