Lafayette Downs - Louisiana Louisiana

Board: $60

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Horse Age Owner
All I Ever Loved bl.f.4 Eric Nalbone
Chemical Reaction bl.g.15 Vanille Reynolds
Dance Ahead dkb.m.8 Cappa Cap
Earnings gr.m.11 Riley Shepherd
Faith Riff ch.c.1 Keith Place
Flagwork b.g.4 Jeremy Janitz
Forezen bl.m.9 Gina Cork
Glowstrike gr.f.1 Rocky Strambler
Just a Pretty Face b.m.9 Juli Stettler
Knoxfield Express bl.f.3 Keith Place
Mehorsehasbolted b.f.4 Keith Place
Metairie Miss bl.f.3 Alexandra Jaysman
My Freaky ro.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Nat Neo gr.f.4 Heather Ritchie
Nights Star ch.g.3 Bob Allensworth
Pumpkin Potter bl.m.5 Gina Cork
Horse Age Owner
Runyouclevergirl dkb.f.3 Vanille Reynolds
Saunter Nova ch.c.1 Keith Place
Slideshow Tom bl.g.3 Paul Sellers
Solo Homerun bl.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Stnx w.m.5 Justinmon Navarrete
The Ahead King dkb.g.3 Cappa Cap
Torn Paper ch.m.10 Vanille Reynolds
Veiled Moon b.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Very Lonely gr.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Wakes With Faith ch.m.6 Keith Place
War Hymn gr.c.4 Nini Hunter
When Forks Can Fly ch.g.4 Matthew Kveragas
Whiskey Nova ch.m.6 Keith Place
Win Doctor gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Zenkeys ch.f.2 Gina Cork
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