Garden State Racetrack - New Jersey Mid Atlantic

Board: $150

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Horse Age Owner
Alarm Sounding b.c.3 Sara Julin
Alexandras Dream Z bl.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
American Kings gr.g.3 George Knatz
Bar Association bl.g.5 Polk Buffalo
Better By Mourning gr.g.3 Kelley Wachter
Breathe in Z gr.g.4 Flizan Hambletonian
California Xmas bl.g.4 Te Akau Downs
Cape Caballera ch.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
Chandelier Swing b.g.3 Polk Buffalo
Chookies Delight bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Classical King dkb.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Confuse dkb.f.4 John Farrell
Creel Limit ch.g.3 T.D. Palm
Decation b.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Double the Value bl.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Down By Millions ro.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Ds Zen bl.g.4 Corey Lange
Eight Treasures bl.c.3 Tiyoun Long
End of the Score ch.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Euromillions gr.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Fire and Blood ch.m.6 Nena Olson
Fire Breather bl.g.3 Rachel Sadler
First Conquer ch.f.4 Matthew Kveragas
Foxing bl.f.4 Jamie Bates
Game for Blood b.h.5 Ross Koenig Jr
Gammel Dansk bl.f.4 Gigi Gofaster
Glinting Sword bl.g.4 Tiyoun Long
Happy Cassie bl.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
Happy Jingle gr.f.3 Darcy McBride
Happy Thought Z bl.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Hates Shipping dkb.g.3 Sophia Stevenson
Head Down bl.g.4 Corey Lange
High Intellect bl.f.3 Kent Saunders
Hope and Promise bl.f.4 Izzy Rafferty
Jet Thruster b.g.4 Mike Prevost
Khooky bl.g.5 John Farrell
Leading Morey dkb.f.3 Shiadra Cattari
Lookin for Stardom bl.f.4 Laura Ferguson
Lumpy Villain b.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Maid's Veil ch.f.3 Dom Behan
Majestic Vacation ch.c.3 Ashley Gibson
Making Faces ro.c.3 Gigi Gofaster
Horse Age Owner
Me Before You Z gr.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Misty Glow gr.c.3 Tiyoun Long
Mock My Challenge dkb.f.3 Bob Green
My Reckoning w.g.5 Keith Place
Nicked ch.c.3 Stormy Peak
Night Looter bl.f.3 Donnie Hidalgo
Night Sky's Light bl.g.6 John Farrell
Not to Play bl.c.4 Sherry Crow
Nugget Candy ch.f.3 Kent Saunders
On the House Z dkb.f.4 Flizan Hambletonian
On Top of the City dkb.f.4 Keith Place
Outrage of Stars ch.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
Painted Brain ro.g.4 Polk Buffalo
Pro Know bl.g.5 Gigi Gofaster
Pumpkin Charmer bl.f.4 Cappa Cap
Rob Scary bl.c.3 Michael Alevras
Running for You dkb.f.3 Ashley Hunt
Secret Deception ch.f.4 Robert Reed
Shoot D gr.c.3 Ciano Colly
Side Opinion ch.f.4 Keith Place
Smacked ch.f.3 Stormy Peak
Social Player b.m.5 D.m Henderson
Song of the South bl.f.3 Darcy McBride
Spectiara dkb.f.4 Izzy Rafferty
Sprengrass bl.f.4 Matthew Kveragas
Stickinon b.f.3 Gina Cork
Subtle Symphony bl.g.19 Ron Fleming
Suicide Dreams dkb.f.3 Anthony Newman
Summerkin ch.f.3 Katie Stepanian
Surge the Bull bl.g.3 Robert Reed
Swift Fire b.f.3 Gina Cork
Time to Return dkb.c.4 Mike Stevens
Truly Dark ch.f.3 Gigi Gofaster
U R Half Crazy ch.g.3 Brad Fabman
Up the Wall gr.f.3 Kenneth Prater
Waystostayahead b.f.4 Gina Cork
Weekend Vacation b.g.5 Polk Buffalo
Whereareyounow ch.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
White Zone ro.m.5 Mountain Man
Wild Child gr.f.3 Heather Ritchie
Wild Dilemma dkb.f.3 Chris Barber
Wolves Only b.g.3 Robert Reed
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