Colombia Racecourse - Colombia South America

Board: $75

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Horse Age Owner
Althea Statues bl.f.2 Penny Lynch
Amendyourthoughts gr.h.6 Nena Olson
Apple Desert dkb.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Argentium gr.g.2 Belle Gifft
Birding dkb.f.3 Eli Tan
Blessed Cunning b.g.4 William Fields
Blue Daisies b.c.3 Danny Derby
Bookshop Bill ch.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Bulakan Luke gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Chivalry ch.f.3 Matthew Kveragas
Disturbingly b.c.1 Keith Place
Do Not Disturb Me ch.m.6 Keith Place
Don't B Late gr.g.3 Ella Morran
Don't Touch It b.f.2 Keith Place
Drak Folle dkb.m.5 Bryan Price
Dreaming of Kate b.f.3 Tory Egerton
Drew Brees b.g.7 Randell Johnson
Drug Smoker b.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Evening Standad bl.f.2 Richard Smith
Feint dkb.c.4 Nena Olson
Fight Fear b.h.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Flying Bud ch.f.3 Keith Place
Free Damy gr.f.2 Noel Collins
Ghaziya bl.f.4 Team Keanna
Giant White w.g.2 Paul Sellers
Go Ahead dkb.m.14 Justin Turner
Go Cars Go bl.c.3 Kelley Wachter
Gone Westwood ro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Haggerston ch.m.5 Emmie Kay
Holy Women ch.m.6 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1546885578 dkb.g.3 Chris Barber
Horse 1555718369 ch.f.2 Anthony Newman
Horse 1558032001 ch.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1560849933 ch.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569308720 ch.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1574240803 ch.f.0 Anthony Newman
Investigates Crime ch.m.9 Nena Olson
Jimmy Crip bl.g.5 Todd Lucas
Justa Drop ch.f.3 Keith Place
Kin Reins bl.g.3 Bob Allensworth
Kindest Ever dkb.f.4 Bradley Davis
Lanao bl.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse Age Owner
Laydownthelaw bl.g.7 Kristina Budd
Layed On Whiskey ch.g.5 John Gaither
Lipsontheside ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Longana ch.f.4 Anthony Newman
Look It's a Trap b.f.3 Noel Collins
Louder Please b.f.4 Keith Place
Lovely Chicken ch.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Lover Quarell dkb.g.2 Crisjay Bellosillo
Loveshinesinureyes bl.g.2 Noel Collins
Marine Terrace bl.f.3 Paul Sellers
Marshal's Dome dkb.c.3 Adonis Dionisopoulos
Me Penn St Two b.m.5 Penny Lynch
Miss Toledo Four bl.f.4 Keith Place
Mythology Suite bl.m.9 Garret Folsom
Off Side Blues ch.g.5 Keith Place
Oh the Riff b.f.4 Keith Place
Okemo b.g.25 Tony Pos
Passionately dkb.m.9 Nena Olson
Pertaining To ch.m.10 Vanille Reynolds
Private Goals dkb.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Pumpkin Rush ch.m.5 Keith Place
Rattling Bog bl.m.5 Heather Ritchie
Rebel Path gr.g.4 William Fields
Russian Blue gr.g.6 Aeon Knight
Sabre Awakes gr.g.6 Tony Dion
Salute My Tears dkb.f.3 Joe Shaw
Scorpius Malfoy ch.h.10 Nena Olson
She Fluttered ch.m.8 Nena Olson
She Wakes b.m.5 Keith Place
Sideways Three gr.f.3 Bob Allensworth
Summer Glo dkb.f.4 Keith Place
This Way Techy bl.m.5 Keith Place
Two Lever bl.c.0 Garret Folsom
U.s. Vs Fishbine b.g.21 Jay Trotter
Unpreparedness gr.g.4 Katie Stepanian
Venerable Spirit bl.m.7 Michael Alevras
Waking Tram gr.m.5 Cappa Cap
Whiskeyinaflash ch.c.4 Keith Place
Wizard News bl.g.4 Francis Filart
Words Are Power bl.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Yacal ch.g.17 Bradley Davis
Your Tv Lies bl.c.2 Tamara Vess
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