Dominican Republic Downs - Dominican Republic Islands

Board: $75

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Horse Age Owner
All to Swift b.f.3 Kat Wikstrom
Almandinheartbeat b.g.5 Anthony Newman
Almost Over You dkb.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Always On Side ch.g.5 Gina Cork
Appropriately gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Bed Meadows bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Bottt gr.g.2 Rob Solmundson
Burning My Brain dkb.g.2 Rob Solmundson
Cabin Lights b.f.2 Keith Place
Cant Quit Now ch.g.2 Rob Solmundson
Cezdea dkb.f.4 Vanille Reynolds
Daily News Alert ch.g.2 Rob Solmundson
Euroside ch.c.2 Keith Place
Excuses Ready ch.f.4 Brianna McKenzie
Fabled II bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Gabahopka bl.g.3 Todd Lucas
Gentle Smasher bl.c.3 Cappa Cap
Ghost Hikari b.f.3 Jordan Wright
Glovette b.f.2 Keith Place
Hatless dkb.c.4 Danny Derby
Heathen Looks dkb.f.3 Chris Barber
Horse 1557576270 dkb.f.1 Chris Barber
Horse 1561543797 dkb.c.0 Chris Barber
Important Woman dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Just Within b.c.2 Keith Place
Keeping the Stone dkb.m.5 Keith Place
Madly Wild dkb.f.2 Richard Smith
Maya Beach dkb.f.3 Todd Lucas
Mean Dean b.h.7 Crisjay Bellosillo
More to Life gr.f.2 Amy Atkins
Mr. My Own bl.g.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Muhaarar Bay b.c.2 Keith Place
Not a Doubt ch.f.3 Xander Zone
One Back Two Back bl.f.2 Roman Reigns
Horse Age Owner
One Glance gr.g.2 Alyssa Meyers
One Storm ch.f.3 Anthony Name
Only Successful bl.f.2 Rob Solmundson
Passing the Others dkb.f.3 Keith Place
Put the Fire Out ch.g.3 Brianna McKenzie
Quickplanchange ch.f.2 Keith Place
Quintilian gr.c.2 Oncu Kaan
Raining Lions bl.m.7 Nena Olson
Red Reach b.f.3 Gina Cork
Revengeance dkb.c.3 Nena Olson
Scarloti ch.h.9 Susie Rydell
Secretmeetingpiece gr.g.5 Anthony Newman
Sing Away ch.m.6 Cappa Cap
Slippery Time b.f.3 Keith Place
Sorting Hat dkb.m.12 Danny Derby
Special So Far gr.c.4 Aidan O Brien
Staggering dkb.g.3 Todd Lucas
Stick Clear ch.c.3 Cappa Cap
Stickfight bl.f.3 Todd Lucas
Storms Today b.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Swift and Able b.c.3 Keith Place
Thats the Story gr.f.3 Aidan O Brien
The Bro dkb.g.2 Rob Solmundson
The Shed ch.c.2 Clarehaven Stables
Two Out Hit ch.f.2 Rob Solmundson
Typing Mysteries b.h.8 Nena Olson
Unfinished N Wild ch.g.2 Richard Smith
Uninteresting b.g.3 Todd Lucas
Villa Nueva gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Weekly World News dkb.g.13 Danny Derby
Whispering Canyon gr.f.3 Danny Derby
Wild Sugar ch.c.3 Aeon Knight
Wild Talk ch.g.3 Justinmon Navarrete
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