A Bar, Great Farm - Kansas

Owned by: Mountain Man - Board: $20 Right in the center of it all!
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
A Black Office ch.f.3 Ciano Colly
A Faithful Soul gr.m.12 Keith Place
A Heroes Goodbye sor.g.3 Howard Cake
A Little Bit Krz b.m.6 Joseph Depaulo
A O K Elizabeth bl.m.11 Art Kage
A O K Grayce gr.m.11 Art Kage
A O K Natalie bl.m.11 Art Kage
A P gr.m.15 Corey Lange
A Perfect Fit b.g.9 Carolyn Eaton
A Purple Glove b.m.6 Nena Olson
A Simple Look bl.g.3 Xander Zone
A Smirking Prodigy sor.m.6 Howard Cake
A Storms Brewing b.f.3 440 Racing Barn
A Warriors Reach gr.m.9 Joseph Depaulo
A Whim Away pal.f.4 Howard Cake
A Whiter Diamond bck.g.4 Howard Cake
A Woman's War ch.m.9 Ashley Hunt
Abduction gr.m.14 Ben Stover
Able to Go d.g.5 Howard Cake
About Winning dkb.g.5 Howard Cake
Absobloodylootely b.f.3 Brandon Schultz
Ad Factor dkb.g.4 Kath Sylvia
Addresses ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Adjust the Blink b.m.17 Ron Fleming
Aedes b.g.6 Elisse Hackett
Aero Lobell dkb.g.7 Noel Collins
Aerosat dkb.m.6 Brian Leavitt
Aex Appeal gr.f.2 Aeon Knight
Affenpinscher ro.m.12 Joseph Depaulo
Afraid of Heights bl.f.3 Isabella Acres
After It Bites gr.m.5 Lisa Bennert
After Laughter ch.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Agency Politics gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Agent Mura per.g.2 Howard Cake
Aim Fire bro.f.2 Howard Cake
Ain't a Ghost Yet dkb.g.5 Brian Leavitt
Ain't to Faithful gr.f.4 D.m Henderson
Albuquerque Couds bck.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Alc Looking Freaky bl.c.1 Anthony L Carder
Ale Makes Me Gassy per.g.3 Howard Cake
Ale N Fries cr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Ale World per.g.6 Howard Cake
Alien Abduction gr.m.8 Keith Place
Alien Clinger dkb.c.0 Keith Place
All Alone Again bl.m.5 Ben Stover
All Guns Blazin' bl.f.3 Rochelle Zahacy
All My Visions ch.g.2 Howard Cake
All Our Love b.m.16 Mike Stevens
Alligold w.g.2 Howard Cake
Almighty Perfect ro.m.11 Alexandra Jaysman
Almighty Reckoner ch.f.3 Karie McBrian
Almost a Secret gr.g.6 Brett Stier
Aloa Princess ch.f.2 Keith Place
Along Came Trouble gr.m.7 Aeon Knight
Alpha Zeta rd.g.2 Howard Cake
Already Humid rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Already Smoldering bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Altar Pit pal.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Always Luck sor.f.4 Howard Cake
Amavilla sor.g.2 Howard Cake
American Nape pal.g.4 Howard Cake
An Arms Race ch.g.4 J.P Dogood
Analogue Face br.g.3 Howard Cake
Anastasia Au Lune bro.f.2 Howard Cake
Andrea Petkovic b.m.6 Melissa Mae
Angel From Nothing b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Angel of Heaven b.f.3 Kath Sylvia
Angel of Luck ch.m.8 Joseph Depaulo
Angkor Ridge bl.m.5 Keith Place
Angry Wasps bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Anointed Vow bl.g.7 Mountain Man
Anthemoessa b.m.7 Mountain Man
Anton the Great ch.c.1 Sophia Stevenson
Appears Happy b.g.6 Ciano Colly
Appears to Exist ch.f.3 Mike Stevens
Apple Up per.g.4 Howard Cake
Archimedes Dream dkb.g.2 Howard Cake
Arctic Snap bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Are You Crazy dkb.g.5 Howard Cake
Aristocratic Sneer bl.g.2 Howard Cake
Arizona Chill gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Armed Bear gr.g.2 Howard Cake
Armed Irishman br.g.2 Howard Cake
Armed Queen sor.f.2 Howard Cake
Armed Scout gr.g.2 Howard Cake
Armed Soul sor.g.2 Howard Cake
Armed Tongue ch.f.2 Howard Cake
Army Chaplain dkb.g.5 Clarehaven Stables
Artisan Patches bck.f.4 Howard Cake
Artive dkb.f.2 Keith Place
As I Sleep At Nite bl.g.6 Michael Alevras
Ask a Question per.g.5 Howard Cake
Askitter bl.c.1 Aeon Knight
Atalantico pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Athapaskan dkb.c.2 Lance Macisaac
Atlantas dkb.m.16 Nena Olson
Atlin b.g.2 Frank Chilton
Au Flame bck.g.2 Howard Cake
Auto Sock gr.g.20 Pat Phillips
Awaken Road dkb.f.2 Keith Place
Aztec Flash rro.f.2 Howard Cake
B Five Two dkb.g.4 Dawn Palka
B Slap ch.f.1 Gary Stewart
Babyneeds Shoes gr.m.9 Keith Place
Bacardi Cola gr.g.13 Lisa Bennert
Back Being Lazy bl.g.5 Anthony Newman
Back From Paradise gru.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Badass Bronc b.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Ballistic Speed d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Balmoral Boot bl.g.7 Ashley Hunt
Barbd bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Barbf gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Bargaining Power dkb.f.3 Kath Sylvia
Barham bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Barramort br.g.2 Howard Cake
Basic Torn b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Bath Selfie bl.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Bathed in Black bl.g.4 Carole Hanson
Battle Cage gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Battle Friend bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Battle of Tears b.f.1 Howard Cake
Battle the Corner gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Bay Singer rro.f.2 Howard Cake
Bayou Alice dkb.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Beauty ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Beaux bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Beersmith sor.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Black Beauty bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Boone gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Charger bro.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Chieftan bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Cutey b.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Dawn gru.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Doctor br.g.2 Howard Cake
Bayou Five Belles sor.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Flash bro.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Flight gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Giggles b.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Gold Jet gru.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Hex b.g.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Karma d.f.4 Howard Cake
Bayou Kiss d.f.4 Howard Cake
Be a Friend dkb.m.6 Howard Cake
Be Easy bro.g.5 Mark Robson
Be the Changes bl.f.2 Howard Cake
Be What You Are rd.g.3 Howard Cake
Bearly Caught ch.g.3 Benedict Martorano
Beat the Body ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Beats Her Looks gr.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Become a Poet bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Become Reality ch.g.2 Howard Cake
Bed Sense ch.m.5 Anthony Newman
Beep Meep dkb.f.1 Mountain Man
Behind the Dream pal.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Belauntza bl.m.9 Rafa Usoz
Bella Daze dkb.f.4 Howard Cake
Bend It Left ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Bereckonwith bl.m.6 Keith Place
Bermuda Ghost br.g.3 Howard Cake
Besame Mucho dkb.f.3 C.S. Werth
Best Be Better gr.g.24 Pepper Carol
Best Shoes dkb.m.13 Vanille Reynolds
Bewitch b.m.13 Lisa Strummer
Bian Trail rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Big Miami br.g.2 Howard Cake
Bjs Freek gr.c.2 Jurgen Ver
Bjs in Het Web ch.f.2 Jurgen Ver
Bjs Point Vert ro.c.2 Jurgen Ver
Bjs Run to Me dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Black Chopper bl.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Black Death bro.f.4 Howard Cake
Black Evening b.g.12 Heather Ritchie
Black Luxuries b.g.4 Enpea Racing
Black Monday bl.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Black Muff ch.c.2 James Selby
Black Party Girl bl.f.3 Brad Fabman
Black Queen Z b.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Black Storm Z b.c.2 Flizan Hambletonian
Black Wildflower ch.g.3 Ciano Colly
Blackmarketbeagles w.m.15 Danny Derby
Blast of Panic b.f.4 Howard Cake
Blazing Eye gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Blessed in Black ch.g.8 Nicholas Johnson
Blood Mist ro.f.3 Ciano Colly
Blown Regards b.f.4 Katie Stepanian
Blue Canadit gru.f.4 Howard Cake
Blue Ink Spot ch.g.2 Howard Cake
Bluejay Fan gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Blushing Heights ro.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Blushing Molar gru.f.3 Howard Cake
Bobbin gr.g.2 Sophia Stevenson
Bobble Head dkb.g.3 Katie Stepanian
Boeing Plunge br.f.2 Howard Cake
Bonny One dkb.m.5 Flizan Hambletonian
Bookies Nightmare gr.g.21 Alexandra Jaysman
Boone Back bro.g.3 Howard Cake
Booray Babe b.f.4 Howard Cake
Booze and Broads bck.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Borgne b.m.6 Howard Cake
Born in Fire b.c.2 Michael Alevras
Borrowed Earth b.m.10 Vanille Reynolds
Boundary Sneak bck.m.6 Howard Cake
Box Car d.g.5 Howard Cake
Brave and Furious bl.g.3 Brett Stier
Bravely Guarded ro.g.4 Howard Cake
Bright Center dkb.f.4 Howard Cake
Bright New Earth gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Bring in Da Ringer gru.g.2 Howard Cake
Bring Me a Star Z ch.c.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Bring the Ice rd.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Bristol Shore br.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Broke the Peace bro.g.2 Howard Cake
Broken Thoughts ch.f.3 Howard Cake
Brown Sugars rd.f.2 Howard Cake
Bruised Moon ch.c.3 Dom Behan
Brute Destruction bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Buckeye Betty dkb.m.21 Ron Fleming
Budge Pockets dkb.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Buffon sor.g.10 Howard Cake
Buistvo bro.g.5 Howard Cake
Bullet Boss dkb.c.1 Ben Stover
Burning Java bck.f.2 Howard Cake
Bursting Dash dkb.g.3 Howard Cake
Burterest dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Busted Date b.m.19 Corey Lange
Butter Dogfox b.c.1 Mountain Man
Buy a Space Bar bl.m.11 Keith Place
Buy Me Dinner gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Buy Me First rro.f.4 Howard Cake
Buzzing Forest cr.g.4 Howard Cake
Buzzing Silence pal.g.4 Howard Cake
C T Scanner dkb.m.8 Pepper Carol
Cabala Sweet Tea gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Caboto bl.c.1 Darren Rook
Cage Crusher bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Cajun Mystery bck.f.2 Howard Cake
Calcuta ch.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Call Me Girl bl.m.11 Keith Place
Call Up ch.m.8 Royal Celestine
Calling of Lawyers bck.g.4 Howard Cake
Camphill Movement b.m.6 Ronnie Dee
Can't Be Real ro.m.6 Howard Cake
Can't Get Hurt bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Can't Go Down dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Canadian Jet bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Candle Dash br.g.4 Howard Cake
Candle Fire sor.m.13 Kris Krueger
Candy Heart bl.m.19 Corey Lange
Cangas De Onis gr.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Canjilon b.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Capacity to Kiss br.m.5 Howard Cake
Capax Lobell ro.g.5 Chris Clark
Captain So bro.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Capture a Hope bl.g.6 Howard Cake
Card Legume pal.f.2 Howard Cake
Careful Attention b.f.3 Michael Alevras
Caress Don't Slap ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Carnota gr.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Carolina Love pal.g.3 Howard Cake
Carova bl.g.6 Fern Thompson
Carrot On the Run bck.g.3 Howard Cake
Cash Producer bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Cashew Nugget b.f.1 Mountain Man
Casino Tahoe dkb.m.5 Keith Place
Cebring b.c.0 Gina Cork
Cellphone Ruen per.g.2 Howard Cake
Center of No Where per.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Chalk Stalker dkb.f.1 Ben Stover
Chance Bar dkb.g.5 Howard Cake
Changeofwife ch.f.3 Chris Barber
Charlebone rro.m.5 Howard Cake
Charm Dap dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Charming Again b.g.2 Howard Cake
Charossa pal.g.3 Howard Cake
Charred Beams b.g.5 Howard Cake
Chase the Space ch.g.6 Hazel Anthony
Chasing Nothing bl.m.16 Nena Olson
Chasing the Future bl.g.18 Nini Hunter
Cheating ch.g.22 Brandon McNulty
Check Her Out ch.m.19 Kath Sylvia
Cheese On That d.f.2 Howard Cake
Cheetah Fur rro.f.4 Howard Cake
Chemistry Fire pal.g.6 Howard Cake
Cherie for You dkb.f.3 Pepper Carol
Chi Zee b.g.3 Ciano Colly
Chingana bl.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Chips and Dip ro.g.3 Dusty Glenn
Choir of Fire ch.f.3 Polk Buffalo
Choose a Song dkb.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Chromed Twin Nap gr.m.11 Corey Lange
Chrono Clock br.g.5 Howard Cake
Circlet b.m.8 Royal Celestine
Ciriza b.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Claim the Day br.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Claire b.m.11 Keith Place
Claire Lacombe dkb.m.5 Eric Hamme
Clasping Denmark b.f.4 Howard Cake
Classic Guitarrift ro.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Classicallystrong bl.f.4 Joseph Depaulo
Classy Lassie ro.m.9 Joseph Depaulo
Clear Energy bro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Clever Box dkb.m.5 Kath Sylvia
Cling for Life b.c.0 Keith Place
Clingongood dkb.c.0 Keith Place
Close Friend rro.m.6 Howard Cake
Cloudvan dkb.m.6 Keith Place
Coiled Fury d.f.4 Howard Cake
Cold Ice Cream per.f.3 Howard Cake
Color My Grapes dkb.g.6 Justinmon Navarrete
Colorful Reds dkb.f.2 Howard Cake
Come Back Now pal.m.6 Howard Cake
Cometia Dignity gr.f.0 Stuart Scott
Cometian gr.f.4 Stuart Scott
Comicair b.g.3 Howard Cake
Coming Form b.c.1 Jeremy Janitz
Company Breach ch.m.15 Aidan O Brien
Composer Bell dkb.m.6 Keith Place
Compromised Dream ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Confident Casino dkb.m.11 Ben Stover
Conflict Matters b.c.4 Kath Sylvia
Conquerors Exhibit ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Conserve Resources b.g.4 Howard Cake
Contentedly b.m.7 Michael Alevras
Control Master ch.g.3 Keith Place
Conuit gr.g.10 Howard Cake
Cool Coyote ch.c.1 Aeon Knight
Cool Pillow bl.f.2 Howard Cake
Cool Space ch.g.4 Corey Lange
Coping Dom d.g.3 Howard Cake
Corera b.m.8 Gina Cork
Corporate Cash dkb.g.6 Polk Buffalo
Cosmic Guardian bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Cosmic Tornado bl.m.5 Chris Barber
Could Be Like bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Could Look Quickly bl.m.5 Sophia Stevenson
Counter Punches per.g.3 Howard Cake
Countess Carano ro.m.11 Murray McNickle
Countess Chicago ro.f.1 Murray McNickle
Counting Beats ch.g.7 Carole Hanson
Cowardness bl.f.3 Clarehaven Stables
Cowboy Ranch ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Coyote Breaks bl.f.1 Kris Krueger
Crazy Train Rail bro.f.4 Howard Cake
Creative Mischief bl.c.2 Aeon Knight
Creepy Stalker gru.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Crime Is Up ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Crimson Jane b.m.5 Anthony Newman
Crush the Pill gr.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Crystal Band bl.c.4 James Selby
Cuimhnigh I Gconai gr.m.11 Aidan O Brien
Culex dkb.g.6 Elisse Hackett
Cup of Cold gr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Cute Cowboy b.c.1 Aeon Knight
Cygnus Wing bl.g.5 Shannon Hunt
D'freaky Stars dkb.g.4 Craig Nevill
D'scary bl.m.8 Joseph Depaulo
Da Beat of Monday b.f.2 Jess Dowson
Da Puzzle ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Dakotah Rayne b.c.1 Ben Stover
Dame Slap ch.m.11 Gary Stewart
Dance for Joy ch.m.6 Kootenay Stables
Dance With Dogs rro.g.3 Howard Cake
Dancer's Edge b.f.1 Keith Place
Dancing Jet gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Dangerous Jane bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Dangerous Million gr.g.4 Chris Barber
Dappled Cross dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Dapwolf gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Dareen bl.c.1 Sara Julin
Dark Blossom dkb.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Dark Snowfall gr.f.0 Gavin Guile
Dark Swings ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Dark Time Night bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Dark Water bl.c.1 Aeon Knight
Darkening Gloom bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Darkness Goes bl.g.22 Ashley Hunt
Darning Socks bl.g.2 Bob Green
Darrow of Lykos pal.g.2 Howard Cake
Dash of Goodness ch.m.23 Cathie Morris
Dashing Chrome rro.g.7 Howard Cake
Dat Ride pal.g.2 Howard Cake
Dawned On Me bl.m.20 Brandon McNulty
Day Is Over ch.m.5 Howard Cake
Dead Lord bck.g.5 Howard Cake
Deadly Revenge b.g.4 Howard Cake
Deano's Casino dkb.m.6 Keith Place
Deano's Coming b.c.1 Keith Place
Deans Casino dkb.f.1 Ben Stover
Decent Condition b.f.2 Chris Barber
Decent Leader dkb.g.3 Te Akau Downs
Decent Queen bl.g.3 Chris Barber
Decent Timing bl.f.3 Emmie Kay
Deckept gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Decompression bl.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Decugo dkb.g.3 Chris Barber
Deep Sun bl.g.9 Mountain Man
Defined By Time sor.f.3 Howard Cake
Defying Death d.g.4 Howard Cake
Dellin b.c.1 Steve Wildermuth
Delphini gr.m.15 Danny Derby
Delta Station per.g.4 Howard Cake
Demand Wjb b.m.8 Corey Lange
Denialness gr.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Deserted Taxi b.f.3 Howard Cake
Deserve Your Love dkb.m.5 Darcy McBride
Desolate Dystopia gr.f.3 Stuart Scott
Devon Delight gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Devoted Advocate rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Deza bl.m.7 Aeon Knight
Diamondsareagirls dkb.m.5 Joseph Depaulo
Did You Cry rro.m.6 Howard Cake
Diff Rint dkb.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Different Picture bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Different Stance b.g.4 Howard Cake
Digital Dinsosaur dkb.g.5 Howard Cake
Dignified Lady dkb.f.3 Darcy McBride
Diliano b.f.4 Howard Cake
Dirty Dream b.g.6 Howard Cake
Disco Burner dkb.f.1 Keith Place
Dissonanced dkb.m.7 Michael Alevras
Distant Drumbeats bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Distant Isle ch.g.4 Stuart Scott
Divine Creation bl.m.5 Darren Rook
Divine Trek rd.m.5 Howard Cake
Dm Chicks Broke ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Do It for You bro.f.3 Howard Cake
Do the Job bro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Doc Thunder b.c.1 Ben Stover
Doctor Claimer bl.f.1 Murray McNickle
Doesit Look Good b.h.6 Nena Olson
Dog Day Summer dkb.m.5 Howard Cake
Dogfox Prince dkb.c.1 Mountain Man
Dogfox Proof dkb.c.1 Mountain Man
Dokey Red gru.f.4 Howard Cake
Domino Sin bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Domore d.g.3 Howard Cake
Don Tomas gr.g.6 Chris Clark
Don't Ask Me Why per.g.10 Howard Cake
Don't Need This bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Don't Pass Me b.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Dontbitethehand ch.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Dote bl.m.5 Michael Alevras
Double Chen b.g.25 Juli Stettler
Double Debt gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Double Nick bl.m.6 Mike Stevens
Double Nought bl.c.3 Mike Stevens
Double Plated bl.m.6 Keith Place
Double Stars bl.c.3 Katie Stepanian
Double Tens b.f.2 Howard Cake
Dozen Sermons rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Dr Ouji gr.g.12 Frank Nracco
Dragon in Paris ch.g.4 Chris Barber
Dragon Walk bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Dragonsclaw sor.g.4 Howard Cake
Dream of Luxury gr.m.14 Keith Place
Dreams N' Ashes bro.m.15 Kris Krueger
Dreavella ch.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Drinks Cage bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Drip of Liquid d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Driving Fire ch.m.5 Howard Cake
Drizzling Sin gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Drunk Texting dkb.g.10 Nena Olson
Drury d.f.4 Howard Cake
Ds a Storm bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ds Swirls bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ds Zen bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Durry d.m.5 Howard Cake
Dynamite Cartel gr.g.5 Fern Thompson
E Clair b.f.2 Ronnie Dee
E Target ch.m.6 Sherry Crow
Eagle's Glove dkb.f.3 Keith Place
Earn It b.g.7 Mountain Man
Earn My Trust ch.f.4 Ronnie Dee
Earned It bl.m.12 Murray McNickle
Earthly Bound ro.m.5 Mountain Man
East Van dkb.c.2 Laura Smith
Easy Boy ch.g.6 Marley Oaken
Easy Goodlooking bl.m.11 Nini Hunter
Ebony Dance rd.f.2 Howard Cake
Echo in the Valley dkb.f.3 C.S. Werth
Echoes of Capone b.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Echos of Dawn per.g.5 Howard Cake
Edana Hatetalon ro.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Edana's Dark Heart ro.m.10 Ronnie Dee
Edgedancer bl.m.7 Keith Place
Eek I'm a Freak bck.m.14 Crisjay Bellosillo
Egyptian Cotton ch.m.14 Vanille Reynolds
Eidosela gr.m.6 Mountain Man
Eight Five One b.c.3 Te Akau Downs
El Comico dkb.g.6 Mel Lankford
El Luke ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
El Soleil rd.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Elder Talk pal.m.6 Howard Cake
Electroid b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Electromagnetic b.m.12 Michael Alevras
Elevator Musician dkb.g.2 Pepper Carol
Elfin Ear bl.m.5 Howard Cake
Elostirion gr.g.3 Tiyoun Long
Elysse w.m.6 Rafa Usoz
Embarked gr.g.7 Mountain Man
Empty Won bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Entitled Dreams b.m.5 Howard Cake
Epione ch.m.23 Emily Klein
Equal a Solution bro.g.5 Howard Cake
Equine bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Equipment Change bl.m.8 Penny Lynch
Erase the Phone ro.c.2 Howard Cake
Erazar gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Erlea gr.m.6 Rafa Usoz
Erosa b.m.6 Rafa Usoz
Errrrrk dkb.m.8 Keith Place
Escape At Midnight bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Etruscan Ebony per.m.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Eucamoon b.f.4 Howard Cake
European Winds gr.g.3 Chris Barber
Evacuate Earth dkb.m.5 Sherry Crow
Evebu ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Eventide bl.g.14 Kelley Wachter
Evenwood bl.f.4 Anthony Newman
Everything I Want dkb.m.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Evidence Stakced b.m.5 Howard Cake
Evil Mission gr.g.2 Howard Cake
Evil Poke sor.f.3 Howard Cake
Evil Rolex br.g.4 Howard Cake
Evilree sor.g.4 Howard Cake
Evzen dkb.g.8 Elisse Hackett
Exasperate You ch.m.12 Joseph Depaulo
Expedition b.h.6 Te Akau Downs
Expenditure b.f.3 Michael Alevras
Exploding Tardis ch.h.11 Jeremy Janitz
Express Thoughts ch.f.3 Howard Cake
Extremely Decent ch.f.2 Chris Barber
Facebour b.c.2 Justin Turner
Fade Away Now rd.g.5 Howard Cake
Fair Scare dkb.g.4 Mountain Man
Fairy Dragon rro.f.4 Howard Cake
Faithful Heart sor.f.2 Darcy McBride
Fake Happy ch.h.5 Mountain Man
Falgu Threat ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Fallen' Angel dkb.g.4 Howard Cake
Famatina gr.m.5 Rafa Usoz
Family Dinner dkb.m.6 Howard Cake
Fantastic Shine pal.f.3 David Stinson
Far Away Evil bro.g.3 Howard Cake
Fast City gr.m.5 Marineille Sweeney
Fastie gr.g.7 Anthony Newman
Fate Intervened sor.f.4 Howard Cake
Fealan Sneaky rd.m.9 Justinmon Navarrete
Fear and Anger br.g.5 Howard Cake
Fedora bl.g.9 Noel Collins
Feel the Song sor.f.3 Howard Cake
Feeling of Passion bl.m.11 Keith Place
Female Jaws bl.m.5 Joseph Depaulo
Fenstar dkb.m.5 Rafa Usoz
Fergy b.m.9 Anthony Newman
Fic b.g.5 Corey Lange
Field Day ch.f.4 Joseph Depaulo
Fierce Kick ch.m.7 James Selby
Fight Them bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Final Memories gr.f.4 Anthony Newman
Final Space b.g.4 Ciano Colly
Find My Own Way bl.m.15 Ben Stover
Fine Wines dkb.f.2 Howard Cake
Fingers An Thumbs bl.c.3 Alexandra Jaysman
Finish Looney bl.m.8 Anthony Newman
Fire Cast gr.g.5 Katie Stepanian
Firey Winds ch.g.3 Chris Barber
Firm Choice ch.g.4 Howard Cake
First Impulses rd.g.4 Howard Cake
Fisher Moon b.f.4 Howard Cake
Five Gloves dkb.f.4 Keith Place
Flame to the Stars ch.f.3 Mike Stevens
Flaming Stars ch.m.6 Mike Stevens
Flash Tornado dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Fliers ro.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Flint Soft ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Flinto ch.g.6 Johanna Stk
Flizans Angelheart b.m.6 Flizan Hambletonian
Flizans Butterfly b.m.7 Mountain Man
Flizans Princess dkb.m.8 Mountain Man
Flood of Gratitude bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Flood of Hate gru.f.4 Howard Cake
Flood of Hot bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Flushed Blaze ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Flushowl b.g.5 Howard Cake
Flying Flop ch.g.3 Melissa Mae
Flying Merc bl.h.5 Michael Alevras
Flynn Rider ch.g.5 Brooke Ketron
Flywheel rd.g.5 Howard Cake
Focus On It dkb.f.3 Howard Cake
Food Poisoning gr.m.14 Anthony Newman
Force of Will bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Forest Silence rro.g.4 Howard Cake
Forgiven Lobell b.f.4 C.S. Werth
Formidable Sherry dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Formulaic b.m.7 Keith Place
Fort Langely dkb.g.4 Patrik Diemand
Fortune Whiskey bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Four Ball b.g.3 Howard Cake
Fourth Marker bl.m.8 Aeon Knight
Foxes bl.g.19 Brooke Ketron
Fraam b.g.5 Pat Mcgowan
Frail Walking bl.c.4 Kath Sylvia
Francoise Hardy dkb.f.4 Kath Sylvia
Freak Creek bck.f.1 Crisjay Bellosillo
Freakstrip pal.f.3 Howard Cake
Freaky Trevor pal.g.10 Howard Cake
Free Comet bl.g.4 Andrea Bouwkamp
Free for Fall b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Free Island b.f.4 D.m Henderson
Free of It All ch.f.3 Dahil Emata
Free Socks bl.g.4 Ryan Whitehead
Free Strut b.f.4 Keith Place
Free View dkb.f.3 Gina Cork
Freedom Jingle gr.f.3 Darcy McBride
French Top I bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Fridays Firstfreak b.f.1 Ben Stover
Front Row Joe ro.g.15 Darcy McBride
Frost Bite gr.m.18 Vanille Reynolds
Funny About Ink bro.g.5 Howard Cake
Furst Time dkb.m.5 Art Kage
Fury Drain ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Future Is Scary bl.g.3 Michael Alevras
Future Proves Past bl.f.4 Patrik Diemand
Future Slammer gr.f.4 Marc Plouffe
Future Wing bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Gabriola ch.f.2 Laura Smith
Gallant Defense pal.g.4 Howard Cake
Gangsta Love gr.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Gangsta Tales gr.g.3 Stuart Scott
Gator Pro b.m.8 Gina Cork
Gatwick Drone bl.f.4 Willie Carson
Gave It a Shot pal.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Gave It Up b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Geaux Falcon bro.g.4 Howard Cake
Geaux Gray b.g.4 Howard Cake
Geaux Jubile rro.g.4 Howard Cake
Gennesse ch.f.4 Rafa Usoz
Gentle Smasher bl.g.4 Cappa Cap
Get a Key cr.f.2 Howard Cake
Get Me Some Wine bl.m.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Get Some Assists b.g.3 Howard Cake
Get Through Monday b.g.5 Katie Stepanian
Getting Hot dkb.f.1 Emmie Kay
Ghost Addicte bl.g.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Ghost Sword dkb.c.2 Tiyoun Long
Gilded Assassin gr.g.3 Tiyoun Long
Gina Zanetakos bl.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Girl Drama b.f.4 Te Akau Downs
Girls Acting Up ch.f.2 Keith Place
Give Back dkb.f.1 Tony Baker
Give Me That ch.m.6 Howard Cake
Give the Moon dkb.f.2 Lori Hamill
Giver Ogma w.m.9 Brad Smith
Giving Ghost dkb.m.7 Brian Leavitt
Giving My Best dkb.g.8 Howard Cake
Glance to the East bl.g.4 Les Bowden
Glide Down Town bl.g.2 Howard Cake
Glittering w.f.2 Darcy McBride
Glorieux ro.m.13 Fanta Arcadia
Glorinda ch.m.5 Melvin Vrhel
Go Cage gr.g.3 Chris Barber
Go Go Lucky d.m.15 Cathie Morris
Go Into Overtime ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Go Loco bl.m.5 Shannon Hunt
God Mode b.m.5 Xander Zone
Going Gray gr.f.3 Sophia Stevenson
Gold Gamble bck.m.5 Melissa Mae
Gold Hollywood per.g.10 Howard Cake
Gold Hope ch.g.2 Howard Cake
Golden As Gold ch.f.3 Ciano Colly
Golden Grounds ch.g.7 Anthony Newman
Goldern Black ch.f.3 Stuart Scott
Goldern Tower ch.c.0 Stuart Scott
Goldfly bl.m.6 Melissa Mae
Good Eco bro.f.4 Howard Cake
Good Things Come cr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Google That rd.f.1 Howard Cake
Gordexola b.f.4 Rafa Usoz
Goreckon bl.m.6 Keith Place
Gothic Beauty bl.m.10 Anthony Newman
Graceful Snowfall gr.f.1 Gavin Guile
Grand Cage bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Grand N' Great ch.g.6 Mike Stevens
Grandslam Glory ch.f.3 John Smith
Grandslammer dkb.g.8 Mike Stevens
Gray Sparks pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Great Conflict br.f.4 Howard Cake
Great Moments d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Greatestshowonturf ch.m.8 Robert Mertz
Green Blaze ro.m.7 Anthony Newman
Grey Glam gr.m.5 Steve Handley
Grey Joy ch.f.0 Kootenay Stables
Grey Law gr.m.6 Cappa Cap
Grim Jackal b.g.3 Sophia Stevenson
Ground Ten gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Growing Stronger w.m.9 Joseph Depaulo
Guayre dkb.g.4 Philip Crawford
Guirguillano dkb.g.4 Brett Stier
Guitar N Caddilacs dkb.c.1 Ben Stover
Gulfstream Way rro.g.3 Howard Cake
Hal b.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Hal David ch.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Half the Moon gr.g.3 Ryan Whitehead
Halloween Hoax gr.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Halo Lovely b.m.24 Brooke Ketron
Hamahiru gr.g.3 Dylan Christensen
Hammer Change bl.c.1 Penny Lynch
Hand Clinger ch.c.0 Gina Cork
Hand Smasher ch.m.6 Gina Cork
Handintheact ch.m.19 Justin Turner
Handyouloss b.f.3 Amy Atkins
Happy Bender bl.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Happy Faye bl.f.4 Sophia Stevenson
Happy Mystery b.m.5 Pat Mcgowan
Happy Pain gr.f.3 Karie McBrian
Happy Roadrunner ch.h.5 Mountain Man
Happy This Night gr.g.4 Marineille Sweeney
Happyontheright bl.g.4 T.D. Palm
Hartofmine b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Hasty Villainess bl.m.16 Kelley Wachter
Hay Request b.f.1 Keith Place
Hayazure bck.g.4 Justinmon Navarrete
Head Down bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Healthy Next Time bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Hear the Beat b.f.3 Cappa Cap
Heart Nova bl.m.12 Nena Olson
Heart of Dreams b.m.10 Kath Sylvia
Heart of Royalty dkb.f.3 Te Akau Downs
Hearty Glow bl.c.2 Aloretta Dethly
Heaven Kim gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Hedonists ch.g.5 Howard Cake
Held Here ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Helicopter bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Herding Cats gr.f.4 Willie Carson
Hi Blaze gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Hibow b.g.4 Howard Cake
Hidden Places ch.g.10 Dennis Trusty
Higgins Legacy b.f.4 Clarehaven Stables
High Avenuee bl.g.3 Dahil Emata
High Forum dkb.m.8 Anthony Newman
High On Pam w.f.3 Rick Ack
Hiniesta bl.f.3 Anthony Newman
His Cheese w.g.7 Shannon Hunt
Historical Tension pal.g.4 Howard Cake
Hockey Beer pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Hoglah cr.m.16 Melissa Mae
Hold All Explosion ch.f.2 Howard Cake
Hold the Puck rd.g.3 Howard Cake
Hold the Whiskey ch.g.4 Gina Cork
Hold Your Man dkb.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Holding You Back bl.m.5 Howard Cake
Hollyinsummer dkb.g.4 Howard Cake
Home Recker dkb.f.3 Danny Derby
Honey Desire b.f.2 Howard Cake
Honor the Colors gr.g.3 Pepper Carol
Honorable Votress ch.m.12 Anthony Newman
Hontoria bl.f.3 Rafa Usoz
Hoop Skirt bl.f.4 Aloretta Dethly
Hoop Sox pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Hooray Its Hot bl.c.0 Frank Chilton
Hope in the Future bl.h.5 Nena Olson
Hope Is a Dream bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horror bl.g.11 Nena Olson
Horse 1425165475 b.h.14 Steph Lonhro
Horse 1447546392 ch.m.12 Steph Lonhro
Horse 1454869685 ch.m.11 Steph Lonhro
Horse 1458500822 ch.m.11 Nena Olson
Horse 1461190795 ch.h.10 Steph Lonhro
Horse 1492158752 ch.g.8 Patrick O'Malley
Horse 1503073672 ch.g.7 Patrick O'Malley
Horse 1513841981 ch.g.6 Patrick O'Malley
Horse 1518447677 dkb.g.5 All England Racing
Horse 1524420509 ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1525173538 ch.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1525461510 w.f.4 Danny Derby
Horse 1525978169 dkb.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1529730902 gr.g.4 Kath Sylvia
Horse 1529736209 ch.g.4 Kath Sylvia
Horse 1530938197 bl.f.4 Dom Behan
Horse 1532956448 dkb.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1532956957 ro.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1533238933 dkb.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1533472585 b.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1534240528 b.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1534240713 ch.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535228470 dkb.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535272141 bl.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535272227 b.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535572278 b.g.4 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1535744840 b.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535833821 ro.f.4 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1535913882 ch.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1535917925 bl.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1536019943 ch.c.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1536180053 bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1536203901 ch.f.4 Danny Derby
Horse 1536290958 bl.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1536297796 bl.f.4 Dom Behan
Horse 1536397039 dkb.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1536397269 dkb.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1538035868 b.g.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Horse 1538157818 ro.g.3 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1540679667 ch.f.3 Vanille Reynolds
Horse 1546121757 b.f.3 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1546442595 dkb.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1546442995 bl.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1546444423 gr.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1546665342 ch.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1546731380 b.c.3 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1546731459 b.c.3 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1546731829 gr.f.3 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1546786989 gr.g.3 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1546829323 bl.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1546831067 gr.g.3 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1546976317 ch.g.3 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1547082307 w.g.3 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1547092137 w.f.3 Danny Derby
Horse 1547097488 ch.c.3 Danny Derby
Horse 1547153381 dkb.c.3 Danny Derby
Horse 1547175541 b.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1547179613 bl.f.3 Danny Derby
Horse 1547246518 ch.f.2 Vanille Reynolds
Horse 1547626774 ro.f.2 David Gray
Horse 1548294167 b.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1548899869 bck.f.2 Heather Ritchie
Horse 1550791176 b.c.2 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1552257702 w.f.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1552367691 dkb.c.2 Kath Sylvia
Horse 1552590861 bl.g.2 Benedict Martorano
Horse 1553466551 rd.f.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1553703745 rd.f.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1555892406 dkb.c.2 Art Kage
Horse 1555893251 bl.c.2 Chris Barber
Horse 1555893739 dkb.c.2 Chris Barber
Horse 1556339008 gr.c.2 Darcy McBride
Horse 1556896953 pal.c.2 Kent Saunders
Horse 1557548459 dkb.f.2 Anthony Newman
Horse 1557607190 gr.f.2 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1557610248 dkb.c.2 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1557610276 bl.f.2 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1557697111 ch.g.2 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1557724362 b.f.2 Darcy McBride
Horse 1557820780 gr.f.2 Aidan O Brien
Horse 1557856713 bl.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557858337 gr.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1557861424 w.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1557861600 ro.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1557861723 ch.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557900886 b.c.2 Dom Behan
Horse 1558038173 ch.c.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1558038518 ch.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558141706 gr.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558142136 ch.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558143459 dkb.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1558146954 dkb.f.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1558147901 dkb.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558372476 bl.f.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1558412396 gr.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558431930 rd.c.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1558447430 rd.c.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1558495668 w.c.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1558819624 gr.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1558899107 w.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1559307282 b.f.1 Sycamore Farms
Horse 1559836516 bl.c.1 Karie McBrian
Horse 1560814369 ch.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1560939007 ch.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1563612192 ro.c.1 James Selby
Horse 1563737748 b.f.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1565873174 dkb.c.1 Chris Barber
Horse 1566031047 b.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1566228948 bl.f.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1566312482 ch.f.1 James Selby
Horse 1566586320 gr.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1566747734 ro.c.1 Brad Fabman
Horse 1567442913 bl.f.1 Chris Barber
Horse 1567451158 b.g.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1567482251 ro.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1567818970 b.g.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1567851637 ro.f.1 Chris Barber
Horse 1567936755 bl.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1567936940 ch.f.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1567938583 gr.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1567962299 b.f.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1567999744 gr.f.1 Darcy McBride
Horse 1567999903 ch.f.1 Darcy McBride
Horse 1568056267 dkb.f.1 Karie McBrian
Horse 1568432357 ch.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1568432404 dkb.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1568432500 gr.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1568551881 ro.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1568897043 b.f.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569022769 b.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569025331 dkb.f.1 William Fields
Horse 1569036133 b.f.1 Paul Ficuzza
Horse 1569037070 gr.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569037307 ro.f.1 Matthew Kveragas
Horse 1569038470 ch.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569038745 w.f.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569039711 gr.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569040011 ro.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569040115 bl.f.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569040347 ch.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569040677 dkb.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569078609 bl.c.1 Melissa Mae
Horse 1569091070 gr.f.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569091096 b.c.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569091181 gr.c.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569091248 b.c.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569091263 b.c.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569091425 bl.c.1 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1569104227 ro.f.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569104624 ch.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569105089 gr.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569110362 bl.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569112725 w.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569113030 bl.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569121271 bl.c.1 Darcy McBride
Horse 1569130440 b.c.1 Darcy McBride
Horse 1569164111 ro.c.1 Chris Barber
Horse 1569176211 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569177238 ch.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569177278 b.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569177383 bl.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569187072 b.c.1 William Fields
Horse 1569187700 dkb.f.1 William Fields
Horse 1569193901 gru.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569193938 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569193983 rd.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569194105 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569194159 br.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569194300 pal.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569200595 bro.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569200774 gru.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569201022 per.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569201095 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569201601 b.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569201867 rro.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569203236 bl.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569203323 sor.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569203680 dkb.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569203817 gr.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569204426 b.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569204463 ro.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569204516 rro.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569204847 pal.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569224528 ch.c.1 Te Akau Downs
Horse 1569231736 bl.c.1 Jambo
Horse 1569246897 bl.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569247978 b.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569248189 bl.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569255870 b.f.1 Xander Zone
Horse 1569263272 ch.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569266633 bl.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569267237 bl.f.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569278025 b.c.1 Pat Mcgowan
Horse 1569293467 dkb.f.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569383399 rd.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383520 gr.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383606 pal.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383722 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383749 bro.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383797 gr.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569383992 rd.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569384017 b.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569404313 b.f.1 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse 1569460868 b.c.1 Mike Larson
Horse 1569467428 ch.f.1 Robert Mertz
Horse 1569524121 bl.f.1 William Fields
Horse 1569528194 ch.f.1 Robert Mertz
Horse 1569608390 bl.f.1 Emmie Kay
Horse 1569608951 ch.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569613036 b.c.0 Xander Zone
Horse 1569928261 b.f.0 Mike Larson
Horse 1570808887 ro.f.0 Chris Barber
Horse 1571095780 b.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1571095827 ro.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1571460914 gr.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1571619425 dkb.c.0 Eric Hamme
Horse 1571622204 ch.f.0 Mike Larson
Horse 1571869096 b.f.0 Kath Sylvia
Horse 1572225486 bl.c.0 Mike Larson
Horse 1572793003 dkb.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572793230 b.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572793679 b.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572794205 ch.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572794413 ch.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572794624 ro.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572794800 b.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795048 gr.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795086 dkb.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795113 bl.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795185 dkb.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795252 dkb.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795310 dkb.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795335 dkb.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795394 dkb.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795425 ch.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795493 b.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572795540 b.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1572808969 w.c.0 Eric Hamme
Horse 1573283566 bl.c.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1573333262 bl.c.0 Kris Krueger
Horse 1573652430 b.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1573940623 b.f.0 Chris Barber
Horse 1573960160 gr.f.0 Paul Sellers
Horse 1574046825 bl.c.0 Art Kage
Horse 1574496333 w.c.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1574741779 gr.c.0 Art Kage
Horse 1574832192 gr.f.0 Gavin Guile
Horse 1575232490 b.c.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1575232529 dkb.c.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1575232558 dkb.c.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1575728394 ro.f.0 James Selby
Horse 1575821374 bl.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1575993898 bl.c.0 Art Kage
Horse 1576003521 dkb.c.0 Art Kage
Horse 1576007510 ch.c.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1576160030 bl.c.0 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1576163132 ro.c.0 Brad Fabman
Horse 1576254190 ch.c.0 James Selby
Horse 1576436944 bl.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1576436991 ch.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1576598152 b.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1576794710 ro.f.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1577125598 gr.c.0 Mel Lankford
Horse 1577226062 b.c.0 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1577226078 b.f.0 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1577226126 b.f.0 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1577341546 bl.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1577484696 ch.f.0 Carole Hanson
Horse 1577484900 b.c.0 Carole Hanson
Horse 1577485033 gr.f.0 Carole Hanson
Horse 1577528519 ro.f.0 James Selby
Horse 1577810692 gr.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1578117562 ro.c.0 Te Akau Downs
Horse 1578320867 bl.f.0 Paul Sellers
Horse 1578419451 bl.f.0 Mountain Man
Horse 1578513887 b.c.0 John Sloan
Horse 1578853392 b.c.0 Clarehaven Stables
Horse 1578932714 ch.f.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1578933180 b.c.0 Ben Stover
Horse 1578992081 b.f.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1579019780 bl.f.0 John Sloan
Horse 1579079349 ch.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1579202955 bl.f.0 Willie Carson
Horse 1579255869 gr.f.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1579257509 dkb.f.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1579361704 bl.f.0 Eric Hamme
Horse Regards dkb.m.14 Aeon Knight
Hot All the Time bl.m.6 LaDonna King
Hot Hand Man b.c.1 David Stinson
Hungary Eyes rd.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Hunting for Drinks bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse Age Owner
Hurricane Elma b.m.10 Penny Lynch
Hurricane Kitten b.f.1 Penny Lynch
Hydra Thriller dkb.g.5 Anthony Newman
Hypoechoic dkb.c.0 Pepper Carol
I Am a Rockstar ch.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
I Am in Zen gr.h.8 Nicholas Johnson
I Am Skipping rd.m.8 Howard Cake
I Am the Boss pal.m.6 Howard Cake
I Am the Song gru.m.8 Howard Cake
I Can Do Stand Up dkb.m.6 Heather Crawford
I Cross My Heart b.g.24 Danny Derby
I Do Me sor.g.6 Howard Cake
I Don't Get Happy ch.f.4 Mary Whalen
I Feel That Way bl.f.3 Howard Cake
I Finished bro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
I Found Fire ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
I Need Outback dkb.c.2 Mel Lankford
I Reckon Not gr.m.6 Gina Cork
I Remember That pal.m.7 Howard Cake
I See That bro.m.8 Howard Cake
I'm Injured gr.f.1 Lisa Bennert
I'm That Good b.g.4 Aeon Knight
I've Been Stressed d.g.2 Howard Cake
Iblack gr.g.2 Aeon Knight
Ice Blade gr.g.3 Ciano Colly
Ice Crafter ch.m.7 Andrea Bouwkamp
Icons bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Idreamofthefuture per.g.2 Howard Cake
Ier From You b.f.2 C.S. Werth
If It Isn't Monte ro.g.4 Murray McNickle
If Its Fair ro.h.8 Joseph Depaulo
If Skyes Could gr.m.9 Joseph Depaulo
Ifran dkb.g.2 Rafa Usoz
Illusion Drifter dkb.m.7 Ben Stover
Imalloutoflove ch.f.3 Luis Polar
Imalooserbaby pal.g.25 Bob Probert
Immersive Sim gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Impassive Face gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Impure Jett ch.g.4 Chris Barber
In Her Name rd.m.5 Howard Cake
In the Area ch.g.3 Howard Cake
In the Building ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
In the Gun bl.c.3 Kath Sylvia
In the Home ch.f.4 Howard Cake
In Your Web ch.g.3 Paul Ficuzza
Inconsolable Loss gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Indy Cat w.f.1 Brad Smith
Inevitable Siege rro.f.4 Howard Cake
Inmyvillainedlook bl.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Inner Bitterness ch.g.2 Howard Cake
Inspired Leader b.f.4 Howard Cake
Instamatic dkb.m.5 Tom Mudgett
Instant Dismissal gr.g.5 Howard Cake
Intel pal.g.2 Howard Cake
Into the Glove ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Invictus Bryd bl.g.4 Ciano Colly
Invincible G b.f.3 Laura Ferguson
Iowa Pride dkb.f.2 Paul Sellers
Irish Debra ch.m.6 Howard Cake
Irish Target bl.g.10 Howard Cake
Isureamwishing dkb.m.11 Gary Stewart
It Can Matter bl.f.3 Michael Alevras
It Never Works rro.m.5 Howard Cake
It Was Open dkb.m.7 Howard Cake
It's Not Here b.m.6 Howard Cake
Italian Space bck.g.4 Howard Cake
Italian Treasure bck.m.16 Melissa Mae
Itchy Bits ro.g.7 Kootenay Stables
Ithon Kitty dkb.m.5 Howard Cake
Iwarnyouheisslow bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Jack Da Spade bl.c.1 Ben Stover
Jackal Attack b.g.3 Chris Barber
Jackson Stor' bl.g.2 Howard Cake
James Conway bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
James Flight Z gr.g.4 Flizan Hambletonian
Jarjar Oscar b.g.2 Howard Cake
Jestslavic ch.g.7 Horsey Mchorseface
Jettin At Nite gr.c.3 Steve Wildermuth
Jingle Belle gr.m.14 Paul Sellers
Jinglemom b.m.10 Anthony Newman
Jitter Bug gr.h.11 Penny Lynch
Joanie's Red Pony rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Joker's Best b.g.4 Polk Buffalo
Jungle Bloom gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Juniper Is Brown b.f.2 Ronnie Dee
Juniper Ridge b.m.6 Ronnie Dee
Juniperus Grandis b.f.1 Ronnie Dee
Jupiter Storm ch.f.2 Chris Barber
Just Barely There gru.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Just Be Magic gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Just Feels Right ch.g.3 Corey Lange
Just for Honor gr.f.3 Lori Hamill
Just for Jams gr.f.1 Sara Julin
Just for Men gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Just Like Candy gr.g.6 Aeon Knight
Just Not Fair gru.m.8 Howard Cake
Just Q Behind ch.g.3 Brad Fabman
Just Say Ok bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Just Say When b.g.4 John Smith
Just Touch Me gr.m.8 Howard Cake
Justifiably Gold dkb.f.4 Howard Cake
Kalisia gr.f.1 Aeon Knight
Kanaloa Plate dkb.c.1 Jeremy Janitz
Keenamel ro.f.2 Howard Cake
Keep Me On Time bl.g.4 Hazel Anthony
Keep On Top pal.g.3 Howard Cake
Keeping Indoors dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Keya's Thunder dkb.f.1 Ben Stover
Kill for It per.g.5 Howard Cake
Killed the Beats bl.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Kilroy ch.g.3 Chris Barber
Kimzaar gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Kind Bury b.f.1 John Sloan
King of Arabia bl.g.3 Howard Cake
King of Words ch.g.4 Ciano Colly
King Tank b.f.4 Chris Barber
Kings Convenant ch.f.3 Shannon Hunt
Kiss the Song bl.f.1 Howard Cake
Kissin Stick b.g.3 Ciano Colly
Kissing Angels b.f.4 Dusty Glenn
Knight Flame bl.m.12 Juli Stettler
Know Chemistry bro.f.3 Howard Cake
Know the Way b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Koi Key bl.c.3 Te Akau Downs
Koi Scan dkb.f.4 Pepper Carol
Kokomo Blues ro.g.6 Patrik Diemand
Krispy Change gr.f.3 Gavin Guile
Kronstadt b.g.6 Mountain Man
Krz and Stormy b.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Lack of Vices bro.g.2 Howard Cake
Lacks Elegance bl.g.6 Johanna Stk
Ladies' Day b.f.4 Carole Hanson
Ladies' Time b.m.9 Carole Hanson
Ladon w.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Lady At Heart b.f.1 Aeon Knight
Lady Koen b.f.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Landing Invasion b.g.4 Howard Cake
Last Air pal.m.8 Howard Cake
Last Cavalry pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Last Stare ch.g.5 Mountain Man
Laura Norder dkb.m.6 Ben Stover
Lavish b.g.10 Michael Looker
Lay Down With Me bl.m.8 Howard Cake
Leading Climber gr.f.3 Howard Cake
Leading Denture sor.f.4 Howard Cake
Leda dkb.m.5 Mountain Man
Legacy Quest b.g.4 Benedict Martorano
Lemon Candy ch.m.5 Ciano Colly
Less Chatter gr.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Liaison bl.m.5 Richard Smith
Libidinous b.f.2 Clarehaven Stables
Libre ro.f.3 Darren Rook
Lies and Partials dkb.c.3 Art Kage
Life Is Not Easy d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Lifes Good ch.c.0 Gina Cork
Light the Light pal.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Lightly Plated ch.m.7 Keith Place
Lily Langtree ro.f.3 John Nicholson
Liquid Corruption bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Little Black Glove ch.m.11 Carole Hanson
Little Blond Filly bck.m.5 Howard Cake
Little Braveheart bl.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Little Jig b.m.12 Alexandra Jaysman
Little Maniac b.c.1 Frank Chilton
Little Night ch.c.2 Ryan Whitehead
Live It Up Lobell ro.f.3 Te Akau Downs
Living Quick bl.m.11 John Sloan
Loa Z b.f.2 Flizan Hambletonian
Locked Down gr.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Long Legged Women bl.g.2 Joseph Depaulo
Long Rifle b.g.3 C.S. Werth
Long Way to Go ch.m.8 Gen Ravenwood
Longlegs Louise bl.m.7 Howard Cake
Look b.m.10 Ben Stover
Look Darth gr.g.23 Murray McNickle
Look Enticing pal.m.15 Nena Olson
Look I Am Cosmic gr.g.3 Dusty Glenn
Look I Am Sour sor.g.7 Howard Cake
Look I Am Wealthy dkb.m.6 Chris Barber
Look in Twine bl.m.15 Justin Turner
Look Lika in Time gr.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Look N'ridiculous b.c.3 Karie McBrian
Looking Stormy bl.g.3 Chris Barber
Looknbackonthenite gr.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Looks Can ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Looks Pipe ch.f.3 Chris Barber
Looks Redish b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Lord Gendry bl.g.2 Howard Cake
Lord Skywalker dkb.g.6 Veritas Stables
Lord Time dkb.g.1 Frank Chilton
Lose My Number b.f.2 Amy Atkins
Lost Count gru.m.7 Howard Cake
Lost Dentures br.g.4 Howard Cake
Lost Firecracker bl.m.20 Corey Lange
Lost Kisser per.f.3 Howard Cake
Lost Navigation gr.f.2 James Selby
Lots of Music per.m.5 Howard Cake
Loud Talk ro.m.6 Howard Cake
Lousy Luck bro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Love Hand dkb.m.21 Justin Turner
Love the Day rd.f.2 Howard Cake
Love the Kids b.f.3 Howard Cake
Love to Standout dkb.g.24 Mike Bryant
Love Tooth sor.g.6 Howard Cake
Love Your Secrets b.g.21 Mike Bryant
Love Yourself ch.m.12 Ben Stover
Lovely Encore ro.g.4 Steve Wildermuth
Lovely Veela gr.f.3 Darcy McBride
Lover's Spat gr.g.3 Sherry Crow
Lovey Dovey ch.f.3 Michael Alevras
Lower the Flame ch.f.2 Mike Stevens
Lucky Conclusion bro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Lucky Igraine ch.f.3 Sophia Stevenson
Lukamondo bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Luke in Paris ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Luke Scared ch.f.4 Chris Barber
Luke Slam ro.f.4 Chris Barber
Lukearama ch.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Luna Bound ro.f.1 Mountain Man
Lunfardo gr.c.1 Marley Oaken
Lustrous Mouth bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Luxury Touch ch.f.0 Keith Place
Luxusware b.m.10 Lisa Bennert
Made of Sun ro.c.2 Enpea Racing
Magic Cleaning br.m.7 Howard Cake
Magic Millions b.f.1 Michael Alevras
Mai gr.f.3 David Velasquez
Maida Val ch.m.6 Gina Cork
Maison Pic bl.f.4 Corey Lange
Majestic Dreams gr.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Make Me Stronger bl.g.4 Ciano Colly
Make the Change rd.f.3 Howard Cake
Make the Final b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Malaya bl.m.8 Mountain Man
Malfrog bl.f.1 Mountain Man
Man Bun ch.h.7 Ali Hedgestone
Mandalorian Band gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Mandalorian Boom gr.f.2 Darcy McBride
Mandalorian Moon gr.m.14 Avery Genna
Manic Monday b.m.5 Chris Barber
Manila River rd.g.4 Howard Cake
Many a Moon gr.m.19 Emily Klein
Many Liaisons bl.c.1 Tony Baker
Many Towers ch.c.3 Tiyoun Long
Maoz Hayim bl.h.6 Ken Harrison
Maraldi b.m.10 Aloretta Dethly
Maravedi ch.g.3 Kath Sylvia
Maroni Zab bl.m.5 Howard Cake
Maroon Mutiny dkb.m.12 Juli Stettler
Marston Moor dkb.m.10 Anthony Newman
Matty Ice dkb.g.13 Heather Crawford
May Dragon b.g.3 Chris Barber
Maybe Leighter bl.f.3 Art Kage
Maybe Too Night bl.f.0 Stuart Scott
Me Before You Z gr.f.4 Flizan Hambletonian
Me Strong ch.g.3 Te Akau Downs
Medic Fire per.m.6 Howard Cake
Medieval Ways bl.g.4 Penny Lynch
Meditate in Africa ch.g.4 Hazel Anthony
Medvedeva cr.f.3 Howard Cake
Merlion rro.g.2 Howard Cake
Merry Slew bl.m.6 Penny Lynch
Mersey Run b.m.5 Michael Alevras
Mesa Rain dkb.m.7 Howard Cake
Metal Acid bl.m.7 Howard Cake
Midnight Cobra bl.g.3 Patrik Diemand
Midnight in Texas rro.f.3 Howard Cake
Might Be Slow bck.g.6 Howard Cake
Mighty Ample ch.m.11 Robert Mertz
Mildly Tolerable b.m.6 Howard Cake
Mile High Wind b.m.5 Howard Cake
Millie Queen bro.m.8 Howard Cake
Million Touches ro.f.4 Chris Barber
Milliondollarlady ch.f.1 Kath Sylvia
Mindovercheese bl.f.4 Art Kage
Mine Con b.g.9 Chippy Chippers
Minus gr.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Minute of Passion dkb.m.5 Ronnie Dee
Miss Nutt bl.m.16 Ron Fleming
Mistaken Address bl.f.1 Mel Lankford
Mistress Charm b.f.2 Howard Cake
Misty Lady rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Mme Hooch ch.f.2 Laura Ferguson
Modern Impact b.g.4 Benedict Martorano
Modest Ambition bl.g.7 Michael Alevras
Mohair Eclipse gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Mojo Is Rising bl.c.3 Michael Alevras
Mom Said Yes gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Momentum Fire dkb.m.5 Howard Cake
Monday Heart bl.f.2 Lori Hamill
Monday Mistress bl.f.3 Katie Stepanian
Monday Night b.m.6 Ronnie Dee
Mondaymayberight gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Montana Drawl ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Monuriki bl.g.5 Veritas Stables
Moon Goddess gr.m.8 Ronnie Dee
Moon Keepers ch.g.5 Chris Clark
Moon On Monday gr.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Moon Pie gr.g.5 Brian Leavitt
Moon the Moon ch.m.11 Rafa Usoz
Moonghost dkb.c.2 Brian Leavitt
Moonlight City ch.f.4 Ronnie Dee
Moonshock bl.m.10 Melissa Mae
More Film Time bl.g.8 Howard Cake
Morgue Keeper bl.g.19 Matthew McMahon
Mosaic b.f.3 Laura Smith
Moscow Rules d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Mother Dust bl.f.3 Aloretta Dethly
Mots Chers dkb.g.6 Mountain Man
Mountain to Move bl.g.5 Katie Stepanian
Movin Again gr.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Mozambique dkb.f.4 Pat Mcgowan
Mr Special Ed ro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ms Pinky bl.f.4 Art Kage
Muhaarar Bay b.g.3 Keith Place
Mulaic Holder b.f.2 Keith Place
Multiple Bids cr.f.3 Howard Cake
Musesan rd.m.6 Justinmon Navarrete
Musfilly bl.m.12 Aloretta Dethly
Music Choice br.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Musso Pace b.m.6 Keith Place
Mustang Girl br.m.6 Howard Cake
Muted Silence dkb.f.4 Howard Cake
Mutinneer bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
My Cup of Tea b.c.3 Michael Alevras
My Dojo ch.m.6 Howard Cake
My Friend the Star ch.g.3 Arthur Cutler
My Friends dkb.g.7 Howard Cake
My Irish Girl b.m.6 Howard Cake
My Workout Clothes b.g.4 Shannon Hunt
Myopic ch.f.4 Eric Hamme
Myridesbeenpimped ch.g.6 Johanna Stk
Mystical Dancer dkb.f.3 Michael Alevras
Naive Confidence pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Naked and Able b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Nalianne b.f.3 Dahil Emata
Name of Sanity ro.g.13 Nini Hunter
Named Predator bl.g.3 James Selby
Napping Luna ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Native Bling dkb.f.2 Peter Quill
Native Bullet dkb.f.2 Lance Macisaac
Native Divas ch.f.2 Peter Quill
Native Hills ch.f.2 Peter Quill
Native Look b.f.2 Lance Macisaac
Native Made b.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Posey dkb.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Prince ch.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Real bl.c.2 Pat Mcgowan
Native Ridge bl.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Rose ch.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Saint b.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Salute dkb.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Squishie bl.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Storm b.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Times b.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Torch b.g.2 Penny Lynch
Native Victory bl.f.2 Penny Lynch
Native Whiskey dkb.f.2 Penny Lynch
Natural Courtesy bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Need Some Time gr.m.8 Howard Cake
Nemesis Prime dkb.c.0 Rocky Strambler
Neutral Territory pal.m.6 Howard Cake
Never Alone Again per.m.7 Howard Cake
Never Backed Down br.f.4 Howard Cake
Never Been Done bck.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Never Doubted dkb.m.7 Howard Cake
Never Had a Fear d.g.6 Howard Cake
Never Had It bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Never Heard of You gr.g.8 Howard Cake
New Balloon ch.c.2 Ciano Colly
New Drink bl.f.2 Polk Buffalo
New Halfs gr.g.4 Benedict Martorano
New Mexico Taxes gru.m.6 Howard Cake
New Moon On Monday b.f.3 Ronnie Dee
Newa bl.g.3 Chris Barber
Nice Win bck.g.6 Howard Cake
Night Has Fallen bl.f.4 Flizan Hambletonian
Night Parade b.f.2 Mike Stevens
Night Uprising b.g.7 Howard Cake
Nitro Lena gr.m.23 Kris Krueger
No Clouds Above Me b.g.6 James a Roush
No Eyed Deer ro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
No Middle Ground b.g.4 Howard Cake
No Motive dkb.g.5 Corey Lange
No Prophet gr.g.4 Ciano Colly
No Shadow b.m.19 Corey Lange
Noble Swordsman bl.c.2 Tiyoun Long
Nobodyseditwaseasy dkb.f.3 Pepper Carol
Nocturnal Drogenia bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
None Better Now bl.g.3 Howard Cake
North Peace ch.f.2 Laura Smith
Nostoppinghaven per.m.5 Melissa Mae
Not Another Word w.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Not Feeling Heat gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Not Lite gr.f.1 Mel Lankford
Notable Selection bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Notascoldasiseem b.f.4 Sherry Crow
Nothing But Air pal.m.6 Howard Cake
Notifiwinlottery gr.m.6 Mel Lankford
Notify ro.f.3 Mark Markson
Notthatgreat dkb.c.1 Kath Sylvia
Nova Winds bl.m.6 Ciano Colly
Nowhere Boy dkb.g.3 Aeon Knight
Nox Invictus dkb.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Nurse Ouji dkb.m.12 Joseph Depaulo
Nurse With Benefit dkb.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Nuthouse b.m.8 Mountain Man
O's Alone bl.m.13 Corey Lange
Observation Seat w.m.6 Howard Cake
Octagon of Live bl.m.7 Aeon Knight
Of Choice d.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Off Hand dkb.g.3 Ciano Colly
Oh So Smashed gr.m.6 Gina Cork
Okie Pride bck.f.3 David Stinson
Old Bail bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Old School Artist dkb.g.4 Steve Rogers
Old Zone dkb.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
On a Clear Night b.m.10 Anthony Newman
On the Flipside gr.g.4 Frank Chilton
On Top of the City dkb.m.5 Keith Place
Onawhitelass ro.m.18 Justin Turner
Once Upon a Moon gr.f.1 Darcy McBride
One Is a Corr dkb.g.5 Mountain Man
One Master b.f.4 Laura Smith
One More Second br.m.7 Howard Cake
One Person rd.m.6 Howard Cake
One to See dkb.m.6 Howard Cake
One White Glove ro.m.6 Joseph Depaulo
Onestar sor.f.3 Howard Cake
Only a Hippopotamu ch.m.6 Sherry Crow
Only On Mondays b.f.1 Keith Place
Only One Dance b.f.2 Howard Cake
Onsidetoo ch.g.5 Gina Cork
Oscar Bait pal.f.3 Howard Cake
Outfield Drama ch.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Over Nova Street bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Pain Horror b.f.3 Polk Buffalo
Pain Is a Memory bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Palicki gr.f.3 Howard Cake
Paradox Effect ch.f.1 Ben Stover
Parody of Wrath gr.c.0 Tracy Marcer
Parodyse bl.f.1 Mike Stevens
Party Rock Anthem dkb.g.5 Garret Folsom
Pass Up bck.m.7 Howard Cake
Passionate Villain dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Pat's Power ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Patchy Lady gru.f.3 Howard Cake
Path to Money gru.g.6 Howard Cake
Patricia Flowers bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Pauline Leon dkb.c.1 Eric Hamme
Pay for the Help bl.g.6 Howard Cake
Peaceful Wind bl.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Peaceless Gal dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Peas bl.c.3 Rochelle Zahacy
Penney Road b.g.4 Howard Cake
Penny Bank ch.m.5 Howard Cake
People Are Strange b.c.2 Dahil Emata
Pepper Roller gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Perceive ch.c.2 Rachel Sadler
Perfect Animal ch.g.5 Tamara Vess
Perfect Dancing bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Perfect Defender b.g.3 Mountain Man
Perfect Doll b.f.4 Art Kage
Perfect Factors per.m.5 Howard Cake
Perfected II b.m.19 Brandon McNulty
Permanent Fix ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Phony War gru.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Piers Invictus bl.g.4 Sophia Stevenson
Pit and a Lab bl.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Pitiful ch.f.2 Brian Leavitt
Plane Spotting dkb.g.3 Shiadra Cattari
Planned Homicide b.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Plastic Legend b.g.2 Ronnie Dee
Plateofdreams gr.f.4 Keith Place
Played the Game ch.g.5 Howard Cake
Playeer ch.m.9 Cappa Cap
Playeers Rule ch.c.3 Cappa Cap
Playful Verse dkb.m.6 LaDonna King
Plead No Contest gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Pleasant Fiction ch.g.2 Howard Cake
Please Go Faster b.f.2 Ronnie Dee
Plenty Freaky ch.g.11 Corey Lange
Plenty Ingenuity bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Plenty Time Left b.g.4 Chris Barber
Plenty to Move gr.f.4 Chris Barber
Pockets Empty dkb.c.0 Mark Branch
Polish the Road ro.m.10 James Selby
Political Status br.g.4 Howard Cake
Pop the Ankle dkb.g.3 Howard Cake
Poppy Jones b.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Pork Butt b.g.4 Shannon Hunt
Portal Bad Guy bl.g.3 Joseph Depaulo
Posh bl.f.3 Amy Atkins
Possible Calamity ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Possible to Relax dkb.g.4 Howard Cake
Prayers Work br.g.5 Howard Cake
Precocious Dealer b.f.4 Chris Barber
Press to Start ch.f.3 Todd Lucas
Pretty Red Balloon bl.c.2 LaDonna King
Pride of Disney b.g.2 Penny Lynch
Pride of Passion bl.f.2 Penny Lynch
Pride of Time b.g.2 Penny Lynch
Prince Pineda ch.g.4 Ashley Hunt
Princess Louder dkb.f.3 Keith Place
Princess Sandra b.m.6 Howard Cake
Prison Fire ch.m.5 Howard Cake
Privy Native dkb.f.2 Lance Macisaac
Prominent Citizen bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Promising Rose ch.m.6 LaDonna King
Prone to Cheat cr.g.4 Howard Cake
Pumpkin Sparks gr.f.2 Howard Cake
Pure Force b.g.4 Howard Cake
Pure Life Nestle dkb.m.8 Royal Celestine
Puris per.g.3 Howard Cake
Purnesse bl.m.7 Sara Julin
Purple Hays bl.c.4 LaDonna King
Put a Sock in It bl.f.3 Michael Alevras
Puzzle Happy ch.f.1 Mountain Man
Queen Nanaja ro.m.11 Brandon Schultz
Question of Sport gr.m.8 Aidan O Brien
Quezver dkb.c.3 Art Kage
Quick As Ice rd.m.8 Howard Cake
Quick Walk Home bl.g.1 John Sloan
Quickly a Hero bl.m.5 Eric Hamme
Quiet Furies ro.g.4 Howard Cake
Quieter Silence ch.f.4 Howard Cake
Quintilian gr.c.3 Brett Stier
Quite a View bl.m.8 Cathie Morris
Quite Erotic bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Quiz Master bl.g.5 Chippy Chippers
Rafeeq's Impact dkb.f.3 Veritas Stables
Rafeeq's Night bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Raging Winds w.f.3 Rachel Sadler
Rain Soaked Path gr.g.8 Fern Thompson
Raincharge gr.f.3 Gavin Guile
Rainstorms Wrath gr.m.9 Tracy Marcer
Rainy Encounter bl.m.11 Alexandra Jaysman
Ralph's Daughter dkb.m.14 Ben Stover
Ram Bender ch.g.3 Dusty Glenn
Rambling Proof ch.m.12 Ben Stover
Rancho Dash gru.g.4 Howard Cake
Rare Bliss b.m.8 Howard Cake
Rare Ransom dkb.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Raspberry Ice ch.f.2 Aeon Knight
Rated F Five bl.f.3 Eric Hamme
Raw Ghost ro.f.4 Howard Cake
Razamataz dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Reachforthespring b.g.9 Frank Nracco
Ready for Disney b.m.8 Ben Stover
Really True rd.f.3 Howard Cake
Reckon I'll Fly ch.g.6 Chris Clark
Reckon I'm Perfect b.g.5 Chris Clark
Reckon So bl.g.4 Brett Stier
Reconciled ch.m.15 Cathie Morris
Red Maid ch.f.1 Keith Place
Reflecting Pools gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Refused to Listen rd.f.4 Howard Cake
Regal Pyro gru.f.4 Howard Cake
Regal Tower dkb.g.3 Sophia Stevenson
Required Factor bl.c.3 Michael Alevras
Results Are Big bl.g.21 Mike Bryant
Retaliates First dkb.g.4 Howard Cake
Revenuer rd.g.5 Howard Cake
Rhyds Smith gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Ride the Heart bro.f.2 Howard Cake
Right Hand Glove gr.g.2 Ronnie Dee
Right Hand Side bl.g.17 Pam Maier
Ring Season b.m.10 Anthony Newman
Ringdingdong w.g.1 Misty Hills
Rising Salute gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Risked Speaking gr.g.4 Howard Cake
River Front Home b.f.4 Howard Cake
Riviera Nights gr.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Rock Ablaze b.g.5 Howard Cake
Rocket Dance ro.g.7 Sherry Crow
Rockinvan dkb.c.1 Jeremy Janitz
Rockmekath bl.m.13 Ron Fleming
Rockmepapa bl.g.10 Ron Fleming
Roll Tides bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Romantic Luke ch.f.4 Chris Barber
Root Beer Lobell bl.g.7 Mountain Man
Rosanna Danna ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Round Black b.m.6 Howard Cake
Royal Ambition Z b.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Royal Darkness gr.g.8 Emily Klein
Royal Leapfrog bl.f.1 Mountain Man
Royal Rouser bl.m.7 Mountain Man
Rub My Back ro.m.8 Howard Cake
Ruby Cage ro.m.5 Chris Barber
Ruengun per.f.2 Howard Cake
Rule Doctor ch.m.5 Ben Stover
Run Fastish bl.g.6 Anthony Newman
Run Lights Out b.m.9 Darcy McBride
Run Like a Rebel bl.c.3 Te Akau Downs
Run On Sentence ch.c.1 Lance Macisaac
Running Fins bl.f.3 Brandon McNulty
Rush Quietly bl.g.7 Mountain Man
Russian Patriot ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sad End ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sad Walk bl.c.1 Michael Alevras
Safe Life gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Sandigan w.m.5 Justinmon Navarrete
Sandra B ro.m.6 Brad Fabman
Sansha gr.m.9 Marley Oaken
Save Rock N'roll ch.m.8 Tory Egerton
Save the Dream rd.f.3 Howard Cake
Save the Love b.m.7 Howard Cake
Say It First ch.m.6 Howard Cake
Sayyara b.m.14 Dom Behan
Scarborough Point dkb.m.17 Cathie Morris
Scare the Tornado bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Scary Canary bl.m.10 Ronnie Dee
Scary Filly b.m.8 Keith Place
Scary Heights bl.g.5 Mike Stevens
Scary Saunter b.f.1 Keith Place
Scoring Cash rd.m.7 Howard Cake
Scotch Hop b.f.1 Mountain Man
Sea Affair dkb.g.21 Pepper Carol
Sea Gal gr.m.10 Keith Place
Sea Kontie b.c.2 Keith Place
Sealed b.g.11 Lisa Bennert
Seawater Queen b.f.4 Keith Place
Second Family w.g.2 Howard Cake
Second of Bravery ch.f.4 Justin Turner
Secret Laugh b.f.2 Rochelle Zahacy
Secret of Life gr.m.10 Ronnie Dee
Secrets of Paris dkb.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Seduced By Money gr.f.4 Howard Cake
See Me Then ch.g.3 Howard Cake
See My Luck gr.m.6 Shiadra Cattari
See the Fans ch.f.3 Emily Mitchell
See U Always bl.g.3 Te Akau Downs
See You Maybe bl.f.3 Stuart Scott
Seeing Mermaids b.f.3 Keith Place
Seewhahoppen ro.g.3 Art Kage
Sefi's Horde rd.g.2 Howard Cake
Sell the Con bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Senorita Frog gr.f.1 Mountain Man
Sensual Woman bl.m.5 Howard Cake
Sepia Skies bl.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Sergeant Barnes b.c.4 Chippy Chippers
Shadey Lady w.m.13 Justin Turner
Shady Beats ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sharkspeed dkb.g.11 Corey Lange
Shasda b.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Shattered Colours bl.f.3 Darcy McBride
Shawn Mendes I br.g.2 Howard Cake
She Gave Nothing gru.m.5 Howard Cake
She Is Irish br.m.6 Howard Cake
She Made It b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
She May Be Right gr.m.16 Ronnie Dee
She's Heaven ch.f.3 Mike Stevens
She's Hot and Cold br.f.3 Howard Cake
Sheza Devil ch.f.4 Keith Place
Shimmered ch.m.11 Keith Place
Shimmered Pride ch.g.2 Penny Lynch
Shine On Gold pal.g.5 Howard Cake
Shipper to the End b.m.23 Mike Bryant
Shockin' Gold b.m.7 Melissa Mae
Shoes and Gloves dkb.g.4 Brad Fabman
Shooting Shocks bl.m.13 Melissa Mae
Should Have Known gr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Show Me the Honey br.g.9 Howard Cake
Show On the Road rro.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Shutyourhorseface bl.m.15 Gary Stewart
Sierra Hull ch.m.6 Mike Larson
Silent Retrograde b.c.4 Dahil Emata
Silent Wepons dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Silky Walk dkb.m.5 Michael Alevras
Similar Visions rd.m.6 Howard Cake
Simple Lie bck.m.5 Howard Cake
Simple Plain Art b.f.4 Sycamore Farms
Sin of Greed b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Singing Voices gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Sinta b.g.3 Chris Clark
Six Hole rro.g.3 Howard Cake
Six Six Five dkb.f.0 Pepper Carol
Sixty One Seconds ro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Skipping Girl ch.m.7 Kath Sylvia
Skipping the Fire ch.f.2 Kath Sylvia
Sky Balloon bl.f.1 Keith Place
Sky Trooper b.g.6 Keith Place
Sleek and Modern gr.h.5 Kath Sylvia
Sleepy Silk br.f.2 Howard Cake
Slew Master bl.c.1 Penny Lynch
Slippery Boats ch.m.6 Darren Rook
Slower Dancer b.c.1 Ben Stover
Sly Dog ch.g.3 Dawn Palka
Small and Gentle bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Smokey Muse rd.m.8 Justinmon Navarrete
Smooth Rift b.f.2 Keith Place
Smug Rafeeq ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Sneaky Creek rd.f.4 Justinmon Navarrete
Sneaky Shock bck.m.7 Melissa Mae
Snide Comments bck.f.4 Howard Cake
Snow Bunnys gr.m.5 Gavin Guile
Snowstorm Saldo ch.m.7 Aeon Knight
So Do Better dkb.c.3 Jon Xett
So Extra ch.f.3 Eric Hamme
So Important rro.g.6 Howard Cake
So Jealous w.m.5 Howard Cake
So So Off b.g.3 Ronnie Dee
So Very Violet ch.m.9 LaDonna King
Sobringit b.c.0 Gina Cork
Sockie's Son bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Soft Summer Rain b.g.14 Carole Hanson
Softly As You Go bl.f.2 Aeon Knight
Solar Federation cr.g.5 Howard Cake
Solar Reckoning bl.g.4 Ryan Whitehead
Solicitude ro.g.10 Nena Olson
Somebodylovesme ch.m.11 Joseph Depaulo
Song of the Dead pal.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sonic Pit bl.c.2 Dawn Palka
Sonic Stardust bl.f.4 Gigi Gofaster
Sooner the Best bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Soulful Black b.f.0 Keith Place
Soup Lebron bl.g.3 Polk Buffalo
South Sea Island ch.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Southern Bound b.f.4 James Selby
Southern Core ch.h.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Southern Paint d.g.6 Howard Cake
Southern Sea ch.c.3 Keith Place
Southern Unrest gr.g.3 Robert Reed
Southern Valor pal.m.5 Howard Cake
Space Trippin dkb.c.2 Ed Malloy
Spacelink b.c.2 Tamara Vess
Speak Your Truth b.m.14 Gary Stewart
Special Juice rro.m.8 Howard Cake
Speed Gigo b.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Speedcore b.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Speedy Roadrunner b.f.1 Mountain Man
Spend It All dkb.f.1 Ben Stover
Spicy Rissole bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Spierrical ch.g.5 Marineille Sweeney
Spinning Tale bl.m.12 Joseph Depaulo
Spirit Trap bl.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Spirit Walks bl.m.6 Michael Alevras
Spooky Speedster dkb.m.5 Brian Leavitt
Spooner Street ch.m.18 Kath Sylvia
Spoopy b.g.13 Nini Hunter
Spotted Runner bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Spring Is Gone pal.m.7 Howard Cake
St. Cloud dkb.g.7 Sherry Crow
Stand Up for Us d.g.6 Howard Cake
Standard Golden b.f.3 Ben Stover
Star in a Car bl.m.10 Keith Place
Star Launcher ch.g.2 William Fields
Star of Parody ch.c.1 Mike Stevens
Star Witness gr.c.3 Rachel Sadler
Stare At the Surf bl.m.7 Eric Nalbone
Stare Up gr.f.3 Eric Hamme
Stars and Dreams I bl.g.15 Natasha Yar
Stars and Ribbons ro.m.5 Pat Mcgowan
Stars in Motion gr.f.4 Tory Egerton
Start a Day br.g.6 Howard Cake
Start Smok'n b.m.12 Juli Stettler
Starting Tonight ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Staunch Enemy bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Stay Here Boss bro.m.6 Howard Cake
Stay the Way gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Staying Relaxed b.g.4 Howard Cake
Stealin the Sun sor.f.1 Darcy McBride
Stella Black gr.m.10 Kris Krueger
Still Confident b.f.4 Howard Cake
Still See Stars bl.f.3 Laura Ferguson
Still Waiting Here ch.f.3 Howard Cake
Stockton bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Storm Jett bl.g.4 Richard Breedlove
Storm Ridge b.c.1 Keith Place
Straight Neigh ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Straightenup gr.h.8 Jeremy Janitz
Strong Contact b.f.3 Gina Cork
Strong Crafter ch.g.2 Andrea Bouwkamp
Stuck in a Bubble b.f.4 Brett Stier
Sudden Compulsion bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Sudden Depature rd.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sudden Prominence gr.m.8 Anthony Newman
Suki Suzuka gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sum Forty One ro.g.5 John Nicholson
Summer Falls b.m.5 Howard Cake
Sun Stares cr.g.7 Howard Cake
Sunjets ch.g.3 Te Akau Downs
Sunny Promenade bl.m.8 Darcy McBride
Sunset Red rro.g.2 Howard Cake
Sunshine Dreaming b.c.3 Mountain Man
Super Edge ch.f.2 Keith Place
Super Puddin b.m.11 Anthony Newman
Superior Ridge w.m.8 Joseph Depaulo
Superspot dkb.g.3 Serg Moroz
Surely Not bl.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Suspeermint bl.f.4 Art Kage
Sustained Drive gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Sweet Night Air rd.g.4 Howard Cake
Sweet Nothing Song bl.m.8 Howard Cake
Sweet Spice bl.m.7 Howard Cake
Swipe Right b.g.3 Howard Cake
Swirlingly b.c.1 Keith Place
Sylvester Pussycat bl.g.5 Ronnie Dee
Syrian Strip pal.f.2 Howard Cake
Tackle Each Day bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Tactical Error ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Tahoe Pride dkb.g.2 Penny Lynch
Tahoe Storm b.c.1 Keith Place
Tails ch.c.2 GEARs Racing
Takahiro dkb.g.5 Marley Oaken
Take a Long Glance gr.g.3 Corey Lange
Take a Memory b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Take Your Shot dkb.m.5 Howard Cake
Take Your Times gru.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Takes Me Away pal.g.2 Howard Cake
Takin It Slow bl.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Tale Me No Secrets ch.f.4 Ben Stover
Tale of My Night rd.m.6 Howard Cake
Talkie Talk gr.g.5 Howard Cake
Talking Candle pal.m.5 Howard Cake
Tall Cool One dkb.g.4 Patrik Diemand
Tangjinjaem gr.m.7 Sara Julin
Tanny b.m.7 Mike Larson
Tanzana d.g.2 Howard Cake
Taste My Meme ch.g.2 Sophia Stevenson
Taylormade Today b.f.1 Ben Stover
Tears of a Cowgirl b.m.8 Howard Cake
Tekeman w.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Tequila Game br.g.4 Howard Cake
Tequila Sunrise b.g.3 Rachel Sadler
Tesh Dar bl.m.5 Howard Cake
Thanks Giving bl.g.12 Cindy Saunders
That's How gr.f.3 Ronnie Dee
The Big Saunt bl.c.1 Jeremy Janitz
The Black Hat ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
The Black Kaiser ro.c.2 Rochelle Zahacy
The Black Shoe bl.m.11 Noel Collins
The Bubbles w.g.4 Philip Crawford
The City of Light gr.m.9 Carole Hanson
The Dark City ch.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
The Dragon Storm bl.g.4 Chris Barber
The Exit Buddy dkb.g.5 Sherry Crow
The Fact Remains dkb.g.4 Phil Hoeflich
The Giver b.g.6 Fern Thompson
The Gloves Are On bl.g.5 Mel Lankford
The Golden Flame pal.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
The Kid Game bck.m.5 Howard Cake
The Last Stance bl.g.6 Aeon Knight
The Mad Count bl.g.4 Darcy McBride
The Mandalorian ro.c.0 Brandon Schultz
The Perfectionist dkb.h.5 Kath Sylvia
The Return Home ch.m.5 Nena Olson
The Saloon gr.g.6 Howard Cake
The Scary Tornado gr.g.3 Chris Barber
The Shawarma bl.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
The Strong b.f.2 Rachel Sadler
The Velociraptor bl.g.5 Chris Clark
Thecouragetoact ch.c.3 Dahil Emata
Them Love Games gr.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Then It's Over br.f.3 Howard Cake
They Fightin bl.f.4 Pat Mcgowan
They Were Right bl.g.4 Howard Cake
This Is Right br.g.7 Howard Cake
This Isn't Russia gr.m.23 Emily Klein
This Isnt Hogwarts gr.m.19 Emily Klein
This Light of Mine gr.f.1 Bobby Bonilla
Thread of Lies ro.f.2 C.S. Werth
Three in a Line rd.c.1 Howard Cake
Thrones Game ch.c.3 Aidan O Brien
Thunder Cage gr.f.4 Chris Barber
Thunder Noise dkb.g.8 Howard Cake
Thunder Roses bl.m.7 Howard Cake
Thundern Lightnin dkb.c.1 Ben Stover
Tidy Rhythm bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Tifeneb b.g.4 Michael Alevras
Till Its Over ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Time to Make pal.m.6 Howard Cake
Time to Speak gr.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Timetosayimsorry gr.m.15 Corey Lange
Tinder Boxes bck.g.5 Howard Cake
Tint the Windows ch.m.5 Te Akau Downs
Tintype dkb.f.2 Brian Leavitt
Tiro b.g.23 Murray McNickle
To the Mattresses bl.c.2 Howard Cake
To the West dkb.g.3 Paul Ficuzza
To This Day per.g.2 Howard Cake
Tobi Watch gru.g.4 Howard Cake
Toblerone Eagle sor.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Toho Hunter gr.g.6 Anthony Newman
Tohonono bl.c.2 Art Kage
Too Close to Take bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Toohappytobetrue b.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Took a Shot bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Tooman bl.g.6 Corey Lange
Top Hat ch.g.12 Nini Hunter
Torn Down ch.m.12 Brandon McNulty
Tornado Girl b.m.6 Keith Place
Tornado Hunting bl.g.3 Chris Barber
Tornado Pak gr.g.3 Chris Barber
Tornado Run Time gr.g.3 Chris Barber
Tornado Tinker b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tornaway bl.f.3 Rachel Sowinski
Total Belief bck.g.4 Howard Cake
Total Broady bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Total Cooperation pal.g.5 Howard Cake
Touch Someone dkb.f.3 Keith Place
Tr Lady b.m.5 Melissa Mae
Traditionalism dkb.m.6 LaDonna King
Train the Hope ro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tramp Gloves bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Trans Euro Express bl.m.11 Dawn Palka
Travis Thief pal.g.3 Howard Cake
Tropical Musical ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Ts Lovely Jig b.m.5 Sophia Stevenson
Ts Shoes b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Ts Silent Dog b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tubular Bell w.m.6 Brett Stier
Tuck the Pain ro.f.3 Howard Cake
Tuff Monday Z ro.f.4 Flizan Hambletonian
Turn a Country ch.g.2 Dusty Glenn
Turn It Bright dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Turn of the Dial b.m.5 Howard Cake
Twice Distilled ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Twin Which ro.f.1 Ben Stover
Twin Witch ro.f.1 Ben Stover
Twistersixniner bl.m.8 Mike Larson
Twitter Crush ro.f.1 Howard Cake
Two Faux bl.g.5 John Smith
Tycoons' Jet gr.f.3 Ciano Colly
Ugly Duckling bl.g.3 Ciano Colly
Uncut Escapism pal.g.4 Howard Cake
Under Your Shoe gr.m.12 Anthony Newman
Universally True cr.c.3 Johanna Stk
Unwanted Notice bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Upstanding Citizen bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Ursiana Manuel ch.g.5 Anthony Newman
Vagabond Princess dkb.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Valleyofgold pal.f.4 Howard Cake
Value the Italian bl.m.8 Melissa Mae
Vanita b.m.14 Ronnie Dee
Vast Belief bro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Velvet Laces rd.f.2 Howard Cake
Verdugo West ro.f.1 Brandon Schultz
Vertigo ch.g.4 Aeon Knight
Very Close bro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Very Sideways ch.m.6 Gina Cork
Vexed Again bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Victorian School ch.g.16 Carole Hanson
Victory in Black bl.g.6 Mountain Man
Vidic Slip per.m.5 Howard Cake
Viewing Kisses per.g.5 Howard Cake
Vinca gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Violet Tints ch.c.2 LaDonna King
Vocal Attack bl.g.4 Howard Cake
Voices Carried rro.m.5 Howard Cake
Voodoo Surprise sor.m.8 Darcy McBride
Waiting On a Sign dkb.c.2 Gen Ravenwood
Walk for Par bl.g.3 Gigi Gofaster
Walk Into the Bar b.c.1 Mike Stevens
Walk Intothe Night b.m.7 Mike Stevens
Walk With Grace ch.f.3 Ciano Colly
Walked Thru Hell b.m.7 Melissa Mae
Walkoffthewildside ch.g.8 Chris Barber
Wall Is Down pal.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Wandering Chic b.f.2 Howard Cake
Want Some gr.m.6 Howard Cake
Want to Know d.g.2 Howard Cake
War Craze dkb.m.6 Joseph Depaulo
Warlordess bl.m.10 Anthony Newman
Warm Flood rro.f.4 Howard Cake
Warning Look w.f.4 Eric Hamme
Wasimah gr.m.15 Nena Olson
Watch Out Above ch.g.6 Howard Cake
Watching Me rd.m.8 Howard Cake
Watlin ch.m.13 Frank Nracco
We're All to Blame gr.f.3 Brian Leavitt
Wealthy Best w.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Wealthy Nova ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Wealthy Saint bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Weather Vain b.m.7 Ronnie Dee
Weeble Wooble bl.m.8 Anthony Newman
Weejuns b.g.8 Elisse Hackett
Welcome Guest bl.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Well Tempered ro.g.4 Corey Lange
West Coast Rep b.g.4 Katie Stepanian
West Coast Star bl.m.5 Corey Brown
Wet Beats gr.f.3 Ronnie Dee
What I Said pal.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Whatanidiot gru.g.4 Howard Cake
Wheely Combustible dkb.m.13 Izzy Rafferty
Where I Am From gru.g.6 Howard Cake
Where Ya Going ch.g.3 Amy Atkins
Which Way Kiss per.f.2 Howard Cake
Which Witch ro.m.8 Ben Stover
Whiskey Law ch.c.0 Cappa Cap
Whiskey Starter ch.c.4 Gina Cork
Whiskey Strut ch.f.4 Keith Place
Whistling Dixie dkb.f.3 C.S. Werth
White Hot Nova w.m.9 Keith Place
White Moonface w.f.3 Katie Stepanian
White Zone ro.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Whoa Oh gr.m.10 Joseph Depaulo
Why's the Rum Gone gr.g.8 Sophia Stevenson
Wicked Poke bro.f.4 Howard Cake
Wild and Free ch.g.4 Michelle Calderoni
Wild Breathing rd.g.4 Howard Cake
Wild Dilemma dkb.f.4 Chris Barber
Wild Endeavour ch.c.1 Darren Rook
Wild Luke bl.f.4 Chris Barber
Wildeyes ch.f.3 Pat Mcgowan
Wildly Dancing gr.m.7 Heather Crawford
Wildo Eclipse rro.g.2 Howard Cake
Will Be Ghosted bl.g.2 Howard Cake
Will You Come ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Willingly Allowing bck.g.4 Howard Cake
Win Mandela dkb.m.5 Mountain Man
Windlands b.m.11 Aeon Knight
Windyway b.c.0 Keith Place
Winnick dkb.f.3 Howard Cake
Winston's Luxury ch.m.6 Aidan O Brien
Wobble On Blades b.m.9 Keith Place
Womhattan b.m.15 Ben Stover
Won Two w.m.11 Keith Place
Won't Do the Same bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Wooden Knight b.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Word Valley b.f.0 Keith Place
Wore Me Out rd.f.3 Howard Cake
World King gr.c.1 Ben Stover
Worth the Bling gr.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Worthy Black b.c.2 Ciano Colly
Wrong Address bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Xiao Dirty b.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Ya You Did b.m.11 Ben Stover
Yall's Dogfox b.h.10 Mountain Man
You Alone bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
You Are All Fired bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
You Are There d.m.6 Howard Cake
You Did bl.f.3 Inca Stables
You Fade Away dkb.h.5 Nena Olson
You Loki ch.g.21 Mike Bryant
You Love You pal.m.7 Howard Cake
You Made Me dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
You May Leave bl.c.2 Mike Stevens
You Move Me b.g.14 D.m Henderson
Your Move Mate bl.m.6 Pat Mcgowan
Your Own Fate gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Yozen rro.g.2 Howard Cake
Yucka b.g.3 Simon Lake
Zac's Cat b.c.3 Steve Wildermuth
Zania Star b.f.3 Keith Place
Zap the Future pal.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Zhappydoc b.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Zig Is Not a Saint bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Zipedeedodah bl.m.6 Paul Sellers
Zmuttly gr.f.3 Shiadra Cattari
Zombie Man gr.g.5 Aidan O Brien
Zone Happy ro.f.1 Mountain Man
Zoo Fun rro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Zooming Along ch.m.7 Emily Klein
Zyzania b.m.11 Keith Place
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