Magic Raven Brazil - Brazil

Owned by: Regina Moore - Board: $20 Home of Our Thoroughbred Dirt Routers
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
'zalo Halo b.g.6 Peter Quill
A Double Moon b.f.3 Peter Quill
Abrupt Terror dkb.m.14 Regina Moore
Accept the Verdict bl.g.3 Howard Cake
All Canine bl.m.14 Regina Moore
Anger Manager b.g.4 Howard Cake
Arid Degrassi b.f.2 Regina Moore
Ashlyn gr.f.2 Billy Anderson
Bag O'donuts gr.f.3 Peter Quill
Bailey ch.g.9 Dan Gordon
Barrera's Breath w.g.2 Steve Handley
Beautiful Palace ro.f.3 Peter Quill
Beep Beep b.h.10 T.D. Palm
Belligerent Tone bl.f.4 Howard Cake
Bend the Chains bl.m.7 Howard Cake
Black Shrine bl.m.11 Regina Moore
Border Syria ch.m.17 Regina Moore
Brexit Canada ch.c.2 Regina Moore
Broken Lover gr.f.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Burning Fever b.m.8 Howard Cake
Buster Bunny bl.g.6 Diane Townsend
Buy a Memory dkb.m.6 Howard Cake
C Thru gr.f.3 Peter Quill
Cajun Gator bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Cavalier Games dkb.g.13 Regina Moore
Challenging Eye b.g.13 Regina Moore
Charmux b.g.4 Howard Cake
Check the Halls b.f.2 Regina Moore
Chicago Summer dkb.g.3 Peter Quill
Chop Suey ch.g.4 Diane Townsend
Claiming ro.g.5 Howard Cake
Climate Treasure ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Close Final bl.c.3 James Selby
Clunia gr.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Consider Alchemy bl.m.14 Regina Moore
Cosmere Choosing bl.g.4 Peter Quill
Daiquiri dkb.m.18 Regina Moore
Daisy Hardy b.m.5 Enpea Racing
Danni Is Slow ro.g.10 Chris Barber
Darkened Whiskey b.g.3 Howard Cake
Degrassi Flare bl.c.2 Regina Moore
Desert Sandstorm b.m.8 Regina Moore
Devine Symphony gr.g.8 Howard Cake
Dr Ghostly Magic b.f.4 Peter Quill
Dreamy Fireful dkb.g.4 Peter Quill
Drinks Superb dkb.m.5 Regina Moore
Ds Capan b.f.3 Peter Quill
Earn the Spot bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Easy Key ch.m.17 Regina Moore
Educate This ro.g.3 Howard Cake
Effortlessly Clean ch.f.4 Peter Quill
Election Promise bl.c.2 Regina Moore
Elegant Death bl.m.6 Howard Cake
Elliptic Arsonist b.c.2 Regina Moore
Evil Toes dkb.f.2 Diane Townsend
Fake Bourbon gr.c.3 Diane Townsend
Far More Dramatic gr.f.4 Howard Cake
Fate Whispered ch.m.5 Howard Cake
Fearless Spend bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Fire Starter ch.m.7 Regina Moore
Flattering Sound b.m.15 Regina Moore
Fleet Fox ch.g.7 Regina Moore
Fragmented Results bl.m.9 Regina Moore
Free of Blame gr.g.3 Howard Cake
Frozen Dream b.f.2 Howard Cake
Frozen Fractal dkb.m.10 Eric Hamme
Get One Out b.g.2 Howard Cake
Give Me Sun b.f.2 Enpea Racing
Global Alert b.f.1 Regina Moore
Grey Composer b.f.3 Peter Quill
Grey Sock ch.g.3 Peter Quill
Grumble Cat b.f.3 Peter Quill
Hallowed Hurricane gr.f.1 Regina Moore
Hallowed Irony gr.m.6 Regina Moore
Happy Gangster ro.g.3 Peter Quill
Happy Honor bl.c.3 Peter Quill
Heart Me gr.m.5 Howard Cake
Hearts Catch Fire dkb.m.6 Howard Cake
Heatless gr.m.5 Peter Quill
Hope Full ch.m.7 Cate Lynn
Horse 1535756535 dkb.g.4 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1546736767 ro.c.3 Ronnie Dee
Horse 1546801006 bl.c.3 Mentor Program
Horse 1547184042 dkb.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1556654063 bl.f.2 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1556654364 bl.f.2 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1557912567 dkb.c.2 Dom Behan
Horse 1558886177 gr.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569078865 bl.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569079248 ch.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569098113 b.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569384215 gr.f.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569384272 ch.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569384345 dkb.c.1 Howard Cake
Horse 1569497545 ch.c.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569497758 gr.c.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569497827 gr.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569498662 ro.c.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590876 b.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590925 b.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590941 b.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569591040 bl.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569591079 ch.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569591116 bl.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569700212 dkb.c.0 Eric Hamme
House Words bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Hug the Hips ch.m.7 Howard Cake
Hurricane Desert ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Hurricane Storm ch.h.6 Regina Moore
Illegal Orders b.g.4 Howard Cake
Imperial Lady dkb.m.8 Regina Moore
Iron Heart II gr.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Joshua's Dream dkb.g.5 Anthony Newman
Judge the Sanity ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Just Be Funny dkb.g.5 Howard Cake
Just Not Official b.f.3 Howard Cake
Keen and Clean ch.g.1 Steve Handley
Key Ancestor ch.m.6 Regina Moore
Key Summoned gr.g.9 Regina Moore
Keyed Cars dkb.f.2 Regina Moore
Keyed Chrome ch.m.6 Regina Moore
Horse Age Owner
Keys ch.m.10 Regina Moore
Kid Galahad b.h.8 Ashley Hunt
Kisses Me bl.m.13 Regina Moore
Lament b.g.12 Regina Moore
Lasting Light dkb.m.11 Regina Moore
Little Benefits ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Little Traveler dkb.f.1 Enpea Racing
Love the Effort bl.f.3 Howard Cake
Magic Musicical b.m.5 Howard Cake
Maiden Pioneer b.m.13 Regina Moore
Make Magic dkb.m.7 Regina Moore
Make Me Furious dkb.f.1 Regina Moore
Make Me Promise dkb.m.12 Regina Moore
Make the Dust Fly bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Me La Tech Three gr.m.5 Peter Quill
Mean Princess gr.f.3 Peter Quill
Meg Jones b.f.1 Keith Place
Meggie Aube ro.m.11 Ronnie Dee
Melting Metal bl.m.5 Regina Moore
Melts bl.m.12 Regina Moore
Metal and Vapor b.g.6 Howard Cake
Mighty Nya b.m.10 Regina Moore
Mighty Origins b.m.5 Regina Moore
Mixed Daiquiri dkb.m.11 Regina Moore
Montessori Gates gr.g.4 Howard Cake
Moon Hunting bl.f.4 Peter Quill
Narrow Window ch.g.4 Howard Cake
Native Eskimo ch.m.13 Regina Moore
Next Gen b.g.5 Howard Cake
Nile View b.g.13 Regina Moore
Nostalgia Memories b.m.5 Howard Cake
Novelero b.g.17 Lisa Bennert
On a Detour b.g.5 Howard Cake
One Flush dkb.g.13 Regina Moore
One Last Racer bl.f.4 Peter Quill
Only a Flesh Wound bl.g.2 Anthony Newman
Planetary Ocean dkb.g.3 Regina Moore
Play for Fun bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Plenty Scoff ch.f.3 Peter Quill
Plot Me b.g.4 Regina Moore
Preened and Seen b.m.17 Regina Moore
Prepare the Storm ch.m.7 Howard Cake
Present Awards ch.m.7 Regina Moore
Prophetic Motion ch.m.14 Regina Moore
Reckless in Vegas ro.c.2 Ronnie Dee
Ridiculously Cold dkb.f.1 Eric Hamme
Romance City bl.m.8 Regina Moore
Run for Love bl.m.8 Jeffrey Clauser
Rushed Process gr.m.7 Regina Moore
Sacred Emotion bl.g.3 Fern Thompson
Say Egypt dkb.m.13 Regina Moore
Say Sounds dkb.m.10 Regina Moore
Say Win dkb.m.20 Regina Moore
Secreted bl.m.8 Regina Moore
See Harder b.c.1 Enpea Racing
Senior Cheerleader b.f.2 Regina Moore
Serenna ro.f.4 Jeffrey Clauser
She Spies bl.f.2 Regina Moore
Show Me Sometime b.f.3 Howard Cake
Simple Test b.m.9 Regina Moore
Sinful Pride b.m.11 Regina Moore
Sleeping Dreams ch.g.3 Howard Cake
Slightchangeofrain ch.f.3 Peter Quill
Southern Lady b.f.4 Derek Bisson
Spearmint Bubble bl.m.9 T.D. Palm
Speedball Lorex b.g.4 Peter Quill
Speedball Pinup b.g.4 Peter Quill
Spring Begins ch.m.8 Regina Moore
Spring Thaw bl.m.17 Fern Thompson
Starter Storm ch.f.1 Regina Moore
Stay Chromed ch.m.7 Regina Moore
Stay Long bl.m.9 Regina Moore
Storm a Promise gr.m.8 Howard Cake
Storm Chased ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Storm Fragments ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Story Read b.f.2 Regina Moore
Straightnnarrow bl.g.9 Cathie Morris
Strike in the Sun ch.m.8 Howard Cake
Striped Keys dkb.m.12 Regina Moore
Summer Waters b.m.10 Regina Moore
Swami State b.g.18 Regina Moore
Sweet Inspection b.m.9 Regina Moore
Sweet Teaser dkb.m.8 Howard Cake
Sweet Tropics b.f.1 Regina Moore
Syrian Plight ch.m.10 Regina Moore
Syrian Sound ch.m.11 Regina Moore
Taste the Fudge dkb.m.7 Howard Cake
Taste the Ice w.m.7 Howard Cake
Tell the World b.m.6 Regina Moore
The Bell Rings ch.f.2 Howard Cake
The Inspector bl.c.2 Regina Moore
The Last Cookie ch.c.3 Diane Townsend
The One I Kept ch.f.2 Keith Place
The Wild Hunt b.g.12 Fanta Arcadia
Thumbs Up b.m.9 Regina Moore
Time Lady dkb.m.6 Enpea Racing
Time Rift dkb.c.2 Enpea Racing
Timelords Tactics ch.f.4 Peter Quill
Tr Cone of Silence bl.f.4 Peter Quill
True Falls bl.f.2 Howard Cake
True Salutes b.f.2 Howard Cake
Ts Spaced Out gr.f.4 Peter Quill
Twisted Magic ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Unadorned b.m.22 Regina Moore
Unbiased Juries b.f.4 Howard Cake
Unbridled South dkb.m.17 Regina Moore
Unlock the Source ch.m.5 Regina Moore
Unter Wert dkb.m.10 Dom Behan
Vibrant Life bl.g.2 Howard Cake
Viking Prophesy bl.g.13 Regina Moore
Weak Bella ch.f.3 Peter Quill
What They Want b.m.5 Howard Cake
Whatever This Is b.c.1 Regina Moore
White Lying ch.m.6 Howard Cake
Wind Kisser bl.g.12 Regina Moore
Wirestoke bl.g.21 Cathie Morris
Wood Would dkb.m.11 Regina Moore
Zedadel dkb.g.4 Anthony Newman
Zenda Doun bl.h.11 Zero Smith
Zipangels bl.f.3 Peter Quill
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