Magic Raven Colombia - Colombia

Owned by: Regina Moore - Board: $20 Home of Our Thoroughbred Dirt Milers
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
Acting b.c.1 Regina Moore
Addy's Gift bl.m.10 Royal Celestine
Afterlife bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Aloha Sarah b.m.18 Eric Hamme
Altar of Fear bl.f.3 Regina Moore
Amazon Awe ch.m.6 Regina Moore
Amazon Raid ch.m.8 Regina Moore
Anorak's Almanac bl.g.6 Laura Ferguson
Apotheose bl.m.10 Rafa Usoz
Applaud Me b.c.2 Regina Moore
Army Bucks dkb.m.21 Regina Moore
Barbwire Ridge w.m.9 Anthony Newman
Before She Cheats bl.f.3 Kenneth Prater
Bio Feedback b.m.10 Regina Moore
Black Belly b.f.3 Peter Quill
Boom Box bl.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Brine bl.m.10 Randell Johnson
Brown Eyed Women ch.m.11 Matt Feldman
Cant Touch Madness dkb.g.3 Peter Quill
Cartography Trophy gr.g.8 Regina Moore
Check List b.f.4 Regina Moore
Chromed Stars ch.g.14 Regina Moore
Clowns Around b.f.3 Regina Moore
Conquering All b.g.14 Regina Moore
Cordial Hello bl.c.3 Kenneth Prater
Cosmo Chaos gr.m.19 Regina Moore
Cosmotic gr.m.10 Regina Moore
Courtbouillon bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Craves bl.g.12 Regina Moore
D'cember Pro Z bl.g.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Daniel San b.g.3 Peter Quill
Daring Event bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Decorated Nevada b.g.12 Regina Moore
Definitely b.m.11 Regina Moore
Dm Furious One gr.f.4 Peter Quill
Dm Sheister dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dm Starting Gun gr.f.4 Peter Quill
Dr Duel dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dr Free bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dr Fuel Up bl.f.4 J.r. Lewis
Dr Oath bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dragon Appetite ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Dragon Horror ch.c.1 Penny Lynch
Dreamency ch.f.3 Peter Quill
Dreamt of Love b.m.15 Cathie Morris
Ds a Rock bl.m.5 J.r. Lewis
Ds Cillies b.m.5 J.r. Lewis
Ds Cot dkb.f.3 J.r. Lewis
Ds Cullet ch.g.3 J.r. Lewis
Ds Fool ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ds Salem ro.f.3 Peter Quill
Ds Selano bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Ds Snowmen b.g.3 J.r. Lewis
Ds Sookie bl.g.3 J.r. Lewis
Ds Southerner dkb.g.3 J.r. Lewis
Dubai Cat Fight b.f.1 Regina Moore
Early Edge bl.m.18 Cathie Morris
Elayne's Poison ch.g.3 Peter Quill
Embarrassing bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Erik Adornes ch.g.13 Regina Moore
Expect Sun dkb.c.3 Aeon Knight
Explored b.g.11 Regina Moore
Eye Shadow Girl b.f.2 Kenneth Prater
Face Applause b.f.1 Regina Moore
Fachismo b.m.16 Regina Moore
Factually Gold bl.f.3 Regina Moore
Faithful Mistress b.m.7 Regina Moore
Faithinasnowstorm ch.m.9 Regina Moore
Fasutohosu bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Feline Lust bl.g.17 Regina Moore
Fever Rated b.f.3 Peter Quill
Final Invasion bl.c.2 Randell Johnson
Fire On Fire ch.m.12 Regina Moore
First Thunder gr.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Flizans Try It Out ch.g.6 Flizan Hambletonian
Flying Madness bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Focused dkb.m.12 Regina Moore
Force Eleven bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Foxbow b.m.14 Regina Moore
Free Reason ro.m.9 Regina Moore
Fruja bl.g.7 Peter Quill
Funny Face b.m.18 Regina Moore
Funny Weather b.m.8 Regina Moore
Galleon ch.g.7 Regina Moore
Game Goddess dkb.m.11 Regina Moore
German Currency ch.m.8 Regina Moore
Go Loudly b.g.4 Richard Diemand
Go to the Tropics bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Grey Things gr.m.9 Regina Moore
Guess I Am dkb.g.4 J.r. Lewis
Hail the Monster ch.f.4 Peter Quill
Hangels dkb.f.3 Peter Quill
Happy to Be bl.g.5 Laura Ferguson
Haunted Forest dkb.m.5 Laura Ferguson
Hearts a Flying gr.g.5 Peter Quill
Hennessey Gold bl.g.3 Peter Quill
Highjacked Flight dkb.m.5 Regina Moore
Hit My Thumb ro.c.3 Peter Quill
Horror Show bl.f.4 Regina Moore
Horse 1502516977 dkb.g.7 Mark Branch
Horse 1517018582 dkb.m.5 Mark Branch
Horse 1524911364 gr.g.5 Champ Bailey
Horse 1525451768 b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1535888425 ch.g.4 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1535913919 bl.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1538992671 ch.f.3 Steve Handley
Horse 1545851043 ch.c.3 Matt Feldman
Horse 1545851809 ch.f.3 Matt Feldman
Horse 1556054791 ch.f.2 Matt Feldman
Horse 1556290139 ch.f.2 Matt Feldman
Horse 1556576017 w.c.2 Anthony Newman
Horse 1557793163 dkb.f.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1558286686 ch.f.2 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1558673445 dkb.c.2 Mark Branch
Horse 1560770857 w.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1565791430 gr.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1567367985 bl.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1567936290 gr.f.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1568126618 ch.f.1 Matt Feldman
Horse 1568647600 ch.f.1 Matt Feldman
Horse 1569067981 ch.f.1 Shannon Hunt
Horse 1569498771 bl.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569540374 b.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590895 bl.c.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590903 b.c.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590950 dkb.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569590998 ch.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1569591010 b.f.1 Peter Quill
Horse 1571303035 w.f.0 Anthony Newman
Hulma ch.f.3 Peter Quill
Hunger Point ro.m.6 Regina Moore
Hungry Roan ro.m.9 Regina Moore
Hurry Back b.f.3 Regina Moore
Horse Age Owner
Independent Again dkb.m.8 Kelley Wachter
Inner Knowing ch.f.2 Regina Moore
Inside Job ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
J Krullenbol ch.c.2 Peter Quill
Jacen Ziebach b.f.3 Peter Quill
Jipara Empress w.f.1 Steve Handley
Jungled Dubai gr.c.3 Regina Moore
Just As Nointed bl.g.5 Patrik Diemand
Keallach bl.g.8 Peter Quill
Kijutsu gr.m.15 Mary Whalen
Kissed Him bl.m.11 Regina Moore
Lani Malice b.m.10 Regina Moore
Lemon Sky dkb.c.1 Aeon Knight
Lit Quist ch.m.5 Regina Moore
Lite Shines ch.m.10 Regina Moore
Little Lily gr.f.4 Peter Quill
Looks the Bronx ch.g.4 Peter Quill
Lovely News b.g.4 J.r. Lewis
Lunar Module b.m.7 Regina Moore
Macho Team b.g.14 Regina Moore
Malicious Tree b.f.2 Regina Moore
Master Host b.c.3 Regina Moore
Master of Night dkb.g.4 J.r. Lewis
Million Dollars ch.f.4 Regina Moore
Miracle Roads b.g.15 Regina Moore
Missy Ward b.f.2 Dusty Glenn
Mistress of Dubai b.m.9 Regina Moore
Monkey Around gr.c.2 Regina Moore
Montbatton w.c.0 Steve Handley
Moon Secret gr.g.5 J.r. Lewis
More Realistic ch.g.4 Todd Lucas
Mostly Theory gr.m.9 Regina Moore
Mr. Ho bl.g.3 Richard Diemand
Mucho Horny bl.g.15 Regina Moore
Mucho Macho Mostly b.c.1 Regina Moore
Music Never Stops ch.m.10 Matt Feldman
Must Choose ro.g.5 Kenneth Prater
My Good ch.f.2 Regina Moore
My Lapel gr.m.11 Regina Moore
Nantilde dkb.m.13 Aeon Knight
Nevada Belief b.m.5 Regina Moore
Nevada Dame b.m.10 Regina Moore
Nevada Facho b.f.1 Regina Moore
Nevada Map b.m.8 Regina Moore
Nevada Team b.m.25 Regina Moore
Now We Rise dkb.f.4 J.r. Lewis
Nyght Swings bl.f.1 Regina Moore
Oh What a View b.m.11 Keith Place
One Glance gr.g.3 Izabella McNamee
Orlestone b.m.14 Cathie Morris
Palace King b.g.6 Regina Moore
Passage to Gifts dkb.g.5 Royal Celestine
Passing Fray dkb.m.12 Regina Moore
Pegasus Flies ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Player On Stage b.h.9 Regina Moore
Prepared Passage w.g.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Private Tornado ch.g.3 Peter Quill
Privida gr.f.3 Peter Quill
Protagonist Story ch.c.3 Regina Moore
Queen Dragon ch.m.11 Penny Lynch
Quiet Honor b.m.17 Regina Moore
Rafeye gr.f.3 Peter Quill
Redliningyourgame ro.m.6 Tan Gent
Roan Romp ro.f.2 Regina Moore
Robot Actress gr.f.2 Regina Moore
Rotating Hand b.f.4 Peter Quill
Ruler bl.g.12 Mike Larson
Savior ch.c.1 Regina Moore
Searching for Zero ch.f.4 Kenneth Prater
See Reason gr.m.17 Regina Moore
Shaack and Slap ch.m.9 Regina Moore
Shaack Cat ch.m.14 Regina Moore
Shatter Sorrow b.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
She's in the Stars b.f.2 Shannon Hunt
Shes Pegasus ch.f.2 Regina Moore
Show Ghost b.c.2 Regina Moore
Siberian Sunset dkb.f.4 Ryan Whitehead
Silent Flight dkb.f.4 Regina Moore
Silver State gr.m.21 Regina Moore
Sky Beyond bl.m.7 Regina Moore
Snooty Prize b.g.13 Regina Moore
Southern Jitterbug bl.g.4 Peter Quill
Special Shade ch.g.15 Steve Handley
Spooky Aunt bl.m.6 Regina Moore
Spooky Nyght bl.m.7 Regina Moore
Stage Direction b.c.2 Regina Moore
Stage Nyght b.c.2 Regina Moore
Staged Rendevouz b.c.2 Regina Moore
Start Quiet ch.g.5 Kenneth Prater
Starving Actress ro.f.4 Regina Moore
Stealin Bread bl.g.3 J.r. Lewis
Still Kicking Here b.f.2 Howard Cake
Strange Things gr.m.5 J.r. Lewis
Sunday's King b.f.2 Peter Quill
Super Ringer bl.m.5 Steve Handley
Sweet Lioness ch.f.4 Kenneth Prater
Swings From Trees gr.h.8 Regina Moore
Syrian King ch.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Take Nevada dkb.g.15 Regina Moore
Take These Secrets b.g.4 J.r. Lewis
Team Cheerleader b.m.13 Regina Moore
Temptation Town ch.c.2 Tiyoun Long
The Good Silence gr.g.6 J.r. Lewis
The Mooner bl.g.4 J.r. Lewis
The Wanting ro.m.12 Regina Moore
Theoretical Fun b.g.9 Regina Moore
This Queen Rules ch.f.3 Tony Baker
Tigers Again dkb.f.1 Kelley Wachter
Tr Any Where dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tr Good Gold bl.f.4 J.r. Lewis
Tr Love dkb.m.5 J.r. Lewis
Tr Map dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ts Cleasy dkb.f.3 J.r. Lewis
Ts Corndog ch.f.3 J.r. Lewis
Viguera gr.m.12 Rafa Usoz
Villainsturbogun dkb.f.4 Tan Gent
Walk Through Fire ch.f.2 T.D. Palm
Warring Dawn b.g.7 Regina Moore
Water View b.g.3 Keith Place
Wealthy Times gr.h.13 Oncu Kaan
Weathered Tree b.f.1 Regina Moore
Wedding Party ch.f.4 Kenneth Prater
Whatshesdoingnow b.f.3 Kenneth Prater
Whit What bl.f.3 Peter Quill
Wilder Evil bl.f.3 Kenneth Prater
Windsong ch.f.4 Kenneth Prater
Wonderer bl.c.3 Peter Quill
Wooden Joy dkb.m.11 Regina Moore
Worth a Get b.c.3 Peter Quill
Zedgallop ch.g.3 Peter Quill
Zenzero Express w.f.1 Steve Handley
Zuni's Ring dkb.m.10 Justinmon Navarrete
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