Portlandia Park - Oregon All Weather

Owned by: Garret Folsom - Board: $20 Premiere All Weather Track in the Northwest
Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
Air Cannon b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Air Is Benja dkb.f.4 Jamie Bates
Animal Puzzle bl.f.4 Paul Sellers
Awesome Impact b.c.3 Kenneth Prater
Bengazi Blast dkb.f.3 Lucas Davenport
Blue Gill ch.f.3 Pat Phillips
Bohemian Heart b.f.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Cajun Cowgirl I b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Capitaine ch.c.3 Christophe Desjardin
Carats Are Life ch.c.3 Garret Folsom
Cat Attack ch.g.5 Derek Bisson
Catness b.c.4 Paul Sellers
Clouds Change dkb.c.3 Lisa Bennert
Danon Abby ch.c.3 Te Akau Downs
Database bl.g.4 Todd Lucas
Deep War gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dreamette dkb.m.5 Sophia Stevenson
Dynamic Inflation gr.c.3 Garret Folsom
East Cross bl.f.4 Team Keanna
Easy Does It ch.g.4 Misty Hills
Egyptians gr.f.3 Katie Stepanian
Excaping the Ward gr.f.3 Garret Folsom
Eyes Are Bright b.f.4 Garret Folsom
Good Things Happen ch.f.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Heat of Si b.m.5 Erica Olson
Home Far ro.f.4 Emily Mitchell
Horse 1579580322 gr.f.1 Greg Mey
Key to India ro.f.3 Kent Saunders
Lake Love ro.f.4 Noel Collins
Horse Age Owner
Lotus Temple dkb.c.3 Tiyoun Long
Lunar Frontier gr.m.11 Greg Mey
Northene gr.m.5 Emmie Kay
Patient Angel b.f.3 Darcy McBride
Phyllodiamin ch.m.6 Noel Collins
Power to Paddy b.f.4 Dom Behan
Premium Warrior gr.g.3 Jack Meyer
Primal Gray gr.g.6 Izabella McNamee
Quiet Catholic bl.h.7 Team Keanna
Reel in the Sun dkb.g.4 Jasmine Grimm
Roaring Shadows b.c.3 Pat Schenk
Second Cross b.h.7 Team Keanna
Second Username dkb.g.6 Emmie Kay
Sister Abigail b.g.3 Varina Steeplehope
Space Bird gr.m.7 Noel Collins
Steel Slug gr.g.3 Aloretta Dethly
Stop Write There b.f.4 Paul Sellers
Subuki Twice ro.f.4 Paul Sellers
Sunnydynamics b.g.5 Matthew Kveragas
Sweet Price bl.m.14 Corey Lange
Ten Quid bl.g.9 John Gaither
Uh Oh Flacco b.c.3 Jamie Bates
Voute b.f.3 Christophe Desjardin
Westernesse dkb.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Work Together bl.f.4 Penny Lynch
Yes On Style b.m.5 Dusty Glenn
Ying Wah War dkb.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Yoshida Dreams gr.f.4 Dylan John
Zapshield dkb.g.3 Anthony Newman
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