The Ocean Club - Bahamas

Owned by: Kris Bobby - Board: $20 A Secluded Oasis of Luxury for all Horses
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
A Kiss From You bl.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Acting Icon bl.m.7 Lethal Prodigy
Aday to Remember ch.f.1 Tony Baker
All in the Same bl.f.2 Pete Vella
Annesthesia ch.m.10 Rafa Usoz
Appears to Exist ch.f.3 Mike Stevens
Archives dkb.m.6 Kris Bobby
Badgirlinblack bl.f.2 Gavin Guile
Be a Little Proud dkb.g.11 Kris Bobby
Beg for Affection b.f.4 Willie Carson
Bending Strike b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Betsy Ross b.m.7 Danny Derby
Bolder ro.g.24 Randell Johnson
Born Slippy b.g.25 Randell Johnson
Boss Tones dkb.g.2 Belle Gifft
Brawl b.c.1 Clarehaven Stables
Bred Perfectly gr.f.4 Xander Zone
Bright Faces dkb.c.2 Keith Place
Bringtheclaim b.f.2 Murray McNickle
Brush Contact b.f.2 Emmie Kay
Bulletproof Love ch.g.3 Aeon Knight
Can't You See b.c.3 Kenneth Prater
Cat Door ch.m.6 Crisjay Bellosillo
Celebration Moon ro.h.5 Tiyoun Long
Chance Ou Miracle b.g.3 Marc Plouffe
Chippah gr.h.5 Jon Xett
Chocolate Coma ch.f.3 Ed Malloy
Cloud Mist b.m.7 Mark Branch
Cold Hart ro.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Cold Looks bl.g.3 Chris Barber
Coloured Page ch.g.3 Keith Place
Condean b.g.3 Kris Bobby
Conflicted ch.h.5 Nena Olson
Dawn Shadow gr.f.3 Tiyoun Long
Defensive Player gr.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Dr. Sweets gr.f.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Dubai Danza gr.f.4 Katie Stepanian
Dubai Gold b.g.3 Rachel Sadler
Empire of the Sun dkb.c.2 Rachel Sadler
Euro Ambassador bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Euro Barge b.g.2 Belle Gifft
Euro Shadow w.h.5 Kath Sylvia
European Winds gr.g.3 Chris Barber
Everlastin bl.c.3 Mike Eaton
Everlasting Star ch.c.2 Tiyoun Long
Exotic Orchid dkb.f.2 Rachel Sadler
Fantasy Blue b.f.3 Kris Bobby
Fectacfan ch.f.4 Tan Gent
Feeble Attempt b.g.5 Michael Alevras
Fiery Tower ch.c.3 Tiyoun Long
Fire This Way dkb.g.3 Pat Mcgowan
Flunck b.c.3 Mike Stevens
Fonzi Scheme gr.g.4 Willie Carson
Frankie H. gr.c.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Galaxyfire ch.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Gangsta for Life gr.g.3 Ronnie Dee
Giant b.h.5 Cleo Patra
Gladiating b.f.3 Lethal Prodigy
Gladiatrice gr.f.1 Kris Bobby
Glory Express gr.m.7 Anthony Newman
Gradually dkb.m.9 Keith Place
Gripping Strength ch.f.4 Nena Olson
Hackerman bl.g.4 Aloretta Dethly
Hapak ch.f.3 Katie Stepanian
Headinthecloudds b.m.18 Cathie Morris
Hear Your Voices b.m.5 Tiyoun Long
Heart Got Broken ch.f.3 Kris Bobby
Hellbranch Run bl.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Hello Already bl.g.2 Stuart Scott
Ho Ho Tornado bl.m.8 The Admin
Holy Amazon ch.m.8 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1531047079 b.f.4 Lethal Prodigy
Horse 1547258497 dkb.c.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1547475737 ch.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1547491919 ro.f.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1548967581 gr.f.2 Ash Tarasin
Horse 1548983168 ch.f.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1549809656 dkb.g.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1549983977 b.g.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1550672587 ch.f.2 Emmie Kay
Horse 1550672651 dkb.g.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1551239740 gr.g.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1551893761 gr.f.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1554906435 bl.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1555964919 dkb.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1555965048 ch.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1556991950 gr.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557367047 gr.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557549737 ch.g.2 Te Akau Downs
Horse 1557766965 b.f.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557959146 b.f.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1557964069 dkb.g.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1558012278 ch.g.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1558012453 dkb.g.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1558012866 ch.f.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1558027605 ch.c.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1558234176 bl.f.2 Lethal Prodigy
Horse 1558657206 b.g.2 Kris Bobby
Horse 1558799714 bl.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1558800137 gr.c.1 Polk Buffalo
Horse 1559076327 dkb.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1561393136 dkb.f.1 Ash Tarasin
Horse 1562499124 bl.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1564490202 ch.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1565568702 dkb.c.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1566738818 gr.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1567525254 dkb.f.1 Lily Wilkins
Horse 1567526494 ch.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1568056741 gr.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse Age Owner
Horse 1568066647 gr.c.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1568066670 bl.f.1 Danny Derby
Horse 1569079532 b.c.1 Danny Derby
Horse 1569084482 b.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569247334 gr.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569256491 bl.c.1 Kelley Wachter
Horse 1569303135 bl.f.1 Lethal Prodigy
Horse 1569307769 ch.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1569343760 ch.f.1 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse 1569413771 bl.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569462093 dkb.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569462093T dkb.f.1 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569772636 b.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569849815 dkb.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569850005 bl.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569858049 gr.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1569961612 gr.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1570485016 ro.f.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1570567718 ro.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1571363331 ro.c.0 Kris Bobby
Horse 1571615346 ch.c.0 Kris Bobby
I Am Scary Hot b.g.2 Keith Maidlow
I Put a Curse On U b.c.3 Joseph Depaulo
Ismarella dkb.f.2 Rafa Usoz
Kentucky Pride gr.f.1 Xander Zone
Kept Safe bl.m.5 Kris Bobby
King of Words ch.g.4 Ciano Colly
Knock Knock ro.f.2 Kris Bobby
L. A. Dreaming b.g.4 Kris Bobby
Lacking Speed bl.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Lady Pumpkin gr.f.2 Mark Branch
Lasting Impact ch.m.11 Kris Bobby
Lazy Ace b.c.3 Kath Sylvia
Lazy Dog dkb.h.5 Pete Vella
Lo Moon gr.m.8 Kris Bobby
Locked Down gr.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Loose the Chaos gr.c.3 Jack Meyer
Mad King Pumkins gr.m.7 Mark Branch
Marble Black bl.f.3 Mike Stevens
Marshalt ro.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Mask of Roast Buck gr.m.6 Tan Gent
Masque ro.m.9 Erin Sanderson
Menacing Jaws ch.g.2 Ryan Whitehead
Mika Nurse dkb.f.2 Gavin Guile
Mysterious Way dkb.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Mytimeinfrance bl.f.3 Leigh Ann Anderson
Nashville Skyline b.h.21 Karl Smythe
New York dkb.g.8 Kris Bobby
Night Senator gr.m.9 Jeffrey Clauser
Niobium ch.f.4 Anthony Newman
Nurse With Benefit dkb.f.3 Joseph Depaulo
Out of Season gr.f.4 Kenneth Prater
Parisienne Walks dkb.f.2 Tiyoun Long
Partly gr.m.5 Kris Bobby
Past Participle bl.g.3 Emmie Kay
Peony Bloom b.f.4 Willie Carson
Persuasive bl.f.2 Kris Bobby
Playing Too Much bl.g.5 Marineille Sweeney
Point of Pride gr.g.23 Kris Bobby
Praise You dkb.f.3 Kris Bobby
Prosody bl.g.7 Michael Alevras
Quick in Faith bl.m.12 Alexandra Jaysman
Quick Slam bl.g.1 Richard Diemand
Ramble Run bl.m.7 Ryan Whitehead
Rejoices gr.m.9 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Rowling dkb.f.3 Kris Bobby
Runbird bl.g.2 Zero Gravity
Secret Saurus bl.m.6 Jeffrey Clauser
Seems No Reason gr.f.2 Kenneth Prater
Sesame Seed gr.f.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Shay Dee ro.f.3 Kris Bobby
She Is Here b.f.3 NA Stables
Sky Bit b.g.16 Cathie Morris
Smart Girl Marsha b.m.5 Jeffrey Clauser
So Many Roads bl.f.2 Kris Bobby
Southern Spirals ch.g.4 Tiyoun Long
Special Brownie gr.f.3 Brian Leavitt
Spend Some Change b.f.4 Kris Bobby
Spiced Rum Punch ch.f.4 D.m Henderson
Squander w.g.5 Michael Alevras
Stay the Course ch.c.2 Rachel Sadler
Stonedance bl.f.4 Anthony Newman
Stormaide ch.f.4 Te Akau Downs
Sugarmane gr.f.1 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Sunset Blvd bl.f.2 Kris Bobby
Super Ramble bl.g.2 Te Akau Downs
Super Stoopid gr.g.5 Kris Bobby
Sword Effect ch.f.3 Oncu Kaan
Sword Or Bullet ch.f.3 Oncu Kaan
Take Me Higher bl.g.11 Lisa Bennert
Tamara's Kindness w.f.2 Steve Handley
The Great Happy gr.g.4 Sophia Stevenson
The Zonbi bl.g.3 Mountain Man
Timing Bolt bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Torneration b.g.3 Chris Barber
Tour De France b.h.5 Laura Ferguson
Vamooze ch.f.3 Robert Mertz
Verdant dkb.f.2 Anna Nowak
Very Foolish gr.m.12 Rafa Usoz
Walk and Fight dkb.g.4 Mike Stevens
Walk Off Clouds dkb.f.2 Stephen Saratoga
Walk Off the Earth b.c.3 Brad Fabman
Waxing Moon b.g.5 Kris Bobby
Win the Internet bl.g.3 Howard Cake
Wind's Might b.f.2 Luis Polar
Wrong Choise bl.m.8 Kelley Wachter
Wrongnightforthis bl.f.2 Kelley Wachter
Zaubray dkb.g.3 Ash Tarasin
Zomkey gr.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
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