Hippodrome Magog - Canada Harness

Owned by: Marc Plouffe - Board: $40
Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
Amble Patricia bl.m.6 Katie Stepanian
Atout dkb.f.4 Aeon Knight
B Square bl.c.2 Alexis Z
Bjs Zo Mis bl.c.2 Jurgen Ver
Born a King dkb.g.4 Penny Lynch
Bred to Dance gr.f.2 Jeremy Janitz
Buffythevampslayer dkb.f.3 Magrathia Pacing
Chrissy Snow bl.f.2 Jeremy Janitz
Clap to the Beat ch.g.2 Inca Stables
Coran of Altea bl.c.2 Anthony Badger
Distancing dkb.c.2 Katie Stepanian
Elric bl.g.3 Esther Winters
Empty Trick br.g.2 George Knatz
Ensorceleur ch.c.4 Aeon Knight
Gal Bladder ch.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Ghost Castle ch.c.2 Anthony Badger
Ghost of a Warrior bl.f.2 Dave Trainer
Ghost On bl.g.2 Samuel Tilley
Horse 1546818674 br.g.3 Chippy Chippers
Horse 1556200037 br.c.2 Chippy Chippers
Horse 1557441015 bl.f.2 Bob Allensworth
Horse 1569615553 bl.f.0 Bob Allensworth
In the A.m b.c.2 Arthur Cutler
Invidiousness b.f.2 Inca Stables
Kris's Drink gr.g.3 Alexis Z
Horse Age Owner
Malintended Felony b.c.4 John Sloan
Martigues Dancer bl.f.4 Justin Turner
Mistrick br.f.2 George Knatz
Ninja Bumbum bl.g.3 Samuel Tilley
Pei Dancing Ghost bl.f.2 Samuel Tilley
Prime Minister D ch.c.2 Jurgen Ver
Pulau Aceh b.f.2 Chris Fielder
Sam Sam I'am br.g.2 Samuel Tilley
Sam's Mistress gr.f.3 Kelley Wachter
Sams Big Date b.g.3 Samuel Tilley
Samsleftturnfreak ch.c.2 Samuel Tilley
Scared to Dare bl.c.2 Gary Mannion
Selfdreams b.g.4 Derek Bisson
Tls Chris b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tls Chris Chross dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tls Ghost Wish br.m.6 Chippy Chippers
Tls Sams Diva ch.f.3 John Sloan
Tls Trot for Kris b.g.3 Douglas Marley
Trick Buster bl.f.2 George Knatz
Trot Yurt ch.g.3 Penny Lynch
Valley Glider gr.g.3 Alexandra Jaysman
Wednesday Smile bl.g.2 George Knatz
Wiggle Sky b.f.4 Mike Prevost
Wish Me Luck Too b.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Wishing Hog Dancer b.g.2 Samuel Tilley
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