Madrona Ridge Farm - Washington

Owned by: Lucas Davenport - Board: $20 Welcome all Stewards Cup Competitors: extra security now on
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
A Little Foxy ch.m.6 D.m Henderson
A P Queen gr.m.7 Keith Place
A Single Doctor ch.m.12 Bobby Glantzberg
Abba Du Passe ch.m.6 Bobby Glantzberg
Above the Mist bl.c.1 Brad Smith
Abstract gru.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Across America per.c.4 Nikki Everdeen
Acting Royal gr.g.3 Ted Thorn
Adelpha b.m.15 Mary Whalen
African Adventure dkb.f.3 Katie Stepanian
After the Detour b.g.8 Mountain Man
Ain't Freaky Dead per.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Airlee Jones ro.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Albertville ch.g.5 Mina Kim
All Baenlander ch.f.3 C.S. Werth
All Heart No Go dkb.f.2 James Selby
All Included b.m.18 Pepper Carol
All Out Cake ro.f.4 Mike Prevost
Always Laughing b.c.4 Gen Ravenwood
Always Smile Back ch.m.5 Kath Sylvia
American Fun Man dkb.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Amoo b.c.2 Jeremy Janitz
An Irish Sky per.m.6 Aloretta Dethly
Analia's Dragon ro.g.4 Ross Koenig Jr
Angel Mika b.f.2 Chris Barber
Angel's Face gr.m.11 Tory Egerton
Angry Bust gru.m.7 Corey Lange
Angular Velocity b.f.1 C.S. Werth
Anishinaabe b.f.1 C.S. Werth
Annie Savoy bl.f.3 Eric Hamme
Anointed in Flames ch.m.12 Mary Whalen
Anytime Baby b.m.13 C.S. Werth
Anzac Day ch.m.14 Mary Whalen
Apate gru.f.3 Frank Wiley
Application gr.f.2 Luis Polar
Aran Fawddwy gr.g.19 Mary Whalen
Arenal dkb.f.1 Greg Mey
Argyle Mine b.m.14 Mary Whalen
Armistice Day ch.m.9 Mary Whalen
Arobynn's Game bl.g.2 Richard Diemand
Astral Map b.f.4 Anna Nowak
Atlantis Sea Horse dkb.f.4 Veritas Stables
Attract Not Repel bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Avalanche Rescue dkb.c.4 Marineille Sweeney
Avoid the Drama ch.m.9 C.S. Werth
Aw Benjamin ch.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Awaiting Rescue bl.g.8 Royal Celestine
Backstreet Guy gr.g.4 Gen Ravenwood
Balalaika ch.f.1 C.S. Werth
Baltasar pal.g.9 Heather Ritchie
Bare Arms gr.g.15 Mary Whalen
Be Gone bl.m.21 Justin Turner
Beach Wave dkb.m.11 Alexandra Jaysman
Beachominus dkb.m.6 Noel Collins
Beauty of All Life gr.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Bebest bro.f.3 Katie Stepanian
Because I Bite ch.m.11 Mary Whalen
Because I'm Ready ch.c.2 Tammy Marstam
Bengazi dkb.m.11 Lucas Davenport
Bengazi Blast dkb.f.2 Lucas Davenport
Benjamin D ch.g.5 Anthony Newman
Bermuda Paradox b.m.12 Pepper Carol
Better Dance Me b.f.2 Chris Clark
Bettis dkb.h.8 Bobby Glantzberg
Betty Knows ro.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Betty Parris dkb.m.9 Bobby Glantzberg
Bewitched Mare b.m.6 Joseph Depaulo
Big Time Cat dkb.g.5 Kent Saunders
Bird Run gr.f.3 Dom Behan
Black Hill b.m.8 Mary Whalen
Black Outlaw bl.g.3 April Eddy
Black Spar bl.m.12 Bobby Glantzberg
Blackfly b.g.6 Mark Markson
Blackjack Billy bl.c.4 April Eddy
Blackthorn bck.f.2 Elisse Hackett
Blast of Dynamite rro.f.4 Karie McBrian
Blazin Moonfly ch.g.5 Anthony Newman
Blazing Cinder bl.f.4 Mark Markson
Blazy bck.g.2 Murray McNickle
Blessed Maiden pal.m.9 Mary Whalen
Blingmeister ch.g.9 Pepper Carol
Bloody Lip gr.c.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Blue Eyed Consort bro.f.4 Fanta Arcadia
Blue Moon Rising bl.f.1 C.S. Werth
Blues Musician w.g.7 Marineille Sweeney
Bolt From the Blue gr.m.13 Mary Whalen
Boobook Ron b.g.4 Bob Allensworth
Box Office Event w.f.3 Kent Saunders
Brad Romance rro.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Brahms Inferno ch.f.3 Horsey Mchorseface
Brave the Rain b.m.12 Mary Whalen
Bre's Birthday ch.m.9 Anthony Newman
Bre's Breath ch.f.3 Te Akau Downs
Breezing On By bl.c.3 Mark Markson
Bridge to New York ch.m.21 Corey Lange
Brighouse Bella b.f.1 C.S. Werth
British Sterling gr.m.6 C.S. Werth
Broken Leg dkb.m.5 Mike Prevost
Built On Faith ch.f.2 Xander Zone
Burning Rubber rd.g.5 April Eddy
Buster Brown dkb.g.3 Veritas Stables
C P Just Special ch.g.3 Ciano Colly
C P Special ch.m.11 Kathleen Ressepora
Cabela's Holliday b.f.4 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Caernarfon cr.c.4 Fanta Arcadia
California Cliffs gr.m.7 Tom Mudgett
Call Her Glamour ch.m.5 C.S. Werth
Calypso's Island ch.m.6 James Selby
Camo Jet d.g.5 Shannon Hunt
Can't Be Touched gru.g.4 Hazel Anthony
Can't Hit a Ghost b.f.4 Aloretta Dethly
Can'tyouloveme dkb.g.4 Hazel Anthony
Captioned ch.m.15 Mary Whalen
Captive Breather ch.m.6 Bobby Glantzberg
Carolina Lass bl.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Carty Mccart Face ch.g.4 Eric Hamme
Cash Momma bck.f.4 Neil Hill
Cassatt gr.m.16 Bobby Glantzberg
Cassteel gr.c.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Castigated bl.c.2 Mike Stevens
Cat On the Sly b.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Cat Sweater bl.g.18 Mary Whalen
Catches a Star gru.f.4 Mark Markson
Catmandew b.c.1 Brad Smith
Certas w.g.11 Howard Cake
Champagne Sunday ch.f.1 C.S. Werth
Chanson ch.m.12 C.S. Werth
Chanteclaire ch.f.0 C.S. Werth
Charming Tigress b.m.8 Elisse Hackett
Chasin Fire rro.m.5 Shiadra Cattari
Cheer Captain b.m.8 Bobby Glantzberg
Cheesy Runner bl.f.2 James Selby
Chicken Zombie gr.g.6 Marley Oaken
Chirp Already b.f.3 Dom Behan
Chrome Varnish ch.c.4 Ali Hedgestone
Cimabue ch.c.1 C.S. Werth
City of Souls b.f.2 C.S. Werth
Claudius Drusus ro.g.4 Sophia Stevenson
Claybeg gr.m.10 Danny Derby
Clearways ch.c.2 Patrik Diemand
Clever Talent dkb.m.5 Inca Stables
Coin Wizard dkb.m.8 C.S. Werth
Color Blast sor.m.8 Aloretta Dethly
Color Phase ch.g.6 Aloretta Dethly
Colorful Star gru.m.5 Frank Wiley
Comfortable Shoes bl.m.15 Mary Whalen
Confidence Knock ch.g.4 Keith Wall
Conglomerate ch.f.4 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Conte De Fees b.m.9 Mary Whalen
Cool and Strong ch.c.3 Kent Saunders
Courageous Song ch.m.11 C.S. Werth
Cowboy Bebop ro.g.13 Mary Whalen
Crater Lake dkb.m.13 Mary Whalen
Crown Land b.g.21 Mary Whalen
Cuban Missile dkb.g.5 Kent Saunders
Cumberland Missle b.m.8 Christy Sloan
D Benjamin dkb.h.6 Bobby Glantzberg
D's Du ch.m.8 Bobby Glantzberg
D's Slow dkb.m.12 Bobby Glantzberg
Dance in Moonlight b.m.10 C.S. Werth
Dance Thruster d.f.2 Ciano Colly
Dandonna bl.m.12 Mary Whalen
Dark Magicman ro.c.2 Jeffrey Clauser
Dark Night Ghost cr.c.4 Te Akau Downs
Darling Daddy bl.f.4 Lori Hamill
Dashing Donna pal.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Dawndonna gr.f.3 Fanta Arcadia
Dazzlin' Diva b.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
De Mel ch.f.4 Ted Thorn
Decent Deceit cr.f.3 Neil Hill
Decent Glance ch.g.5 Neil Hill
Deep Cover dkb.m.6 Katie Stepanian
Deep Cy bl.g.4 Veritas Stables
Defying Gravity sor.g.5 Elisse Hackett
Den of Regret bl.g.4 Neil Hill
Deroyal Wolves cr.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Desmin dkb.m.24 Carter Taylor
Destihl gru.h.5 Corey Lange
Devilish Guns ch.g.5 Hazel Anthony
Devine Dance b.f.1 C.S. Werth
Diamondsinmygrill pal.c.3 Aloretta Dethly
Diminuo gr.m.15 Mary Whalen
Dirty Dusty w.m.6 Mark Branch
Discovered Letter pal.f.3 Gen Ravenwood
Diva Connors dkb.f.2 Greg Mey
Do Reindeer Fly bl.m.6 Mark Markson
Doctor Nicholas dkb.g.23 Bryan Price
Doctor White Hot w.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Doctoring the Past dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman br.g.9 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Donor bck.c.2 Elisse Hackett
Dont Mention It dkb.m.5 Murray McNickle
Double D's ch.m.9 Mary Whalen
Double Virtue dkb.m.7 Garret Folsom
Dove in the Sky bl.f.2 Aloretta Dethly
Down On Love gr.f.3 Neil Hill
Down Walker bl.g.14 Howard Cake
Dr. Mar b.m.15 Mary Whalen
Dragon Breath dkb.m.8 Mary Whalen
Dragon Training bl.m.13 Mary Whalen
Dreamboat Annie ch.m.5 Darcy McBride
Dreaming High dkb.m.15 Mary Whalen
Dreary Starter b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Drifting Memories gr.g.6 Jack Meyer
Drunk Penguin bl.m.6 Mary Whalen
Ds Peder sor.g.3 Ciano Colly
Duke of Devon ch.g.17 T.D. Palm
Duke's Crypt dkb.g.16 Bobby Glantzberg
Dustfinger b.g.13 Mary Whalen
Dylan bro.h.7 Amanda Barnes
Dynamix gru.c.3 Karie McBrian
Dynas Star ch.c.4 Karie McBrian
E Zombie b.m.6 Veritas Stables
Eastern Dazzler dkb.m.10 Noel Collins
Easy Addie b.m.12 Mary Whalen
Ec Fire Freak bl.g.4 D.m Henderson
Echo of Soul ro.f.4 James Selby
Echoes of America bro.g.5 Shiadra Cattari
Edge of Exile ro.m.6 C.S. Werth
Effervescent Flame ch.f.3 Veritas Stables
Ego Queen ch.m.6 James Selby
Electric Blueicity bl.m.6 Shiadra Cattari
Elegancia ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Elite Killer d.f.3 Mel Lankford
Energetic Victory gr.g.4 Tony Baker
Escape Game bl.f.3 Elisse Hackett
Euro Look gr.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Euro Thunder gr.m.9 Bobby Glantzberg
Eye of the Needle gr.m.12 Mary Whalen
Fabled Ways ch.f.4 Keith Place
Factor Standing dkb.g.11 Alexandra Jaysman
Failed Dreamer b.c.2 James Selby
Falling Matter bl.m.13 Mary Whalen
Fantom rro.c.1 Elisse Hackett
Fast Extinction bl.m.21 Nena Olson
Father Merlin dkb.g.3 Ted Thorn
Feel the Million w.c.3 Kent Saunders
Feeling Spicy bl.f.4 Karie McBrian
Feels That Way bl.c.4 Aeon Knight
Fiery Rose bl.f.1 Gen Ravenwood
Fill Your Nights dkb.g.8 Azure Sapphire
Find the Fire gr.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Fiona Miracle pal.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Fire Against Ice b.g.24 Alexandra Jaysman
Fire in Her Belly ch.m.8 Bobby Glantzberg
First Class Ride pal.m.6 Lethal Prodigy
First Fleet ro.m.16 Mary Whalen
First Ticket ch.m.7 Mary Whalen
Five Star Secret gr.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Flake dkb.f.4 Lisa Bennert
Flames Over Rio gr.f.3 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Flaming Duchess b.m.18 Norman Architecture
Flareup rro.f.4 Shiadra Cattari
Flashy Cat b.g.16 Mary Whalen
Flashy Flair d.m.7 Gen Ravenwood
Flashy N Smooth rd.m.5 Avery Genna
Fleurie b.m.9 C.S. Werth
Flicka bck.m.6 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Fly Your Dreams bro.f.3 Johanna Stk
Fortunate Heart dkb.m.5 James Selby
Found You Easy gr.m.9 Marineille Sweeney
Freaked Out gr.f.1 Gen Ravenwood
Freaky Ashes gr.m.5 Mike Prevost
Freaky Ghost gr.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Fried Onion ro.m.7 Bobby Glantzberg
Fruitloopdozer gru.m.6 Corey Lange
Gamble West b.g.4 Veritas Stables
Gambling Debts rd.g.4 Mark Markson
Gambling for Gum bck.f.4 Ciano Colly
Gaus ch.g.4 James a Roush
Gerua per.f.4 Rafa Usoz
Get Ready Torumble dkb.h.5 April Eddy
Getcha ch.g.21 Nini Hunter
Ghost Blaze bl.f.3 Jackie Ten
Ghost Girl b.m.17 C.S. Werth
Ghost of Blanky gr.c.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Gil's Grey bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Gingering b.m.6 Brad Smith
Glittering Ghost ch.f.1 Tiyoun Long
Glory Striker rd.g.5 Mike Prevost
Go West Now ch.m.15 Mary Whalen
Gold Aura b.m.7 Jeffrey Clauser
Gold Jet Sfinger b.g.13 Te Akau Downs
Gold Mettle b.g.16 Pepper Carol
Gold Trumpets sor.m.7 Aloretta Dethly
Golden Hour pal.m.7 Avery Genna
Golden Ohio bck.g.4 Mark Markson
Golden Soprano ch.f.1 Kelley Wachter
Gondor dkb.c.1 Tiyoun Long
Gonna Breathe Fire dkb.g.4 Terry Barnes
Gonna Get Over You gr.g.9 Mary Whalen
Good Grooming bl.m.7 Mountain Man
Good Guy Cracked dkb.g.24 Alexandra Jaysman
Grab a Ghost ch.f.4 Mike Prevost
Graffiti in Madrid bl.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Grazy bck.g.3 Murray McNickle
Great Magick bl.m.15 Mary Whalen
Grey Data bl.f.4 James Selby
Grey Mythe gr.g.9 Bobby Glantzberg
Guessing Stars bro.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Gumbo Captain dkb.c.2 Jeremy Janitz
Half Per Cent dkb.g.4 Terry Hanson
Happah gr.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Happy Real Story ch.m.9 Bobby Glantzberg
Hard As Nails ro.h.6 John Farrell
Harewood dkb.m.13 Mary Whalen
Harmonic ro.m.10 C.S. Werth
Hasi rd.g.3 Lisa Bennert
Hatsumi pal.f.3 Oncu Kaan
Hauts Plateaux b.c.2 Brian Chunn
Havana Nights bl.m.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Haza dkb.f.3 Rafa Usoz
He Is Golden cr.g.5 Isabella Acres
He Is On Second dkb.f.3 Polk Buffalo
He's Not Loved sor.g.1 Amanda Barnes
Heard That Groove br.f.3 Neil Hill
Heart Must Be Free bro.g.3 Gen Ravenwood
Heart of the West ch.m.14 Mary Whalen
Hearts Shatter bl.m.14 Dom Behan
Heartwired d.c.2 Elisse Hackett
Hey Dance With Me bro.m.5 Sycamore Farms
Hey Princess bl.f.2 Gen Ravenwood
Hidden Fawn ch.m.15 Pepper Carol
High Held ch.g.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Hinterland w.f.2 Fanta Arcadia
Historical Review b.m.19 Matthew McMahon
Hokage gr.m.15 Mary Whalen
Hold It Holy b.m.11 Anthony Newman
Holiday Speed bl.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Hollywood Fires ch.c.2 Karie McBrian
Honest Mistake br.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Honor the Colors gr.g.3 Pepper Carol
Horse 1447313001 dkb.h.12 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1489846804 b.h.8 Chris Barber
Horse 1514730503 bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1523292301 b.h.5 Norman Architecture
Horse 1523836877 b.g.5 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Horse 1525978303 gr.g.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1530229570 gr.f.4 Dom Behan
Horse 1530232431 bl.f.4 Dom Behan
Horse 1531021441 bl.g.4 Dom Behan
Horse 1535890610 b.f.4 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1536312010 ch.f.4 Chris Barber
Horse 1536317652 b.g.4 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Horse 1536341991 ch.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536343654 gr.c.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536345908 bl.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536346271 dkb.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536346347 b.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536346542 dkb.c.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536346718 ch.f.4 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1536530438 gr.f.3 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1538185527 ch.f.3 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1538186344 ch.c.3 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1538330981 ch.f.3 Bobby Glantzberg
Horse 1545628557 w.c.3 Art Kage
Horse 1546091954 b.f.3 Donnie Hidalgo
Horse 1546740117 bl.f.3 Art Kage
Horse 1547113032 b.g.3 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1547145706 bl.f.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1547164530 b.g.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1547207555 gr.g.3 Dom Behan
Horse 1547230547 ch.g.3 Mark Branch
Horse 1555625948 pal.c.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Horse 1555710199 bro.f.2 Sycamore Farms
Horse 1556359923 bl.c.2 James Selby
Horse 1556569428 gr.g.2 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1556976008 dkb.f.2 James Selby
Horse 1557031027 bl.f.2 Noel Collins
Horse 1557199404 cr.c.2 Te Akau Downs
Horse 1557265293 ch.c.2 James Selby
Horse 1557401608 bl.c.2 Dom Behan
Horse 1557402143 rro.c.2 Elisse Hackett
Horse 1557499147 ro.c.2 James Selby
Horse 1557580269 per.g.2 Neil Hill
Horse 1557803197 ch.c.2 Danny Derby
Horse 1557866908 ch.f.2 James Selby
Horse 1557902698 bl.c.2 Dom Behan
Horse 1557978402 b.f.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1558013097 ro.f.2 C.S. Werth
Horse 1558091721 pal.f.2 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Horse 1558981527 w.f.1 Art Kage
Horse 1560220074 gr.f.1 Noel Collins
Horse 1561283462 dkb.c.1 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1561323571 b.c.1 C.S. Werth
Horse 1561468004 sor.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1563131653 per.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1564061917 bl.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1564266173 sor.f.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1564271498 b.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1564271538 ch.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1564354221 d.c.1 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1564932791 ch.c.1 Lisa Bennert
Horse 1565424884 gr.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1565787977 sor.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1565867441 ch.c.1 James Selby
Horse 1566217044 dkb.c.1 James Selby
Horse 1566303345 per.f.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1566313798 dkb.c.1 James Selby
Horse 1566679684 gr.c.1 Danny Derby
Horse 1567452384 gr.f.1 Neil Hill
Horse 1567519959 rd.f.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1567519988 bl.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1567923037 b.c.1 Gen Ravenwood
Horse 1567923927 sor.c.1 Gen Ravenwood
Horse 1567950892 bl.f.1 Carter Taylor
Horse 1567956831 bro.f.1 Gen Ravenwood
Horse 1568208808 ch.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1568456621 ch.c.1 James Selby
Horse 1568457844 bl.f.1 James Selby
Horse 1568516639 bl.f.1 Sycamore Farms
Horse 1568554904 per.g.1 Neil Hill
Horse 1568560858 bck.f.1 Elisse Hackett
Horse 1568817830 bro.f.1 Sycamore Farms
Horse 1568818314 d.f.1 Sycamore Farms
Horse 1568818955 ro.f.1 James Selby
Horse 1568821455 ch.f.1 James Selby
Horse 1568823945 b.f.1 James Selby
Horse 1568864299 pal.f.1 Lethal Prodigy
Horse 1569056615 rd.f.1 Elisse Hackett
Horse 1569074763 dkb.f.1 Mike Prevost
Horse 1569076291 br.f.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1569076291T br.c.1 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1569079101 ch.f.1 Danny Derby
Horse 1569094301 ch.c.1 Bob Allensworth
Horse 1569121053 b.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569122840 b.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569143191 ch.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569146818 b.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569154426 b.f.1 Xander Zone
Horse 1569161181 gr.f.1 Mike Prevost
Horse 1569171875 dkb.c.1 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse 1569176491 dkb.c.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1569196600 pal.f.1 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Horse 1569198314 ch.c.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569198438 bl.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569247476 bl.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1569278064 bck.c.1 Neil Hill
Horse 1569279851 b.g.1 Neil Hill
Horse 1569361021 b.c.1 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569446211 ch.c.1 Mike Larson
Horse 1569504638 dkb.c.1 Inca Stables
Horse 1569583338 bl.f.1 Dom Behan
Horse 1569630746 ch.c.0 Bob Allensworth
Horse 1569860076 dkb.f.0 James Selby
Horse 1569862039 ch.f.0 James Selby
Horse 1569862326 bl.c.0 James Selby
Horse 1569882570 bl.f.0 Erin Erskine
Horse 1570067649 ch.f.0 Mike Larson
Horse 1570240439 ch.c.0 Danny Derby
Horse 1570331138 gr.f.0 Noel Collins
Horse 1570470295 gr.f.0 Mary Whalen
Horse 1570595264 pal.f.0 Lethal Prodigy
Horse 1570750994 dkb.c.0 C.S. Werth
Horse 1570950759 dkb.c.0 C.S. Werth
Horse 1571349871 b.f.0 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Horse 1572121045 gr.f.0 Gen Ravenwood
Horse 1572370442 gr.f.0 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Horse 1572735262 sor.c.0 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1573171566 sor.f.0 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1573752725 ch.f.0 Aloretta Dethly
Horse 1573844626 ro.c.0 Jeffrey Clauser
Horse 1574031553 bl.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1574167617 ro.c.0 Jeffrey Clauser
Horse 1574178203 b.f.0 Anna Nowak
How Ironic b.f.1 Keith Wall
Hummock Hill b.m.12 Mary Whalen
Hundred Acre Moon ch.f.3 Aloretta Dethly
Hundred Acre Wine bck.c.3 Aloretta Dethly
Hungarian Devil b.g.3 Veritas Stables
I Appear Lazy bl.g.4 Ben Hibbs
I Fall to Pieces bro.f.3 Erin Erskine
I Salute You bl.c.2 Veritas Stables
I Will Be Waiting sor.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Horse Age Owner
I Won't Let Go ch.g.16 Mary Whalen
I'm a Fancy Potato pal.f.4 Aloretta Dethly
I'm Just Royal gr.f.4 Karie McBrian
I've Been Outlawed sor.g.3 April Eddy
Imperial Lark pal.f.2 Erin Sanderson
In My Pocket b.m.25 Pepper Carol
In One Place b.f.3 Lori Hamill
Indian Jord bro.c.3 Te Akau Downs
Indo Beach dkb.g.4 Anthony Newman
Indoable bl.h.6 Alexandra Jaysman
It Won't Be Long per.f.4 Neil Hill
Its Only a Fad dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
James Conway bl.g.4 Clarehaven Stables
Jean Grey sor.f.1 Gen Ravenwood
Jet Force bl.m.7 Aloretta Dethly
Jet One Nine sor.m.6 Aloretta Dethly
Jet Power sor.f.4 April Eddy
Jett Two bl.g.4 Chris Barber
Joe's Paid dkb.g.2 Ciano Colly
Joe's True Spirit gru.g.3 April Eddy
Johnny Five ch.g.13 Danny Derby
Juggling Knives br.m.6 Aloretta Dethly
Junquillar pal.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Jurassic Impact gr.c.1 Rocky Strambler
Just a Game Focker dkb.g.13 Howard Cake
Just a Sip bro.m.14 Mary Whalen
Just Drinkin w.f.4 Neil Hill
Just Fragments bro.f.1 Mary Whalen
Just Impressed gr.g.3 April Eddy
Just the Judge gr.f.2 Tiyoun Long
Just We gr.g.3 Clarehaven Stables
Justhewayouare bl.g.4 Veritas Stables
Justlikefire pal.f.1 Murray McNickle
Justlikelasttime pal.m.6 Murray McNickle
Kairoo S b.c.4 James Selby
Kantankorous dkb.g.3 Pat Mcgowan
Keep Your Blanky gr.m.6 Bobby Glantzberg
Keepers b.f.1 Mary Whalen
Kentucky High gr.f.4 Neil Hill
Kept Serene gr.m.8 Royal Celestine
Kick the Addiction bl.f.3 Gen Ravenwood
Killed the Moment b.g.4 Veritas Stables
Killer Joke ch.m.7 Aloretta Dethly
King Dave b.f.2 Veritas Stables
King Pote b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
King's Master b.g.2 Marley Oaken
King's Rose b.m.12 Mary Whalen
Kisai gr.m.14 Mary Whalen
Kitties Don't Cry ro.f.1 Mary Whalen
Kitty of Honor b.m.13 C.S. Werth
Kluane rd.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Klutch ch.g.5 Todd Lucas
Know When to Run ch.f.4 Neil Hill
Koala Me Impressed sor.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Kraft Paper b.g.5 Kent Saunders
Kung Fu Legends rd.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
La Diva Royale bro.m.5 April Eddy
Lady Boudica dkb.f.1 C.S. Werth
Lady Grantham gr.m.10 Kelley Wachter
Lady Manderley b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Laicite b.m.13 Bobby Glantzberg
Lake Imprisonment per.f.4 Ciano Colly
Lake Living ch.g.3 Veritas Stables
Lark ch.m.9 C.S. Werth
Last Duet gr.f.3 C.S. Werth
Laundry Money b.m.5 Aloretta Dethly
Laurel Pegasus bck.f.1 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Lazerback ch.f.0 Rocky Strambler
Less Than Fast ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Lestrade b.c.4 Kinclaire Farm
Let the Sparks Fly d.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Let's Go D ch.g.7 Bobby Glantzberg
Licht ch.f.4 Lisa Bennert
Life's a Breeze per.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Light Up the East dkb.f.1 Noel Collins
Like a Rock ch.g.15 Mary Whalen
Lili Blue b.f.4 Te Akau Downs
Lipped It ch.m.9 Jeffrey Clauser
Little Bitty Love bck.g.3 Steve Wildermuth
Little Pac Sun gru.m.5 April Eddy
Littlegreentractor gr.m.7 Lucas Davenport
Live in Sin w.g.25 Matthew McMahon
Live to Laugh br.g.5 Elisse Hackett
Local Color gru.c.3 April Eddy
Local Distillery br.g.6 Mark Markson
Long Letter dkb.g.3 Elisse Hackett
Look for the Ouji ch.m.14 Rocky Strambler
Looks Fancy bl.g.5 John Gotti
Looks So Angelic ch.m.7 Tiyoun Long
Looks So Blessed ch.f.1 Tiyoun Long
Lord Selkirk ch.c.1 C.S. Werth
Loss of Breath bl.f.4 Karl Smythe
Lost in Confusion bl.f.2 Rachel Sadler
Lost in the Storm bl.g.12 Mary Whalen
Love and Adore You gr.f.1 Mary Whalen
Love Anew rd.f.4 Neil Hill
Love Who You Want pal.f.3 Neil Hill
Lrs Raven ch.f.2 Veritas Stables
M's Blue Spots gr.f.4 Murray McNickle
M's Crazy Colors bck.g.4 Murray McNickle
Ma Benjamin ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Mac Royal w.c.4 James Selby
Madame Blanche b.f.1 C.S. Werth
Maestrale Bay b.f.2 Mary Whalen
Magdalena's Rose bl.m.7 Brad Smith
Magic Lizard b.g.9 Marineille Sweeney
Major Dallas dkb.g.4 Richard Diemand
Mammoth Bay b.m.8 Mary Whalen
Manufacturer bl.g.8 Elisse Hackett
Mark My Love pal.g.4 April Eddy
Mark the Singer pal.c.2 Karie McBrian
Mark the Wing bck.g.3 Steve Wildermuth
Marky Marks pal.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Mauricio b.c.3 Mina Kim
Maxwell Montes gr.g.6 Veritas Stables
Meme Univers dkb.m.11 Mary Whalen
Memphis Morning gr.c.3 Dusty Glenn
Mickey Maybe b.m.10 Jeffrey Clauser
Midnight Missy bl.f.2 April Eddy
Midnight Zoomies pal.f.3 Mary Whalen
Might Bloom bl.f.2 James Selby
Mika's Light gr.g.2 Emily Mitchell
Minty Mallows w.m.18 Kath Sylvia
Miss Firestorm bl.m.12 Anthony Newman
Miss Petunia b.m.11 Jeffrey Clauser
Mixedprecipitation bl.g.5 Chris Barber
Moe Bandy pal.g.3 April Eddy
Molecule One bck.m.6 Neil Hill
Monday Afternoon ch.m.5 C.S. Werth
Monette I dkb.g.15 Mary Whalen
Moon Freak rd.f.1 Gen Ravenwood
Moon Over Joes bro.c.4 Karie McBrian
Moon Striker rd.g.5 Gen Ravenwood
Moon to the Sun bl.m.5 Sycamore Farms
Moonblast b.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Moonlight Dash cr.f.2 Lori Hamill
Moonlight Sparkle rd.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
More for Life gru.f.4 Frank Wiley
Morning Desire ch.f.4 Neil Hill
Mostly Trees gr.f.3 Ted Thorn
Movie Star Lad dkb.g.9 Veritas Stables
Mr Eightseventy gru.g.3 Jackie Ten
Ms. Marie O bl.f.2 Richard Diemand
Musee De La Biere gr.g.5 Clarehaven Stables
Musical Doodle ch.m.11 Dawn Palka
Must Be a Dream bl.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
My Impressions bro.f.3 April Eddy
My Little Annie ch.f.1 C.S. Werth
My Lucky Leaf ro.m.5 James Selby
Mystery Cowboys bro.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Mythical Nymph bl.m.10 Royal Celestine
Nacho Star d.f.4 Karie McBrian
Narwhal bl.m.22 Emily Klein
Natchitoches Miss b.f.3 Neil Hill
National Building b.m.12 Mary Whalen
Need Somebody bro.f.4 Neil Hill
Never Breaking b.g.4 Gavin Guile
New Eclectic gr.c.2 Marley Oaken
New Roman ch.c.1 C.S. Werth
New Shade of Blue gr.m.6 Mary Whalen
News From Denmark b.m.20 Bryan Price
Night Charm b.c.3 Karie McBrian
Night Comes On b.f.4 Lori Hamill
Night Is So Long ch.m.8 C.S. Werth
Nights to Darkness bl.g.5 Andrea Bouwkamp
No Good News ch.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
No Smoking bl.m.13 Mary Whalen
Non Realko ch.f.2 C.S. Werth
Nopantsnoproblem ro.m.13 Mary Whalen
Not a Love Song b.g.6 Matt Feldman
Not Long pal.c.2 Nikki Everdeen
Not My War dkb.m.8 Noel Collins
Not Now Man dkb.g.17 Mark Branch
Numero Uno pal.g.17 Mary Whalen
Oh Darn It Again gr.f.3 Emmie Kay
Oh for a Bite ch.f.3 Keith Place
Ohio Weather bck.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Ojibwah w.m.8 C.S. Werth
Okurimono ro.m.12 Mary Whalen
Old Four Eyes ch.g.12 Pepper Carol
On An On ch.h.5 Ted Thorn
On the Waves rd.g.2 Alexandra Redwood
One Dynomite rro.h.5 Karie McBrian
One Easy Zoom bl.f.3 Aloretta Dethly
One Look Saint ch.g.4 Sara Julin
One Lucky Rabbit bck.f.4 Kinclaire Farm
One Mean Machine gru.g.6 April Eddy
Only Dreams dkb.m.13 Mary Whalen
Ontario Damsel dkb.m.5 Karie McBrian
Open Regard dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Opera Scene b.g.5 Veritas Stables
Oppenheim Magic gr.m.11 Mary Whalen
Oromet dkb.m.5 Tiyoun Long
Orroyo gr.c.3 Anthony L Carder
Out At Night gr.c.2 Kelley Wachter
Outlaw Goddess ch.f.4 Murray McNickle
Over the Fields dkb.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
Over the Hills b.c.2 Veritas Stables
Paint the Flames ch.f.1 Mary Whalen
Paradise Calif rro.f.3 April Eddy
Party Room b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Pass the Point dkb.f.4 April Eddy
Passed With Charm dkb.m.6 Brad Smith
Pastrana rd.c.2 April Eddy
Patch Fat gr.m.19 Pepper Carol
Paynted Love b.g.5 Polk Buffalo
Pearlmysticlassie b.m.21 Justin Turner
Pete the Cat bl.h.5 Brian Leavitt
Phylis Benjamin ch.m.7 Bobby Glantzberg
Phyllo D's ch.h.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Phyllodia Benjamin ch.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Phyllodia's War ch.m.11 Katie Stepanian
Pick a Shade gr.f.3 Dom Behan
Pick Your Jet bl.g.2 Hazel Anthony
Pickin'andgrinnin' bck.g.5 Dawn Palka
Piffin Riffin ch.f.3 Keith Place
Pikachu sor.f.3 Elisse Hackett
Pit of Your Soul b.m.13 C.S. Werth
Playful Duchess bck.m.5 Elisse Hackett
Pleasewinarace bro.f.3 Jackie Ten
Point Sur gr.f.0 Tom Mudgett
Polenta gru.f.3 Elisse Hackett
Polluticorn pal.g.4 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Porte Ouverte b.m.5 Sophia Stevenson
Pour a Henny rd.f.3 Aloretta Dethly
Powerful Looks dkb.g.11 Pepper Carol
Pretty Composed b.m.6 C.S. Werth
Princeton Now bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Private View rd.m.7 Aloretta Dethly
Pro Ate ch.g.2 Frank Wiley
Promise of Rain gr.m.15 Mary Whalen
Prowl for Ouji ch.c.1 Littel Bulldog
Psionic Power bck.m.8 Gen Ravenwood
Pursuing Fame bl.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Puttin On the Foil gr.g.4 Ross Koenig Jr
Qboat pal.m.5 Shiadra Cattari
Qhzxjes cr.m.6 Shiadra Cattari
Queen Blue bro.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Quidditch Keeper b.m.8 Mary Whalen
Quiet Courage ch.m.10 Danny Derby
Race to Escape d.g.5 Shannon Hunt
Radiantzen gr.m.9 Neil Hill
Ragingstorm d.g.5 Hazel Anthony
Rahimah gr.m.24 Leonard Beagle
Raining Thorns pal.m.5 Elisse Hackett
Reach for the Mind ch.m.13 C.S. Werth
Real Queen dkb.m.8 Bobby Glantzberg
Real Trash Talkers bl.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Realloveormadness ch.m.14 Keith Place
Really Awake ch.f.1 Keith Place
Really Hooray dkb.h.6 Bobby Glantzberg
Rebelution pal.c.2 April Eddy
Red Overcoat rd.g.6 Dawn Palka
Red Stripe Rule gru.g.9 Corey Lange
Red Warning Signs ch.m.6 James Selby
Referral ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Reflexes br.g.4 Gen Ravenwood
Renewed Inclusion bl.g.6 Mike Prevost
Reva Connors dkb.m.11 Greg Mey
Rite to the Moon bck.m.6 Nena Olson
Rizzaway b.c.1 Jeremy Janitz
Rocky Royal rro.f.4 Lori Hamill
Royal Tact w.g.4 Ross Koenig Jr
Ruby Ring sor.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Run Dot Run gr.f.4 April Eddy
Runaway Freezer b.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
S'more Please br.g.2 Veritas Stables
Safari Trails ch.g.4 Tony Baker
Saint Helena gr.f.1 C.S. Werth
Salted With Fire bl.m.5 Aeon Knight
Samurai Tailor pal.c.2 Gen Ravenwood
Sandra bl.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Santo Del Amor ch.f.3 Erin Erskine
Satono Penguin bl.c.2 Brian Chunn
Saucy Style b.m.16 C.S. Werth
Say On High ch.m.13 Kelley Wachter
Scoot to the Light sor.g.1 D.m Henderson
Scoot to the Moon br.m.7 D.m Henderson
Scootin Newton dkb.h.6 LaDonna King
Scout This Out bl.g.4 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Seed II gr.g.15 Danny Derby
Seminole Winds pal.g.4 April Eddy
Semitype b.g.25 Alexandra Jaysman
Senca ch.g.5 Ted Thorn
Serene Song dkb.m.6 C.S. Werth
Serenissima dkb.f.0 C.S. Werth
Serenity gr.m.13 Mary Whalen
Sessilia ch.m.14 Mary Whalen
Settle for Bronze rro.g.4 Gen Ravenwood
Shadowed Mirrors b.f.2 Pam Maier
She's Dynamite gr.m.7 Carter Taylor
Shiny Robot b.c.2 Mary Whalen
Ship to Wreck I bl.m.13 Mary Whalen
Ships Are Cool ch.g.2 Tammy Marstam
Shiver N Shake ch.f.3 April Eddy
Shock Me Crazee rd.m.14 Pepper Carol
Shock Rocks bck.g.7 Mark Markson
Shoot and Score b.g.22 Pepper Carol
Show Me Your Wings sor.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Showboat bl.f.4 April Eddy
Sideprint ch.c.1 Keith Place
Sig Alert sor.f.3 April Eddy
Silent Curse dkb.m.15 Kelley Wachter
Silver Cyclops gru.c.2 April Eddy
Silvester dkb.f.3 Lisa Bennert
Simple Refrain ch.f.3 Leigh Ann Anderson
Sing Me Home bl.m.9 C.S. Werth
Sing On ch.g.6 Mary Whalen
Sipping Champagne pal.m.6 Aloretta Dethly
Sky Blue World gr.f.3 Keith Place
Sky Racer gr.g.3 Jack Meyer
Slow Summer dkb.m.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Sly Chimera gr.m.6 Fanta Arcadia
Smack the Moon cr.f.4 Karie McBrian
Small Fanta b.g.8 Dennis Trusty
Small Girl ro.f.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Snarling Patricio pal.f.4 Murray McNickle
Snowcoat b.g.5 Mark Markson
So Good Together sor.f.4 Gen Ravenwood
So Obvious w.m.13 Pepper Carol
Soft Booking b.h.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Soft Chewy Center bro.g.3 Aloretta Dethly
Softball Ace b.m.5 Mark Markson
Soldier's Valor sor.g.4 April Eddy
Solitary Splendour dkb.f.4 C.S. Werth
Some Like It Hot dkb.m.16 Mary Whalen
Someplace New gr.m.19 Mary Whalen
Speed Machine ro.m.12 Kristen Lexcen
Spiderpig b.m.13 Mary Whalen
Spirit of Persia dkb.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Spirit Sass ch.m.9 Bobby Glantzberg
Splash of Ice gr.f.3 Jackie Ten
Stage Door Jenny ch.f.1 C.S. Werth
Star Acres Saloon pal.f.3 April Eddy
Stardate One b.g.18 Pepper Carol
Starry April Sky ch.h.5 Nicholas Johnson
Stars in Reach dkb.m.9 C.S. Werth
Stars of Gold gr.f.3 Ted Thorn
Stasiland bck.c.4 Kinclaire Farm
Steel Reck bl.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Stephyll ch.g.10 Alexandra Jaysman
Stickysituation bl.m.12 Pepper Carol
Stiegl rd.g.5 Gen Ravenwood
Still Nite gru.f.4 Erin Erskine
Stormy Bird gr.f.3 Dom Behan
Stranded Behind ch.c.2 James Selby
Streak of Snow bl.f.4 Aloretta Dethly
Streak of Sunshine pal.g.5 Gen Ravenwood
Streakin Minx rd.m.5 Gen Ravenwood
Strike Black bck.f.4 Mike Prevost
Striped Creek gru.m.8 Corey Lange
Submystery bl.g.4 Lethal Prodigy
Successful Defence bl.c.2 Kath Sylvia
Such Honesty bl.m.12 Mike Stevens
Summer Bay b.f.3 Keith Place
Summer Premiere ro.f.4 Lori Hamill
Superful bl.g.6 Sherry Crow
Supernova Gold bck.c.1 Erin Erskine
Sweet Nessie bl.f.4 Anthony Newman
Sweet Red bl.f.4 Jeffrey Clauser
Sweet Sleeps b.m.24 Mary Whalen
Take a Rose gr.m.8 Noel Collins
Take Me to the Sky ch.m.6 Aloretta Dethly
Takemewithyou ch.f.3 Keith Place
Takin a Shower bl.f.4 Neil Hill
Takin a Sip bro.m.8 Mary Whalen
Tale of the Nile ch.m.12 Mary Whalen
Tarasque dkb.c.1 C.S. Werth
Tastefor ch.m.5 C.S. Werth
Te Aroha d.m.12 Pepper Carol
Tejano's Kite gr.m.16 Mary Whalen
Tessa Name gr.g.5 Mark Markson
Teye Deye bl.m.21 Pepper Carol
That's a Flash ch.g.4 Aloretta Dethly
The Biscuit Is Bac ch.g.11 Bobby Glantzberg
The Fire Factor rd.f.3 Erin Sanderson
The Gold Kitty pal.m.12 Mary Whalen
The Gray Dragon gr.g.3 Emily Mitchell
The Lying Kerenski gr.f.3 Bobby Glantzberg
The Lying Truth gr.m.7 Bobby Glantzberg
The Martian b.m.12 C.S. Werth
The Sky and I gr.g.10 Dawn Palka
The Tigers Are Out gr.f.1 Kelley Wachter
The Way Home pal.m.6 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
There's Fire Yet b.g.4 Shannon Hunt
This Is My Song b.g.3 Neil Hill
Time Limit ch.h.13 Cleo Patra
Timetraveler ch.g.5 Inca Stables
To Have Always b.m.5 Mary Whalen
To Rule the Earth bl.f.1 Junstud Race
To the Movies ch.c.2 Richard Smith
Today's Your Day gru.f.3 April Eddy
Toffifee br.f.3 Elisse Hackett
Toho Tigress b.f.3 C.S. Werth
Too Bullish d.c.2 Sycamore Farms
Too Loony rd.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Too Many Trumpets sor.f.2 Aloretta Dethly
Top Hat Tune dkb.f.2 C.S. Werth
Top Shelf Shot rro.g.5 Leigh Ann Anderson
Toto Too Toto bl.f.2 Mike Stevens
Touch of Happiness ch.m.6 Noel Collins
Touchdown and Out gr.m.10 Kelley Wachter
Tough Judge gr.g.6 J.P Dogood
Townreck dkb.m.6 Gina Cork
Trail to the Sky b.f.4 Fanta Arcadia
Transmetropolitan pal.g.9 Aloretta Dethly
Trash Panda bl.f.4 Shannon Hunt
Treasured Ghost ch.m.5 Tiyoun Long
Tree Fairy dkb.m.6 C.S. Werth
Tricky Don ch.g.5 Dawn Palka
Tricky Minnie b.m.9 Jeffrey Clauser
Tricky Minx b.c.1 Gen Ravenwood
True Believers bl.m.12 Mary Whalen
True Lust gru.f.3 Karie McBrian
True Starter bck.g.2 Frank Wiley
Try Even Harder bl.m.12 Patrick O'Malley
Try Not to Cry bl.m.7 Aloretta Dethly
Turned a Saint ch.m.11 Mike Larson
Two to Tango bl.m.5 Kinclaire Farm
U Should Tap Out gr.c.2 Te Akau Downs
Uizaado b.g.14 Mary Whalen
Underneath bl.m.10 C.S. Werth
Unholy Secret gr.f.1 Tiyoun Long
Unia gr.c.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Unreal Panic gr.g.7 Pepper Carol
Unseen Image gru.f.2 Aloretta Dethly
Unwanted Emotion rro.f.4 Elisse Hackett
Valyrian Veil dkb.g.6 Mark Markson
Venezia dkb.m.5 C.S. Werth
Venice At Dawn sor.f.2 Gen Ravenwood
Venom Symbiote bl.g.15 Mary Whalen
Vercy b.m.6 Paul Sellers
Verethragna ch.g.5 Clarehaven Stables
Vintage Blast pal.f.4 Lori Hamill
Virginia Belle gr.m.19 Tom Mudgett
Virtuous Life dkb.c.1 Garret Folsom
Virtuouso dkb.c.2 Justinmon Navarrete
Wacky Princess dkb.f.0 C.S. Werth
Wait and Dream ch.g.1 D.m Henderson
Wasted Dreams b.m.5 James Selby
Watch the Glitter pal.f.3 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Watcha Gonna Do b.m.14 Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Well Bread w.m.13 Art Kage
Westernesse dkb.f.2 Tiyoun Long
Westworld dkb.g.9 Mountain Man
What Have I Here gr.f.2 Kelley Wachter
Whatever's Gold gr.m.8 Kelley Wachter
Where's Waldo pal.g.4 April Eddy
White Swan dkb.f.3 C.S. Werth
White Wool bl.m.5 Pepper Carol
Whitelight w.m.10 Mary Whalen
Who's Lucky Now ro.c.1 Tom Mudgett
Who's Up Dancing gr.m.5 Mary Whalen
Why So Slow per.g.6 Isabella Acres
Why Wonder gr.g.22 Alexandra Jaysman
Wie Ironisch b.m.9 Keith Wall
Wild Cub sor.g.3 Gen Ravenwood
Willingdon gru.g.5 Mark Markson
With Emphasis rro.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Withabang b.m.5 Veritas Stables
Wizard of Dragons ch.g.2 Fern Thompson
Wizard of Lions dkb.m.15 Dom Behan
Wormhole bl.m.13 Mary Whalen
Xonic gr.c.1 Jeffrey Clauser
Yamhill ch.m.6 Mary Whalen
Yari dkb.m.12 Mary Whalen
Yorkshiri w.m.6 Bobby Glantzberg
You Better You Bet b.f.3 Gen Ravenwood
Youpulledmethrough bl.m.25 Mary Whalen
Youvee b.m.5 Kath Sylvia
Zapatta ch.m.14 Kristen Lexcen
Zimm's Runner b.g.5 Ross Koenig Jr
Zu Viel d.m.5 Lisa Bennert
Zuggle ro.c.1 Jeffrey Clauser
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