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Louise Bayou
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Post by Louise Bayou » 4 months ago

While Philos isn't a big Grade 1 winner he did make the 350k mark! What makes him a favorite is he is named after my first cousin Bobby's K9 that was killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver. I've wanted to have a nice horse to remember him and this guy seems to fit the bill. By my first Derby winner and a mare that looks to be outstanding (6 foals, 4 freaks and 2 stakes!).

Here is an article about Philos if anyone wants to see it. Bobby had only been back on active duty since June after being shot multiple times by a burglary suspect when this happened.
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Darcy McBride
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Re: Philos

Post by Darcy McBride » 4 months ago

God Bless your cousin Bobby, and Philos. It is a hard job. I have a niece that is an officer in my town. She is hoping to get into the K9 Unit when the next opening happens. I'm proud of her, but scared to death for her and her job. It takes special people and dogs to do this work.
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