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Pepper Carol
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Re: Stewardbred Foals Already Bought?

Post by Pepper Carol » 1 month ago

The Steward wrote:
1 month ago
My goal is to take out way, way more money than they are worth. If I think I can come out ahead on that (as in post above), I'm all over it.
Not trying to add to the crabfest but all my stewardbreds were bought for more than they ever made OR were worth!!! they're just fun to have and there is always hope that the next will be THE ONE.

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Pete Vella
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Re: Stewardbred Foals Already Bought?

Post by Pete Vella » 3 weeks ago

There has been like 3-4 stewy foals for sale non auction for a couple days now. Was hoping some of you that didn’t reach out to the steward for purchase previously would have already grabbed these gems.

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