Faded Memory

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Andrew Davidson
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Faded Memory

Post by Andrew Davidson » 1 month ago

https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1220065

Once in a lifetime opportunity! Coming to you today and today only, own you a piece of future derby winner, Faded Memory. For a low premium fee, today and today, you can purchase a micro share of my share of a small share of a stock I bought and purchased of the future derby winner and hall of fame considerate( Future), FADED MEMORY. Let me tell you, I bought and formed this to create a group and share the glory and wealth of winning with other loser, like you. We can all be winners in the end! DO NOT CONTACT THE MAJORITY OWNER MARA JANE VESS. For one low low easy payment of $19,999.99(sim inflation included) you send directly to me, I can send you a message tell you all about our stable program and mircoshare race horses. So far this is our only contender but this is a exclusive/inclusive/...it's the bees knees. Win with me! Win with FADE MEMORY. We can yell hop and scream like cali girls on spring break. Break open the pink whitney, because we don't do champagne here; we are going to party like corona virus is going out of style. Party like trump leaving the office and everyone is given the magic vaccine for death. Immortality for all shareholders!

DOn't MISS out.

Immortality not included. In the event we don't fill up on our 10,000 slots the remaining shares will be offered to the existing holders for twice the initial fee. Should the limit still not be met, no refunds will be offered and all contracts are null and void.
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