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Year 60 Wise Owl Select Yearlings

Post by Nathan Klein » 2 months ago

It has been a rough first two sim weeks for me but at least I can get back to making articles. This year will be my third annual Wise Owl Select Yearlings article in a row with 25 new fresh yearlings ranging from Allowance Late Bloomer at lowest to Freak at highest all ready to be bought. From ranges of absolutely free reserves of $0 to the high esteemed 5 million dollar reserves.


Spectre is a 19-year-old stallion who somehow is still able to make babies. And good ones at that with Inspectoressgadget being a standout in his yearling crop being a late-blooming dirt router. She currently has no reserve on her making it so you could get her for a nice price. She is by Broadbury who has $65,620 in progeny earnings and her grand dam Asbury has nearly a quarter of a million in progeny earnings.

Bugs Off:DS

On the other side of the spectrum, we have freshman sire Bugs Bunny. Here's what he has for us doc, a nice filly named Bugs Off. One of 50 Allowance gallopers from his freshman crop Bugs Off is on the higher end thanks to her late-blooming improvement. Her dam Clear Off is a graded stakes winner but has yet to have a horse make the track. But Bugs Off should remain a promising horse with a $50,000 reserve.

Clean Band:DR

The legendary Dave Matthews Band never fails to impress today he brings an allowance late-blooming filly to the table. She is by Come Clean who has yet to make it big but is a 1.5 million dollar Stewardbred. And her dam is Dauntless a 3.5 million dollar progeny producer. For that, you'd have to pay a little more but with great back class and the best stallion on the market, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone not interested.


From the last yearling crop from the Louisville Derby winner Conquerer. Hyperer is another example of a higher-level horse being an Allowance Late Bloomer. While that isn't necessarily unique he starts at $0 and more importantly if you want to get a piece of the same family as the legendary Spatula then get Hyperer.

Louder Award:DR

Another well-bred Allowance Dirt Router filly Louder Award instead is a part of the last yearling crop of Prince Louder rather than Conquerer. However, being a filly with Stewardbred blood makes her a bit pricier with a $100,000 reserve to get a piece of the Prince Louder family. The same family that produced the great Parts Unknown.

Old Connect:TR

The first of a few turf routers Old Connect is by Old Persian a relatively new sire with 4 stakes winners already. On the dam side, he is by Connexion who is a well-renowned turf router herself with ten career wins including a Grade 1 victory in the Hyde Park Stakes. Old Connect seems to be set up to be some of the best progeny from both his father and mother. If you want to give Old Persian a shot you should try with some of his best. And with a $0 reserve, he's a good deal.

Quiet Sorcery:DR

While the family of Quiet Sorcery should seem appropriately a bit quiet and unknown. There is a bit of talent underneath what seems to be a typical allowance late-blooming router. Merlin is the sire of the Puerto Rican Triple Crown winner Pledge who would go on to win Islands Horse of the Year in year 58. Maybe with the right campaigning, Puerto Rico shall feel Merlin's wizardry again with this horse. The only way to know is to give this $0 reserve horse a shot.

Rum Mon Rum: TR

Now a turf router filly instead of a colt. Rum Mon Rum is by year 48 North American Champion Male Turf Horse Summerland who also won the Steward's Cup Turf and Desert Turf Classic. On the dam side, you have a major grand dam in Flat Out Run who was Y40-European Champion Two Year Old Female a triple Grade 1 winner, and an 800,000+ producer as a dam. It'll cost you intermediate with a $75,000 reserve but a talented galloper with some back class is always nice to consider.

That Vengeance:DR

Not a final crop yearling like the last two most recent Dirt Router runners but That Vengeance still is a nice choice if you want something cheaper with her $0 reserve and the use of the lesser-known Vengence Or Grief who while not used as often still is approaching on 100 allowance gallopers including That Vengeance so if you want to try new sires for a cheaper price give That Vengeance a shot.

The Blood Heart:DR

The Blood-Horse is another unpopular dirt router but while he doesn't have many runners Stephan has always given him the time of day with plenty of his first winners coming from Stephan himself. meaning you'd likely find a lot of The Blood Horses best with Stephen and this auction. This allowance late bloomer colt is a nice example of that being another example of a higher echelon horse from a lesser-known sire. Also, a $0 reserve helps.


We mentioned Prince Louder and Part's Unknown but Parts Unknown proved to be great as a sire himself. With Steward's Cup Juvenile Fillies Marie Laveau already coming from Parts Unknown. The dam of Unknownsuspect is the legendarily named Sus who herself was birthed by Just So Much a Grade 1 winner against males and a 950K producer as a dam. Should be worth the $100,000 reserve.


With Marvel as the sire here Unmarvel should have some versatility but she also has a lot more than most other Allowance Late Bloomers in here with a six-figure producing dam and a grand dam like Vespa a Steward's Cup winner and a 3/4 of a million-dollar producer. All of this for a $0 reserve shows that you don't need 100K necessarily to get anything good here. Even the cheapest ones are good.


The first but not the last turf sprinter here Weekdays is a part of the last yearling crop from the legendary sire Lord Black who's already produced over 76 million in earnings. With that kind of a sire who wouldn't want to latch on with $100,000 to that so they can continue Lord Black proud with a well-bred fast filly. And carry on Lord Black with the last hurrah.

Well Sure:DM

The other quite well-bred dirt miler Well Sure is by a dam line of multiple Grade 1 winners. Such as Lexington Debutante winner Wilshire and Steward's Cup Debutante winner Like Celebrities. A long family of Dirt Miling success on both sides that you can get a piece of with only a free reserve. $0 at a minimum needed to get a part of a both side Grade 1 winning family.

Claims Clerk:TS

The first Stakes galloper of ten in this auction Claims Clerk is out of Steward's Cup Turf Sprint and Chimborazo winner Riven Gold. Despite his higher gallop rating Claims Clerk remains a $0 reserve bid despite such esteemed speed a great price for such a speedy stakes galloper.

Free Us TS

Another Stakes galloping turf sprinter with a $0 reserve. Free us instead of being sired by Riven Gold is by Steward's Cup Turf Dash winner Talus who competed with the likes of Mahler, Ahtohallan, and Dash. Talus has already racked up 4 million in progeny earnings with just a two-year-old crop. So to get a piece of this quickly rising sire star is another example of a potential steal for a low price if you play your cards right.

Clear King:DS

On the dirt sprinting side of things we have Clear King another $0 reserve but for the dirt surface. He's a stakes galloper by the relatively inexperienced sire Drift King. If you want a quick and easy dip into Drift King's potential you can snag this horse for a potentially nice price.

Kentucky Football:DM

The Dirt Milers are always strong here with Kentucky Football being the only stakes dirt miler. Despite being of a higher gallop raint like the other dirt milers, he remains a $0 reserve. Both his dam and grand dam are six-figure producers as broodmares and he should help keep it that way and give them some extra cash.

Sales Meeting:TR

Sales Meeting is a nice turf router stakes filly. Her grand dam is a six-figure producer and she is a stakes galloper with the same $0 reserve. And she's by Brilliance a high quality but insanely pricy sire. Without having to pay the insane 100K stud fee you could sneak in a cheap stakes quality galloper from this great sire for less if the cards are played right.

The Day Keeper:TS

The third and last of the stakes turf sprinters The Day Keeper like the others in this auction he is a nice option for a cheap Stakes galloper buy being a $0 reserve colt. He is sired by Year 54 North American Champion Turf Sprinter The Time Keeper. And on his dam side, his grand dam Love Easy has 1.4 million in progeny earnings.

The Storm Clouds:DS

Last but certainly not least for well-priced stakes dirt sprinter The Storm Clouds. Sired by Steward's Cup Sprint and Saudi Sprint winner Storm. He also won North American Champion Sprinter. And to add to it he is well-bred on the other side with both his dam and grand dam being six-figure producers. A well-bred speedster you could get for cheap.

With With:TR

While the stud fee ain't as huge a deal as with Sales Meeting his sire With Drama was the last champion directly sired by the great Itoko with fellow Hall Of Famer With Care as With Drama's dam. Hall Of Fame and Hall Of Fame together make a legend. Now imagine getting a stakes galloper from this royal legend with a mear $0 reserve bid. Sounds like a steal to me.

Free Lunch Program:TS

Now it's time for the top three. There are always two-stakes galloper and one freak who take up the heftiest reserve bids. First of these would be Free Lunch Program. Already she's a stakes galloping turf sprinter but she is also royally bred. Her dam Fusslli already has $800,990 in progeny earnings which includes multiple Grade 2 winner and half a million earner Derry Girls. It'll be a $500,000 reserve but stakes gallop and a great family means she'll pay you back multiple times.

Finneas: TM
Although being a colt might make it harder to want to spend at least 500K proves fruitful by being a son to millionaire and Steward's Cup-winning turf miler Billie Eilish. Making sure the champion genes stay as close as possible. He's also sired by Brilliance a turf miler stud so good he's worth 100K a pop.

Owl Wear Blue: DR

As always with Wise Owl an Owl leads the group of champions for next year. Owl Wear Blue is by Owl Bleed Blue a Grade 1 placer on the track. Her grand dam is triple Grade 2 winner Owl Call You who also has over half a million in progeny earnings already. Then on the other side, she's sired by Owlpha Romeo a six-time Grade 1 winner who is mothered by Owl Let You Know. Weirdly Owl Let You Know is also Owl Wear Blue's great grand dam on her mother's side. So both a grandmother and a great grandmother are all in one. It's Owl on Owl breeding nothing but the best for this auction and nothing but the best for the 5 million you'd need just to have a chance to have Owl Wear Blue. Considering at minimum Wise Owl has had their freaks sell for 6.7 million this figure should rise to the occasion. And I hope you all do and bid on the Wise Owl Select Yearlings.
"Nathan you tweaking"

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