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Shannon Hunt
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Buying/leasing TB fillies

Post by Shannon Hunt » 8 months ago

Looking to expand my sprint lines a bit, all my DS mares got culled a while back for being terrible so looking to buy allowance-type fillies with reasonable pedigrees (i.e. reliable sires and female families with plenty of allowance types, perhaps a smattering of stakes relatives), you know the type, the ones who will retire formidable/star instead of some potential and be worth breeding after retirement to produce new allowance runners.

If such fillies are not available for sale at this time, I'm interested in leasing (or buying) a small number of reasonably nice DS mares. I'll be keeping an eye on auctions/claims as well, just want to put some feelers out anyway, sometimes someone has something in storage somewhere they're looking to offload but haven't gotten around to listing.

Potentially also on the lookout for 2-3 AWR or AWM types of this description, or star and up TS or TM mares.

I'm having a little bit of difficulty really putting what I want into words, I'm just in a shake-up mood where I'm tired of many of my mares and want to try some new ones, and run more sprinters.
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