Mixer Gallops

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Tammy Stawicki
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Mixer Gallops

Post by Tammy Stawicki » 11 months ago

So how did you do?

I got the following:
Stakes 7 (17.9%)
Allowance 14 (35.9%)
Productive 16 (41%)
Solid 1 (2.6%)
Claimer 1 (2.6%)

Total = 39

Lower in stakes/freaks than normal but given the recent gallop tweaks and the fact that I bred more horses than normal not shocking.
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Ash Tarasin
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Ash Tarasin » 11 months ago

27 foals
Freak 1 (4%) Capacity to Feel x Kings Stand Aside
Stakes 5 (19%) Capacity to Feel (2), Night Scene, Joe's True Colors, Cant Be Caught

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Laura Smith
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Laura Smith » 11 months ago

Appy: 2 stakes/14 (both Alien Lasers!)
Paint: 4 stakes/29 (Gilmerx2, Conquer Yer Terror, Too for the Show)
QH: 2 stakes/32 (Go Away Boss, Quick Tella Story)... this is my favourite! https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1168534&
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Louise Bayou
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Louise Bayou » 11 months ago

VERY happy with Alien Lasers stats!
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Lee Tuttle
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Lee Tuttle » 11 months ago

https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1148584

I have a couple other mixer freaks, but I am most excited about this guy. Very Sound & no surface preference.

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Erica Olson
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Erica Olson » 11 months ago

Most of my breeds were blah so I was very glad to get to Pacers and find a lot of stakes, plus two freaks in Trotters. By that point I wasn’t expecting any freaks at all so I’m happy.

145 foals

2 Freak (1%)
23 Stakes (16%)
46 Allowance (32%)
43 Productive (30%)
20 Solid (14%)
Claimer (11%)

My Freaks:

Palace Flower, Trotter filly, out of a daughter of my wonderful mare Palace Honey and therefore a niece to my most successful Trotter, Daniela Mak: https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1144004

Viceroy, Trotter colt, the first foal out of my stakes winner P Vixen. Fingers crossed I finally have a horse who can make a good showing in the Emotonian: https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1167054
Trotter Stud:
Edinburgh Castle - 7K
Pacer Studs:
Highland Billy - 30K
Wanted Aliveornot -8K

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Andrea Bouwkamp
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Andrea Bouwkamp » 11 months ago

87 mixers bred(Appy, Arab, Paint, Pacer, QH)

0 Freaks. :(

3 Appalosas-1 Allowance, 2 Productive.
40 Arabians-11 Stakes, 13 Allowance, 12 Productive, 1 Solid and 3 Claimers.
3 Paints-1 Stakes and 3 Allowance
16 QHs-5 Stakes, 3 Allowance, 7 Productive and 1 Claimer.
24 Pacers-5 Stakes, 7 Allowance, 7 Productive, 4 Solid and 1 Claimer.

I am hoping that the Stakes horses are not just high level claimers like in the past. This is the second year I haven’t had an Arabian Freak with the same bloodstock. I don’t know what to think, honestly.

Noel Collins
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Noel Collins » 11 months ago

I had my highs and lows but gotta day my mixers turned out better than my thoroughbreds.
My two stakes of 53 yearlings were both mixers.
https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1179697 A qh sprinter
https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1145176 An Arab sprinter. This one has a stakes sisters and an allowance w/ potential brother. Debating leasing out the dam.

Ds 1-claimer
dr 1-claimer
Ds 1-solid dm 1-allowance (at peak) dr 1-different career
Ds 1-claimer 1- solid 3-productive 2-allowance(1 wow) 1-stakes
dm 2-solid
dr 1-solid
Ds 3- productive 1-stakes

Lisa Bennert
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Lisa Bennert » 11 months ago

Didn't get a freak, which is sad, but since the only active non-STB freak I had left after the change can't finish better than middle of the pack I guess I can live without "freaks" like that.
I don't know why the stock breeds had to be changed, anyway. Standardbreds were way overdue, sure, but for the other divisions I thought it was very good. Arab Sprinters now have one total freak in the division and my horses are just way harder for me to assess now, but ok.
Got 3 Arab Sprinter stakes which are all colts, so it will be tough to avoid each other.
A stakes Paint filly by one of my favorite mares.
No STB freaks, which is better than getting like 50% of them, now I might actually get to start sorting out some mares.
Appy Routers were disappointing with no stakes but I got 4 Appy mid stakes from 10 bred and one of them was by The Zippo Factor who overall had a pleasing first crop, I think. (You might want to consider sending your Rios Dominoe mares to him ;) )
Overall not over the moon but not really sad either with 25% stakes and 40% allowance gallopers (whatever that means nowadays)

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Oncu Kaan
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Oncu Kaan » 11 months ago

8 Arabian; 1 freak - 2 stakes - 1 allowance
3 Appy; 1 allowance
7 QH; 1 stakes - 3 allowance
13 Paint - 2 allowance

Alyssa Lapa
Derby Contender
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Alyssa Lapa » 11 months ago

4 Arab - all productive and under
  • Not as good as last year but I'm okay with it.
3 QH - 1 allowance by Nagadoches County out of Flash Cash (Inspired Jet Flash); a claimer; and an unknown as the foal is at auction right now since I am getting out of Sprinters.
  • I am super happy about the Nagadoches County colt I worked so hard on that pairing
2 Paint - all solid or under
6 Pacers - 1 allowance by Like You Stole It out of Deuces for the Win (Holy Roller). 5 Productive and lower.
  • One is even a different career. I didn't even know was possible with Mixers.
Thoroughbred Stallions at Arborwood Oaks
Consecration $30,000
Stand $12,717
Sir Isaac Newton $7,500


Mixer Stallions at Arborwood Oaks
Dr Who $2,975/$2,529


Lee Tuttle
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Lee Tuttle » 11 months ago

118 Mixers
Freak-3 (2.5%)
Stakes-15 (12.7%)
Allowance-37 (31.3%) (46.6% allowance or better)
Productive-40 (33.9%) (80.5% productive or better)
Solid-9 (7.6%)
Claimer-14 (11.9%)

Trotters(no clue why I breed these)
Allowance- 2 colt, 1 filly
Productive-1 colt, 1 filly

Pacer(Again no clue why I still touch these, my disdain is super high with standardbreds)
Stakes-1 filly
Allowance- 1 filly
Productive- 1 filly
Solid-2 filly

Stakes- 1 sprint filly
Allowance- 3 sprint colts, 2 sprint fillies, 2 mid fillies, 3 route colts
Productive- 2 sprint colts, 3 sprint fillies, 6 mid colts, 1 mid filly, 1 route filly
Solid- 1 sprint colt, 1 sprint filly
Claimers- 1 sprint colt, 1 sprint filly, 1 mid colt, 1 mid filly, 2 route fillies

Stakes- 1 sprint filly
Allowance- 2 sprint colts, 1 sprint filly, 1 route colt, 1 route filly
Productive- 1 sprint filly, 1 route filly
Solid- 1 sprint colt, 1 route colt
Claimers- 1 sprint colt, 1 sprint filly, 2 route fillies

Freak- 1 sprint colt(previously posted)
Stakes- 1 sprint colt, 2 sprint filly, 1 mid filly
Allowance- 4 sprint colts, 5 sprint fillies
Productive- 9 sprint colts, 5 sprint fillies
Solids- 2 sprint colts, 1 sprint filly
Claimers- 1 sprint colt, 1 sprint fillies, 1 route colts, 1 route filly

Freaks- 1 route colt, 1 route filly
Stakes- 1 sprint colt, 3 route colts, 4 route fillies
Allowance- 1 sprint filly, 7 route colts, 1 route filly
Productive- 1 sprint colt, 1 sprint filly, 5 route colts, 1 route filly

Craig Mcgee
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Craig Mcgee » 11 months ago

Not going to give a number on amount bred in other words to many lol.

But I finally bred my first freak his name is Jeaux a QH mid by SC winner Jim Beam.

Stakes: appy sprinter Laser Gun by Alien Lasers
Appy mid Moon Lace by Race to the Moon
Paint mid Country Blushing by Cartel Country
Paint mid Lively Bessy by His Will to Live
Paint sprinter Unbroken Daisy by Unbroken Circle
QH sprinter Leak a Freak by Mezapita
QH sprinter Me Love You by Mezapita

Pretty stoked first freak and most stakes bred in a season also I have Jim Beam, Cartel Country, and Unbroken Circle as in house studs.

PS the trainer said that Jeaux is a late bloomer and to bring him along carefully. Any ideas as to what that means for his career?
Owner breeder of "Jeaux" first QH at any distance and history of the sim to post 100SFs. Holder of the 440 record time. Former holder of the 400, now hating El Dorado.

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Bob Probert
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Bob Probert » 11 months ago

Second season in a row without a freak. I have over a dozen Blue Hens and even more Star mares and not one? Very disheartening.
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Lori Hamill
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Lori Hamill » 11 months ago

No Freaks this year

4 stakes (19%)
One Holiday Jet x2
Let's Be Heroes x1
Let's Be Off x1

Snow Capped Castle x1 (4%)

Quarter Horse
Ive Been Impressed x1 (4%)

4 stakes (24%)
Red Hot Pace x1
With Heart x3

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