Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

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Jo Ferris
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Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Jo Ferris » 4 months ago

Overall I'm pretty happy with my crop, no freaks, but can't complain

Total Yearlings: 102 - 44 Fillies (43.1%), 58 Colts (56.9%)
Stakes: 14 (13.7%)
Allowance: 33 (32.4%)
Productive: 27 (26.5%)
Solid: 15 (14.7%)
Claimer: 13 (12.7%)

Stakes Sires:
Mark of the Beast x6 (Paint Mid)
Prequell x4 (Paint Route)
Hey Brother (Paint Mid)
Let You Shine (QH Sprint) -- Full brother to You're In It :D
Ibn Saud (Arab Route)
Adel (Arab Sprint)
Scorpion Farms/Flyball Ranch Stallions
His Will to Live - 10k
Imprison My Mind - 5k
Hey Brother - $3,193
Burning Man - 5k
Mark of the Beast - 17.5k
FLD Raven - 20k
Bromance - 10k

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Randall Allen
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Randall Allen » 4 months ago

I did amazing this year at breeding!

1 appy freak
18 appy stakes

3 arab stakes (very good, since I have a very small arab presence)

2 freak paints
23 paint stakes

1 freak quarter
20 stakes quarter

3 freak pacers and a freak trotter (pretty good since I don't even specialize in them)

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Jennifer Blake
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Jennifer Blake » 4 months ago

I’m not mad at my mixer gallops

Paints: 48 total

1 Freak out of Qaletqa
7 stakes (Mr. Rose Thorn, colored spotlights, dashin jj X3, San Patricio, gray patches)
11 Allowance
18 productive
7 solid
4 claimers

Quarter Horses: 38 total

3 stakes (Sober Sunday, laughing jet, San Patricio)
8 allowance
14 productive
7 solid
6 claimer
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Tammy Stawicki
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Tammy Stawicki » 4 months ago

A down year for me. All paints

Stakes 3 (8.3%)
Allowance 10 (27.8%)
Productive 16 (44.4%)
Solid 7 (19.4%)

Total = 36

The stakes were by Painted Turnpike, Inspired Jet Flash and Heza Dasha Fire
One was out of Synchrony's daughter so it was exciting to see that line continuing to be successful. Though sadly for the first time ever Synchrony foaled a sub stakes filly :( (until this point her fillies were all stakes/freaks while here colts were the bums of the family)
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Doug Cuomo
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Doug Cuomo » 4 months ago

Had 1 freak this year, the only Arabian I bred.

Had 12.5% Stakes and 27.3% Allowance gallops spread out across Appy/Paint/QHs. Little disappointed but it's another year of learning.

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Nena Olson
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Nena Olson » 4 months ago

2 Freak pacers
1 Stakes

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Louise Bayou
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Louise Bayou » 4 months ago

I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong but holy smoke a roni batman I'm terrible at breeding mixers! I just have to laugh at this point.

Bred-31, 1 freak and 1 stakes (both Alien Laser)

Bred-20, 3 stakes,no freaks

Bred 36- 2 stakes, no freaks

Bred-44, 4 freaks, 13 stakes

Bred- 27, 1 freak (Devon Trickster), 9 stakes.
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Darcy McBride
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Darcy McBride » 4 months ago

I have 24 total mixer yearlings, nothing higher than Allowance, and they were few. But I'll keep dabbling away.

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Laura Smith
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Laura Smith » 4 months ago

QH sprinters have been my strong suit recently, despite my efforts to rid myself of them a few years back...

Appy: 14 bred, 1 stakes (Race to the Moon)
Paint: 27 bred, 3 stakes (Stetson, Jordy, That's Incredible)
QH: 25 bred, 6 stakes (Mezapita x2, San Pat x2, Sober Sunday, Go Away Boss)
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Diane Townsend
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Diane Townsend » 4 months ago

3 stakes from 13 mixers this year:
Appy Sprinter by Alien Lasers https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1199919
Appy mid a full sister to my only mixer stakes from last year https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1195230
Appy route I paid $10 for as a foal off AJ a few days ago https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1196964
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Te Akau Downs
Grade 3 Winner
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Te Akau Downs » 4 months ago

8 stakes
13 allow

2 stakes
4 allow

freaks 2
stakes 17
allow 28

freaks 1
stakes 6
allow 22
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Craig Mcgee
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Craig Mcgee » 4 months ago

1 freak Pacer filly by Holy Freak
2 filly Appy sprinter stakes both by Alien Lasers
7 Paint stakes 6 by Cartel Country 1 by Unbroken Circle
5 QH stakes 2 by Mezapita and 1 each Jim Beam, Laughing Jet, and Sober Sunday

Only bred 4 pacers so very lucky there. Stakes number is up and now I do have 2 homebred freaks.
Better Than Pat Appy Sprinter 2 time SC winner
Stud fee $10,000
Jim Beam QH Mid SC winner just got a freak
stud fee $10,000
Cartel Country Paint Mid
Stud fee $10,000
Unbroken Circle Paint Sprinter
Stud fee $5,000

Shannon Hunt
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Shannon Hunt » 4 months ago

I know I have small potatoes, but hey, for my second crop (and the first was tiny and I didn't understand the game at all, hardly counts), I'm as pleased as can be-

Appies (okay these were terrible, 1 allowance of 8 foals)
Arab - 1 allowance of 3
Paint - 1 stakes, 2 allowance, the rest productive out of 10 total
QH - 1 allowance, 2 productive
Trotter - 4 stakes, 8 allowance (37 total)

5 stakes in a 66-horse mixer crop, and my first homebred stakes horses, is a lovely result for me :D

Jess Dowson
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Jess Dowson » 4 months ago

1 freak 1 productive -2 bred
1 stakes 1 allowance -2 bred
1 allowance- 1 bred

I think I did pretty well :D for all tose doubting my choices its all coming together!

Steve Wildermuth
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Steve Wildermuth » 4 months ago

Arabians: Routers

Paints: Sprinters

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