Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

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Glenn Larson
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Glenn Larson » 6 months ago

Appy Sprinters

3 freaks – all by Hello Hello
20 stakes – mostly by Hello Hello and One Holiday Jet with 1 or 2 from GP Sires
61 allowance

Appy Mids

3 stakes – Heza Streaker, Hundred Acre Bang, Nightime Sparkler
14 allowance

Appy Routers

8 stakes – The Royal Sandals, Dragonfire Reach. Bally High, One Hot Bay, Quick Tella Story x3, GP
17 allowance

Paint Sprinters

1 freak – Mr. Rose Thorn
5 stakes – Colorec, Mr. Rose Thorn, GP
17 allowance

Paint Mids

9 stakes – Heza Streaker x6 Hey Brother x3
8 allowance

Paint Routers

3 stakes – Quick Tella Story x2, GP
5 allowance

Arabian Sprinters

2 stakes – Adel x2
5 allowance

Arabian Routers

1 freak – Reid River R Mani
4 stakes - Reid River R Mani x2, Ibn Saud x2
7 allowance
Glenn Larson
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Ali Hedgestone
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Ali Hedgestone » 6 months ago

Diane Townsend wrote:
6 months ago
3 stakes from 13 mixers this year:
Appy Sprinter by Alien Lasers https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1199919
Appy mid a full sister to my only mixer stakes from last year https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1195230
Appy route I paid $10 for as a foal off AJ a few days ago https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1196964
Psstt.. Ballyhoo is a pretty good broodmare sire, isn't he? :D
Dan Kauffman: 52 mixers previewed. You (and Glenn) should get paid or institutionalized (Y48, W15, D3)

Sten Rino Haakonsen
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Sten Rino Haakonsen » 6 months ago

I will always say gallopps could be better when the only reak I get is a standardbred but my galopps were still way better in mixers than it has been in many years


Dirt sprinters:
2 stakes by Alien Lasers and Heza Dasha Fire

Dirt Routers
2 stakes by Burnt Out Lights And Joe's True Colors


Dirt routers:

1 stakes by Lord Of Arabia


dirt sprinters:

1 stakes by Dashin JJ

Dirt Milers

3 stakes by Dashin JJ And Hey Brother *2

Quarter horses

Dirt sprinters:

4 stakes by Mezapita, Let You Shine *2 and Laughing Jet


1 stakes by Catalyst


1 Freak by Devon Trickster

1 stakes by Lifeaholic

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Louise Bayou
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Louise Bayou » 6 months ago

Oh I forgot about the one bright spot in my Mixer barn. My Arabs!

Arabs:16 bred, 2 freaks Reid River R Mani and Mighty Sandstorm),1 stakes (Ajhar)
“It’s like I’m driving a Mac truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist,” Gary Stevens on Beholder

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Rafa Usoz
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Re: Mixer Gallops - How'd You Do

Post by Rafa Usoz » 6 months ago

In my Arabians:

5 Freaks : Hamdan (3), Sleeping Dragon, Ibn Saud
14 Stakes: Hamdan (6), Adel (2), Cronos (2), Day Line, Sleeping Dragon, Burning Paradox, Lord of Arabia
The Time Keeper - Turf Sprinter 25.000 $
Cocoliche - Turf Sprinter 15.000 $
Hamdan - Arabian Router 60.000$
Zanian - Arabian Sprinter 20.000 $

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