How Did You Do?

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Jo Ferris
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How Did You Do?

Post by Jo Ferris » 3 months ago

It's that time of the year!
179 Yearlings
6 Freak (3.4%)
30 Stakes (16.8%)
58 Allowance (32.4%)
53 Productive (19.6%)
26 Solid (14.5%)
6 Claimer (3.4%)

Freak sires:
FLD Raven
Too For the Show
Hey Brother
Sleeping Dragon
Hamdan x2

Stakes sires:
FLD Raven
Bromance x2
His Will to Live x4
Mark of the Beast x7
Hey Brother x3
Prequell x4
Sober Sunday (Paint CB)
Regression x2
Flight Romance
Snow Capped Castle
Son of a Grip
Let You Shine
Sleeping Dragon
FLD Stables Stallions
His Will to Live - 10k
Imprison My Mind - 5k
Hey Brother - $3,193
Burning Man - 2.5k
Mark of the Beast - 17.5k
FLD Raven - 20k
Bromance - 10k
Breakdown - 3k

Shannon Hunt
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Shannon Hunt » 3 months ago

1 stakes (bloomer, by Alien Lasers)
1 allowance
2 solid

1 stakes (by Sleeping Dragon)
1 allowance
1 productive
3 solid

Paint (just scratch the T and it'll be accurate)
1 productive
1 solid

1 allowance
3 productive

Arabians and appaloosas were definitely a step up, paints a strong step down (had my first homebred stakes foal with a paint last year), quarters... exact same numbers, actually. I mostly dabble in these breeds though, have a bunch that run claimers but I have little grasp on pedigrees since I haven't had many mares worth breeding (mostly just grabbed lease mares for fun). But appy and arabian stakes is exciting, and I'm quite happy with eight stakes trotters :)

Michael Looker
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Michael Looker » 3 months ago

Appy Sprinters
$430,000 in stud fees ($19,545 average)
22 yearlings
Freaks: None
Stakes: Alien Lasers (5 from 10, 50%), Wings of Inferno (3 from 12, 25%)
8 from 22 (36.4%) overall.

Appy Mids
$36,000 in stud fees ($12,000 average)
3 yearlings
No freaks or stakes. (I blame my mares; it’s not a division I’ve ever been particularly strong in.)

Appy Routers
$139,000 in stud fees ($13,900 average)
10 yearlings
Freaks: None
Stakes: Casual Night (1 from 4, 25%).
1 from 10 (10%) overall.

The sprinter numbers are great. I would’ve preferred a freak or two obviously, but I won the SC Appy Dash this year with a stakes-galloping yearling. He may have improved to freak as a 2yo; he was a late bloomer yearling but hasn’t been galloped since. Five of the eight stakes yearlings this year are late bloomers, so there may well be another 2yo SC winner among them.

The mid numbers are poor, but so are my mares. Two are allowances, two are late bloomers (obviously one is both), and off a $12,000 stud fee and with $12,500 for winning a maiden (which they’ll probably do at some stage) it’s all good.

The router numbers are disappointing. I’ve had some VERY good runners in the past few years, including two colts who have retired to stud but look like duds (having produced the bulk of the foals in my two disappointing crops the past two years).


I'll only post the Appy stats, because the other breeds are largely forgettable. Pacers were awesome (it's a shame I galloped them first; I could've used a pick-me-up by the time I'd gone through everything else), one of my three Arabians galloped stakes (the first Arabian foals I've bred in a LONG time, though I rate my mares highly and expected even more than one stakes from three), and I got a stakes/late bloomer QH which might turn out well. Otherwise I'm crossing my fingers from some improvers.

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Jennifer Blake
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Jennifer Blake » 3 months ago

Appy- 1 Bred
Stakes, late bloomer
Sire- Hello Hello

Paints- 68 bred
11 stakes
Sires- Ardyn, Flight Romance X 3, Gray Patches, Jordy X 2, Regression, Be Humble, Colored Spotlight, Golden Shock
21 Allowance
20 Productive
9 Solid
7 Claimer

Quarter Horses- 36 bred
1 Freak
Sire- Chrome Face Outlaw
7 Stakes
Sires- James Dean, Easy Sixes, Zoomin For Spuds, Sober Sunday, Dark Night Dance, Ardyn, That’s Incredible
12 Allowance
11 Productive
4 Solid
1 Claimer
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Louise Bayou
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Louise Bayou » 3 months ago

I'm happy with my mixers this year. They seem to have improved since last year. Would have liked a freak from my Paints or QHs but they improved so that is great!


Bred: 32
Freak- 1 (Alien Laser)
Stakes- 5 (Alien Laser, Let's Be Off,One Hot Bay,Cant Catch Me,Lots of Fun


Bred: 18
Freak- 1 (Kooshaa)
Stakes-8 ( Kooshaa,Day Line,Mighty Sandstorm, Hamdan,Reid River R Mani,Burning Paradox,Breathe Desert Air)


Bred: 34
Stakes - 7 (Hey Brother,It's Cold Cash,Let You Shine,Prequell,Regression,Silver Jet Flash,Stetson)


Stakes - 11 (Dark Night Dance, El Comandante, Gra Go Deo, Inspired Jet Flash, It's Cold Cash x 4, On Fire Maguire x2, Silver Jet Flash


Bred: 55
Freaks-1 (Catalyst)
Stakes- 14 (Always Be Lucky, Cashformiki, Demons x2, Highland Billy x6 ,Joke Face, Not Just A Storm, Red Hot Pace x2)


Bred: 24
Freaks- 3 ( Tls Captain Jack S, King Cartier, Darn Tootin)
Stakes- 7 (Tls Captain Jack S x4, King Cartier x3)
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Erin Erskine
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Erin Erskine » 3 months ago

I'm pretty happy with my gallops - both yearlings and improvers!

Out of 24 Mixers bred...
4 stakes, all progressive, all filles...
- 3 Appys by Capacity to Feel, Capacity to Win & Rite to the Point
- 1 Paint by Regression (Thank you Jo for your successful Advice!)

10 Allowanes
- 5 Appys by Silver Jet Flash, Capacity to Feel, Go Away Boss, Burnt Out Lights, Race to the Moon
- 4 Paints by Mark of The Beast x2, Painted Turnpike, Flight Romance
- 1 QH by Gra Go Deo

7 productive
- 4 Appy, 1 Paint, 2 QH

1 Appy Solid

2 claimers
- 1 Appy, 1 QH

As for my improvers...
No 2 year old improvers, but out of my 27 (small barn!) 3yo and up I had...
5 jump from Allowance to Stakes
- 2 QH Homebreds by Laughing Jet & Inspired Jet Flash
- 2 Paints (inc 1 HB) by Gray Patches & Inspired Jet Flash
- 1 Appy Homebred by Mark Me Gold

1 jump from Stakes to Freak...
One Illusion, Appy 4yo by One Holiday Jet, bred by Jo Ferris - A Half Sister to SC winner I Fall to Pieces (First Class Runner, also bred by Jo) who also jumped at 4!

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Tammy Stawicki
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Tammy Stawicki » 3 months ago

All paints though some were by Quarter Horses

Stakes 8 (24.2%) (Sires: Blast off Dasher, Colored Spotlights, Flight Romance, Heza Dasha Fire, Inspired Jet Flash, Painted Turnpike, San Patricio, Unbroken Circle)
Allowance 13 (39.4%)
Productive 7 (21.2%)
Solid 2 (6%)
Claimer 2 (6%)

Total = 33

No freaks, but none of the stakes are peak so I am hoping some will get there. Also my stakes/allowance numbers are back where they were year 53 after a 2 year dip.

Also had 3 3yos improve from allowance to stakes (sires: Let You Shine, Starry Sky Spirit, Stealin Easy Cash)
Turf Miler stud
Red Ferns

Paint Sprinter studs
Colored Spotlights
Gray Patches

Discounts for stakes winners/producers

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Laura Smith
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Location: BC, Canada

Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Laura Smith » 3 months ago

Appy: 2 stakes/16 (Monkey Brew, Cant Catch Me)
QH: 3 stakes/21 (Casual Night x2, Go Away Boss)


1 freak and 11 stakes/30 ...:shock:
Freak by Prequell
Stakes by Eventuality x4 (!!!), FLD Raven x2, Conquer Yer Terror, Prequell, Sober Sunday, That's Incredible, Toy Land Jubilee

So uh breed to Eventuality?! :)
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Alyssa Lapa
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Alyssa Lapa » 3 months ago

My Yearlings

1 Claimer,
1 Solid

Arabians... Definitely the worst division this year in my opinion.
2 Claimers
3 Solid
2 Progressive
1 Allowance (Theogenes x Empty Classroom)

1 Productive > Allowance
1 Claimer > Solid
1 Allowance > Stakes (Hail to the King x Aestrith Day)

1 Claimer
2 Solid
1 Progressive
4 Allowance (Dr Who x Garden Keeper, Let's Be Off x Over the Mark, One Big Freeze x Eyes On Your Ride, & Sans Note x Sherry Hills)

1 Claimer > Solid
1 Solid > Productive
2 Productive > Allowance

Quarter Horses:
4 Claimers
2 Solid
4 Progressive
4 Allowance (San Patricio x Honeycutt, Nacogdoches County x Flash Cash, Brilliant Feathers x Idols Are Burning, Flashin' Leather x Farkaa)
No Improvements

3 Claimers
2 Solid
4 Progressive
1 Allowance (Blackfish City x Wantedforlaughing)
1 Stakes (Always B Yourself x Da Vinci Is Alive)
1 Freak (Scary Edgar x Chancetobelieve) he is also a Late Bloomer (super excited about him he is my first ever freak and he is homebred)

1 Solid>Productive
2 Productive> Allowance

Other than my Arabians lacking this season I am overall happy with how the event went. Hopefully, I can figure out how to get some of these nice mares to throw some stakes for y57.
Thoroughbred Stallions at Arborwood Oaks
Consecration $30,000
Stand $12,717
Sir Isaac Newton $7,500


Mixer Stallions at Arborwood Oaks
Dr Who $2,975/$2,529


Diane Townsend
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Diane Townsend » 3 months ago

Alright I bred 15 mixers last year:
3x QH & Arab: All Productive

12x Appys:
3x Stakes by Alien Lasers, Four Yard Image, & Real Catch
4x Allowance
3x Productive
2x Solid
0x Claimer
I call this a great year
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Alleyne Torres
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Alleyne Torres » 3 months ago

sprinter stakes by Colored Spotlights, Heza Dasha Fire QH 2x, Correction, Dust for Dust, El Comandante QH 2x
middler stakes by Heza Dasha Fire QH, Yellow and Orange, Streak of Passion, Little Castle
router freak by Eventuality; stakes by Moonwalk 5x, Sober Sunday QH, Heza Dasha Fire QH

And Appy:
stakes by Can't Catch Me
Paint Stallions Standing. Horses for Sale. Feel free to PM me about gallop/bs/foal comments of my sale horses.

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Te Akau Downs
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Te Akau Downs » 3 months ago

2 freaks
Legacy Of Charly
Breathe Desert Air

9 Stakes
Breathe Desert Air
Talib x2 1 late bloomer
Mighty Sandstorm
Ibn Saud
Sleeping Dragon x2 1 late bloomer
Adel- late bloomer

14 allowance- 7 late bloomers


no freaks

2 stakes
Snow Capped castle- late bloomer
Too For The Show

13 allow- 7 late bloomers
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Brandon Schultz
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Brandon Schultz » 3 months ago

The only mixers I have are QH but I had a good year breeding. I had 3 stakes (8%' 1 DM and 2 DS) and 10 allowance (26%) out of 38 foals, which I'm definitely content with. By far my best QH crop to date and my first ever stakes QH DM which should be fun. He's really well bred to so I have high hopes.

It was also my first year standing a stallion, EC Steal The Show. He wasn't ever expected to be a superstar, however, I feel pretty good about where his stats ended up considering he saw some pretty sad mares this year (including a few DR/DM which did him no favors). He had 12 (27.3%) allowance gallopers in his first crop and I know for a fact that the majority of those are late bloomers. There's a good chance that a couple will jump to stakes which would be really awesome. He will see a few nicer mares this year so he will continue to be a fun experiment.

Sten Rino Haakonsen
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Sten Rino Haakonsen » 3 months ago


3 stakes
Burnt Out Lights (late bloomer)
Capacity to feel x2

freak by Son Of A Paint

2 stakes
Mr. Rose Thorn
heza dasha fire

7 stakes
Let you shine x4
laughing jet x2
bigg daddy

and some allowance late bloomers in all classes

Garret Folsom
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Re: How Did You Do?

Post by Garret Folsom » 3 months ago

Arabian Sprinter - 1 Stakes (Adel)

Arabian Router - 6 Stakes (Lord of Arabia, Burning Paradox, Mighty Sandstorm x2, Reid River R Mani, Jafari - USE JAFARI!!!)

Quarter Horse Router - 1 Freak (One Big Freeze) 3 Stakes (One Big Freeze, Death Valley, Quick Tella Story)

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