Mixer Gallops

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Calia Mendez
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Calia Mendez »

59 foals (All Arabians, 37 DS and 22 DR)

4 Stakes (3x Sleeping Dragon, 1x Able Squire)
9 Allowance
15 Productive
4 Solid
5 Claimer

3 Stakes (2x Midnihte Sandstorm, 1x Thesee)
5 Allowance
11 Productive
1 Solid
2 Claimer

I'd previously only gotten at most two stakes gallopers at Festivus, and last year I only had one, so this is pretty good.
Shannon Hunt
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Shannon Hunt »

My mixer stakes were an appy bloomer by Custom Brew (bred by Greg and purchased when he dispersed), an arabian bloomer by Hashim, and seven trotters of various improves (2 Super Cartier, 2 Devon Trickster, and then one each by Tls Pegasus Flight, Tls Immaculate, and Photobomber).

Mass bred a lot of crummy mixer mares beyond the actually decent mares so percentages aren't good, but that was expected.
DENSE FOG - he was kinda good at AWS stuff
Also standing arabian sprinter ISKANDAR ELAKBAR, all weather router SUNRISE INTHE DAWN, and chasers RACING PIRATE and SURVIVOR SE LEVE
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Andrea Bouwkamp
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Andrea Bouwkamp »

It looks, once again that too many Arabian Router Freaks are occurring. This makes another year of sad Freaks in this division.
I once again bred 3 freaks.

I currently have some older freaks that are still NW3 and can’t make squat in stakes competition. I run most of my stakes gallopers in claimers. Anything that gallops less gets given away or retired.

This division used to be my bread and butter. It’s sad what is happening, almost as hard as DR TBs. 😭
Craig Mcgee
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Craig Mcgee »

2 freaks
https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1496109
https://www.simhorseracing.com/horse.ph ... ID=1496123

and 40 stakes. In the older horses 6 stakes jumped Freak and 16 allowance jumped to stakes so all in all a good Festivus.
Owner breeder of "Jeaux" first QH at any distance and history of the sim to post 100SFs. Holder of the 440 record time. Now sharing the 400 record time with El Dorado. He is also the only 3x winner of the "Star of Stars".
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Laura Smith
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Laura Smith »

App: freak by Didn't Catch Me, stakes by Jamaicanmecrazy, Alien Lasers, Dragstrip Courage

Paint: stakes by Catlike Readiness (x4!), Son of a Paint

QH: stakes by Poppa Wolf, Gold Knight
LONG OVERDUE FARM: Keepin' it Canada since Year 16.
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Mr. Lord Chillin
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Mr. Lord Chillin »

Yes. I galloped my mixers too
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Rebecca Rose Hepburn
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Rebecca Rose Hepburn »

Laura Smith wrote: 1 year ago Paint: stakes by Catlike Readiness (x4!)
I am SUPER excited for him as a stud. Prequell really is missing a son to take over for him once the Sim pensions him

I bred 79 mares this year. Got 1 freak, 12 stakes and 28 allowances out of it. Not the percentages I was looking for, there'll be some definite culling in my barn but I have a few I'm really excited for

Queen Caladia is the foal I had the biggest hopes for and she's my one Freak. I'm super excited for her, her bloodlines are just beautiful

Qilin's foal is a Stakes late bloomer. I took a shot with sending her to a multi-distance QH sire in the hopes of getting a real outcross that I can stand one day. That's years off but we'll see how that goes.
A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.- Pam Brown

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Garret Folsom
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Garret Folsom »

Arabian Sprinters: 2 Stakes (by Jesus Gris and Sleeping Dragon)

Arabian Routers: 1 Freak (By Wait But Why) 8 Stakes (By Wait Buy Why, Nagalaka x3, Hamdan, Altoproof, Midnihte Sandstorm and Ibn Saud)
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Garylynn Farms
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Re: Mixer Gallops

Post by Garylynn Farms »

Prequell (1 freak, 3 stakes)
Toby Flenderson (4 stakes)
Deroyal Star(qh) (2 stakes)
El Dorado(qh) (2 stakes)
Blue Corazon(qh) (1 stakes)
Leonard Nimoy (1 stakes)
Jordy (1 stakes)
FLD Raven (1 stakes)

Ye Royal Dragon (2 stakes)
Prague(qh) (1 stakes)
Deroyal Star(qh) (1 stakes)
El Dorado(qh) (1 stakes)
Lord Rupert Everton(qh) (1 stakes)
Capacity to Win (1 stakes)
Words Are Wind(1 stakes)

Prague (1 stakes)
Gold Knight (1 stakes)
Deroyal Star (1 stakes)
Casual Night (1 stakes)
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