Question about Barrier Trials

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Jo Ferris
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Question about Barrier Trials

Post by Jo Ferris »

I very rarely run a horse in a barrier trial, so I don’t know the rest required before and after. I have a horse (Road to Tevis) who ran this Wednesday (6-3) and I want to give him a confidence boost so I put him in a 7-7 Barrier trial. Is that doable? He has the run of the mill comment. It’s awkward regardless scheduling wise to do a barrier trial, I’d rather just do a race but that didn’t really work as I had hoped. Also, should I do the BT, could he run week 9-3? Or do I have to wait for week 10?
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Shannon Hunt
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Re: Question about Barrier Trials

Post by Shannon Hunt »

In my experience, they seem to be a little heavier than a workout but lighter than a race. I don't think your planned schedule is unreasonable, might throw in a vet check the day before the race just to be on the safe side.
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