SIM Match Races?

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Lily Wilkins
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SIM Match Races?

Post by Lily Wilkins » 6 months ago

I stumbled across this race today:

Why do we not have match races these days? I know in real life they are no longer a thing (at least in the US), is that why?
To be clear, I am talking about an arranged race between two champions... Not what happens when only 2 horses happen to enter a regular race.
Let's say, hypothetically, I really want my horse (A) to race someone else's horse (B) head to head... Could I get the owner of Horse B to agree to a sponsored match race? Obviously that would require nobody else entering, but that could probably be arranged.
I don't have a horse I want to do a match race with, I'm just curious and presenting a hypothetical :D
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Gwayne Mike
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Re: SIM Match Races?

Post by Gwayne Mike » 6 months ago

Match races are notorious for a horse getting the lead and not relinquishing it.

Still, one every once in awhile might be fun?
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Garret Folsom
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Re: SIM Match Races?

Post by Garret Folsom » 6 months ago

I think the best way to do it would be for the two owners to agree to put up money and the winner takes all.

Right now, my AW Router Soft Eyes keeps getting beat by Gordon. If I thought Soft Eyes was better, I would challenge Todd Lucas to a match race where we each put an agreed upon sum of money on the line. Maybe, Todd wants to entice me to do the race, maybe he puts in twice as much as me.

Lisa Bennert
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Re: SIM Match Races?

Post by Lisa Bennert » 6 months ago

I've wondered this, too... I mean, what Gwayne Mike said probably is a factor, but if both owners are willing to take the chance, why not?
Now I never owned a horse whose presence in a matchrace would be of public interest, so I have never tried to start something like this and therefore don't know why it hasn't happened in a longer time. Maybe it's just that no one owning such a horse wants to take the chance since there are so many other lucrative otions throughout the year? Would definitely be entertaining, though. :D

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Jo Ferris
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Re: SIM Match Races?

Post by Jo Ferris » 6 months ago
This is the most recent one I believe, they still happen, rarely
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Nena Olson
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Re: SIM Match Races?

Post by Nena Olson » 6 months ago

I know that Em ran a mock match race between Sidney and Happy Snowman once on dirt. That was fun. I may be biased though because Happy won ;)

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