Ah, the Old SIM

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Ashley Hunt
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by Ashley Hunt » 1 year ago

The Steward wrote:
1 year ago
Next time there's a tantrum I'm turning the whole site hot pink ;-)

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Diane Townsend
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by Diane Townsend » 1 month ago

Bumping this thread for whoever it was in chat that was asking about the old sim!
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The Steward
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by The Steward » 1 month ago

Thank you, thank you for this joyous memory lane trip.
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Andrew Davidson
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by Andrew Davidson » 1 month ago

Pretty cool. A side note, I enjoy how easy this game loads even when you’re out In the woods and your phone is in “safe mode” with reduced data speed because someone in your family burnt through all of your telephone data’s reading books on their iPhone instead of a kindle or something stupid
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Dan Kauffman
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by Dan Kauffman » 1 month ago

It doesn't load real well for me after I've spiked my phone into a tree because I got outbid on a broodmare in the last second.

Clearly the game's fault.
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Paul Sellers
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Re: Ah, the Old SIM

Post by Paul Sellers » 4 weeks ago

Stormy Peak wrote:
1 year ago
With 260+ horses in my racing barn... I'm glad we don't have to do that kind of input to enter :P

How can I get my barn down to that number?

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