Carnage lol

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Rochelle Zahacy
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Carnage lol

Post by Rochelle Zahacy » 3 months ago

Two claimers hit by bucked shins: Meowy Kittymas and But Wait There's Myrrh πŸ˜‚

1 Brilliant Chaser Mare barren
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Darcy McBride
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Darcy McBride » 3 months ago

All in my breeding barn came through unscathed. I have 1 "bucked shins" on a Solid AWS w yr old colt, so no great loss. Whew!

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Dylan Christensen
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Dylan Christensen » 3 months ago

Unscathed 😎
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Erica Olson
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Erica Olson » 3 months ago

Bucked skins on a 2y/o Standardbred, so she wasn’t going to race in the injury period anyway.
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Gwayne Mike
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Gwayne Mike » 3 months ago

My barns were set ablaze :shock:

No survivors :(
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Stormy Peak
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Stormy Peak » 3 months ago

1 barren mare, 'the kind that could surprise you' not a huge hit this year. No bucked shins from what I can see either. :)

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Te Akau Downs
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Te Akau Downs » 3 months ago

i have a 2yo chaser bucked shins but no barren mares this year
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Lily Wilkins
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Lily Wilkins » 3 months ago

I had no damages. I wouldn't have been too sad about a barren mare or two. I'm not really in the mood to breed anything this season, I might lease the girls out.
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Nena Olson
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Nena Olson » 3 months ago

1 bucked shin (stakes, dirt router) and 4 barren mares (2 stars, 2 formidable)

Craig Mcgee
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Craig Mcgee » 3 months ago

Holy moly 😱 4 bucked shins.
2 barren mares 1 is a BH.
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Michael Looker
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Re: Carnage lol

Post by Michael Looker » 3 months ago

Six barren mares, nothing of note.

Two bucked shins, including the full sister to Riven Gold. She's a claimer so she wasn't insured, but in hindsight she might be one of those claimer-to-freaks and I kinda wish I had.

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