Foal Names in Auction

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The Steward
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Foal Names in Auction

Post by The Steward » 4 weeks ago

Here is how to decipher the foal names in my auction:

1. Do they have a name? good, then I was able to come up with a name in 3 seconds that wasn't taken

2. Do they not have a name? Then I couldn't come up with a not taken name in 3 seconds

That's all there is to it, nothing more. I bred all 114 of them tonight and did some weird stuff I wouldn't have normally done. Happy bidding?
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Cleo Patra
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Re: Foal Names in Auction

Post by Cleo Patra » 4 weeks ago

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Rochelle Zahacy
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Re: Foal Names in Auction

Post by Rochelle Zahacy » 4 weeks ago

Er. Mah. Gerd!
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Eric Gray
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Re: Foal Names in Auction

Post by Eric Gray » 4 weeks ago

Any idea how many active players there are? With 117 foals and only being able to win one each, I'm trying to gauge my chances of getting one.

Andrew Davidson
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Re: Foal Names in Auction

Post by Andrew Davidson » 4 weeks ago

But you bred some of these a week ago
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