Kris Bobbi Auction

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Gwayne Mike
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Kris Bobbi Auction

Post by Gwayne Mike » 1 month ago

Like most of her horses, these were ten real beauties.

Will be interesting to track the success of these runners to discover who made sound investments.

Reminded me of a Steward Bred sale.

Personally I bid on a pair, projecting what I thought they might earn through Season 59.

Unfortunately was outbid on both :(
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The Steward
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Re: Kris Bobbi Auction

Post by The Steward » 1 month ago

This was an amazing auction, I contacted Kris to make sure all was well because who does this?! Life gets in the way sometimes, but at least she's not going anywhere!
"There's no secret to training a good horse. It's a matter of being fortunate enough to get one."
"Funny how you often regret the stuff you didn't do more than the stuff you did do" - GG

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Rochelle Zahacy
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Re: Kris Bobbi Auction

Post by Rochelle Zahacy » 1 month ago

I didn’t even know it was happening! That’s what I get for going back to work! 🤦‍♀️🤣
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