A heads up for naming....

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Craig Mcgee
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A heads up for naming....

Post by Craig Mcgee » 1 month ago

I literally have over a thousand names in my pension barn that need to be used so take a look. If you see one you like and I have not released the name just ask and I will release it. For those not in the know I name everyone of my soon to be Festivus claimers. I therefore will mass pension a decent amount of named horses during the culling season. So for those in need of names when they are stuck and are having naming issues just check out my pasture.

A side note if the name in question has a secondary career that will mean the name has already been reused in most cases. Not 100% on that but a very good percentage.

Looking forwards to releasing a ton of names so come on down to The Pub's pasture and browse.
Owner breeder of "Jeaux" first QH at any distance and history of the sim to post 100SFs. Holder of the 440 record time. Now sharing the 400 record time with El Dorado. He is also the only 3x winner of the "Star of Stars".

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