Why Was My Horse Scratched?

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Why Was My Horse Scratched?

Post by The Steward » 9 years ago

There are several reasons why you may have gotten a notification that your horse was scratched from a race:

Did Not Reach the Track on Time

Runners must be at the racetrack before raceday. If they are not on the grounds on raceday, the computer will automatically scratch the horse. When you enter, there is an icon for shipping the horse to the track. You can also find this on the horse pages and on the entry page in your office. To read more about shipping, Click here

No Longer Eligible

There are several reasons why a horse would be no longer eligible for a race:
-The horse was entered in two maiden races, won the first one, and is now no longer eligible for the second
-Similarly, if the horse was entered in two NW2 races, and won one so it is now no longer eligible for the second, etc
-The horse was retired since the entry
-The horse was injured since the entry
-Your SIMperior account ran out, and you were in a SIMperior-only race
-Your New Player status ran out, and you were in a New Player-only race
-Your Junior Player status ran out, and you were in a Junior Player-only race

Scratched From the Waiting List

Your horse may be placed on the waiting list if it does not have sufficient points to get into the race (if too many horses with more points than your horse on that specific surface enter the same race). The maximum number of entries for each race is 12 (with the exception of the Steward's Cup and Triple Crown). If your horse is entry #13 or #14, OR are the 13th or 14th lowest point earner in the field, then you are placed on a waiting list. In good news, if a 15th horse is entered into the race and it is eligible to be split (no stakes races, sponsored races, or Dare to Dream races) the race will split, meaning that the race becomes two races and everyone gets to run. In bad news, if the race doesn't split, and your horse is still on the waiting list, it gets scratched on race day.
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