Also Eligible List and Race Splitting

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Also Eligible List and Race Splitting

Post by The Steward » 9 years ago

When a race reaches maximum capacity (generally 12 horses), additional entries are placed onto an "Also Eligible" waiting list. A horse on the waiting list will be listed at the bottom of a race with a gray background instead of the usual white background you're accustomed to seeing on race entry pages. When the waiting list reaches three horses, the race splits in half and makes two races rather than one so everyone can run. Races that split once can split again if they fill up to 3 also eligibles for a second time. If your horse is still on the waiting list when entries close, the horse will be scratched from the race and you will receive a message from the Steward in your stable.

Stakes races and sponsored races do not split.

Which horses get moved to the waiting list varies by the type of race. Stakes races and allowance races give preference to those horses who have accumulated the most points over the course of the career running on the surface that a given race is being run on. Thus, you could enter a stakes race that is not full at the time of entry and later be moved to the waiting list if a more qualified horse enters the race. Similarly, you can enter your horse in a full race and bump another horse to the waiting list if your horse is more qualified.

Maiden races and claiming race are first-come, first serve. If you enter your horse into a maiden race which is not yet full, your horse is guaranteed a spot in the race (or a split race, should the original draw enough entries).

Most races have a maximum number of 12 entrants allowed (with the exceptions being some stakes races that don't split anyway). To review the points system and which horses get preference in a race, click here
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