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Post by The Steward » 8 years ago


Insurance, as well as an increase in random injuries, starts Year 30.

Who Could Be Injured?
Less than 200 horses will be randomly injured throughout the year. Because we are working with a pool of thousands of "eligible" horses, the odds of your horse being injured is slim.

What does "injured" mean? Permanent injury - any horse that is a foal or older can be made to be retired, even without racing, due to career-ending injury. Any horse already retired will be pensioned due to a breeding accident. It doesn't matter if this horse has had 1 foal or 10. It could happen to you - but not more than twice per year. If you have 2 injuries, you don't have to worry about any more.

New Players Cannot Have Random Injuries

How Can I Tell If a Horse Is Insured?
Insurance will be displayed in the Horse Info area under Location.

What Does Insurance Get Me?
Insurance is for life. If you insure a foal, there is no chance that that horse will ever be randomly injured, OR hit by the bucked shins/barren/infertile bug. This means that if you have a good stallion, insurance will make it so you never miss a year, etc. Because insurance is for life, it cannot be transferred. If the horse is sold insured, it remains insured.

What Doesn't Insurance Get Me?
If you race your horses too often or workout too often, your horse will still be injured. Insurance doesn't prevent trainer error.

How Much Does It Cost?
As of 3/15/2015, insurance is an age-based and breed-based sliding scale. It costs:

Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses
Foal: $30,000
Yearling: $75,000
2 Year Old: $50,000
3 Year Old: $30,000
4 Year Old and up: $25,000

Foal: $30,000
Yearling: $60,000
2 Year Old: $40,000
3 Year Old: $30,000
4 Year Old and up: $20,000

Foal: $20,000
Yearling: $40,000
2 Year Old: $30,000
3 Year Old: $20,000
4 Year Old and up: $15,000

More Notes About Insurance
All Steward-breds come with insurance already!

If you are leasing a mare that is not insured, it's possible that mare can be hit by the injury bug. The injury counts against the original owner, not the leasee, but there is no refund on your lease.

NOTE Insurance and random injuries DO NOT cover trainer error. If you overwork, overrace, overexercise or overship your horse, it will still be injured! To read more about injuries, click here. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=11277
"There's no secret to training a good horse. It's a matter of being fortunate enough to get one."
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