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SIMperior Edge

Post by The Steward » 6 years ago

The SIMperior Edge is a weekly newsletter produced by The Steward and other members of the team for SIMperior members only. Once a new issue is published - between Friday and Sunday nights each week - the old one is gone "forever" unless you've saved it somewhere or can prove to someone else who did save it that you were SIMperior at the time.

Current Sections
As of Year 41, the current sections include:

Stallion Profile
Currently, the stallion profile is for a rotation of Thoroughbred stallions of all types. There is no set schedule for the "order" of preferred surface/distance, so one year it could go: Dirt Sprinter, Turf Router, Turf Miler, Steeplechaser, Dirt Sprinter; and the next year Dirt Router, Turf Miler, Dirt Sprinter, All Weather Router, etc. The schedule of stallions is set at the beginning of the season by The Steward. All horses profiled must have a headshot; if the Steward is really impressed by one horse's siring ability, she may urge you to purchase a headshot quickly so the horse can be previewed in the upcoming year. You never have to agree to this, the horse will simply be replaced by another. Stallions profiled are almost always newly retired in the past 2 years, but very rarely a slightly older horse, such as an 8 or 9 year old non-chaser, will be featured. The goal is not to profile the Best-of-the-Best, but to feature a horse who may be under the radar, or may be slightly confusing to breed to (such as a router turned miler). The profile can include The Steward's suggestions of best crosses to try, including if the stallion has siring ability beyond his primary distance/surface. In addition, when reviewing the stallion's race record, The Steward will sometimes drop hints on good training practices.

All Mixed Up
A second stallion profile, this time of a Mixed Breed horse. These will rotate between all the "mixed" breeds, from Quarter Horses to Paints to Standardbreds, etc. As with Thoroughbreds, the list of newly-retired horses to be profiled is set at the beginning of the year, and as with Thoroughbreds, there is no set, year-to-year schedule of which week features a Quarter Horse versus an Arabian. Again, as with Thoroughbreds, there can be additional information given regarding the stallion's breeding possibilities and occasional hints on good training techniques.

Auction Preview
A horse in an upcoming Trial By Summer Steward Sale, usually an under-the-radar type horse, is profiled.

Rising Star
A two-year-old that breaks its maiden in maiden special weight (not claiming or stakes) company on either a Monday or a Wednesday will be featured. Friday or Saturday winners are never featured as it is too close to publishing time. The horses featured almost always ran the fastest speed figure of the day, or tied for it, although some exceptions are made for other spectacular debuts.

Discontinued Sections
What Went Wrong
Ask the Steward
What's in Store?
Expand Your Horizons
Meet the Newbies
Stable Management
Player Interview
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