Undo An Action

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Undo An Action

Post by The Steward » 6 years ago

Launched on August 30, 2013 -

Announcing the ability to "Undo!"

Ever accidentally gelded your horse and had to frantically send a message to the Steward to fix it for you? Now you can fix it yourself!

You are able to undo the following actions: Buying Insurance, Gelding, Sending to Greener Pastures, Retiring, Pensioning, Turning into a Steeplechaser.
NEW 9/17/13 - Shipping. If you undo shipping, your horse will return to its previous location without being tired. However, your shipping costs will not be refunded.

Here's how it works: If you do one of these actions, you have 2 hours to undo the action. After this amount of time, you're out of luck. (The "What Can the Steward Do For You?" page has been updated). A link will appear on the side bar of your office page at the bottom of the "My Stuff" section that says "Undo a Recent Action." It will ONLY appear if you have an undoable action that happened in the last two hours.

Inside the Undo An Action page, will be a list of any actions you can undo and a countdown clock showing how much time you have to undo each action. Note: The page does not auto refresh, so if the countdown clock says 1 hour, 44 minutes when you open it, but then you leave it open for 3 hours, the undoable action will not work if you try to do it.

Here's the catch: You cannot have modified the horse otherwise if you want to undo an action. If you geld and then ship a horse, the geld will not be undoable. If you retire and then bloodstock the mare, the mare can no longer be unretired. If you make a horse a chaser and train it over jumps (or at all), you cannot switch the horse back. The undo button is meant to fix honest mistakes, generally because of cell phone/tablet use, in a timely manner. Any modification to the horse will stop your chances of undoing a previous action.
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