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Bloodstock Agent

Post by The Steward » 6 years ago

Anna Liza Doolittle is the Bloodstock Agent. She offers her professional opinion about a variety of horses. It costs $10,000 to get her opinion.

When asking about a yearling/racehorse:
Doolittle offers several comments about the horse, indicating whether or not she feels you should buy it. If she thinks the horse is going to be a claimer, she'll let you know. If she really can't tell how the horse is going to be later - it is faster than your average claimer but is no where near its full potential yet - she will tell you the horse has potential. If she thinks the horse has the ability to place in stakes races, either now or one day, she will say the horse has a "whole lot of upside." If the horse is one of the better ones out there, she will tell you to "Buy! Buy! Buy!"
After each of these comments, Doolittle will also give her impression on the horse's ability as a steeplechaser.

--These comments have nothing to do with the horse's gallop comment. A horse's gallop comment analyzes how fast the horse is RIGHT THEN.
--The comments can change if the horse has become a winner/has become faster/slower as it ages/etc.

When asking about a retired mare:
Doolittle offers several comments about the mare's ability to produce flat racers and steeplechasers, which should encompass their entire broodmare career. These comments do NOT change as the mare ages.

The Bloodstock Agent cannot help you with the potential of Steward-breds or retired stallions.
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