Bumper Races Predicting Distances

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Melissa Mae
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Bumper Races Predicting Distances

Post by Melissa Mae » 7 months ago

Now that we're a year into the bumper races (or longer, I can't remember) has anyone noticed horses bumper results correlating to the distances they'll be best at over jumps? I.e. for those horses who ran in 2 - 2 1/2 mile bumpers and did well (top three) once they got over jumps, did you notice they also did well at that distance and the ones in the shorter bumpers who showed they may need more ground, actually did need more ground and succeeded at longer distances over jumps?

There are probably going to be some horses who are freaks no matter what distance they go and the first crop of horses who started their careers in bumpers are now just 4 so this post could come too early, I'm just curious if anyone noticed a correlation. Most of my 3YOs last year were mostly claiming runners so I don't trust them to give me a fair assessment on this.

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Rachel Sadler
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Re: Bumper Races Predicting Distances

Post by Rachel Sadler » 7 months ago

Good question, but unfortunately probably a little to early to answer just yet.
Bumpers were only introduced for 3 yr olds last year, so they have only just had there first 4 yr old race of the year. I would probably give it a good 6 weeks of racing to see if there is any correlation between the two :)
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