Lalor: results just in!

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Lucas Davenport
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Lalor: results just in!

Post by Lucas Davenport » 11 months ago

Just got thru "training to jump" my horses from his first crop. I do have some good chaser mares, but even I am pleased, considering my other disappointing breeding results. When will I ever breed a TB freak????????? But please check out his new revised numbers! In any event, I do have too many 3 year old chaser freaks to reasonably race myself, and since unlike many of the Bond villains, "World Domination" is not a goal for me, will consider selling some in packages. Pretty hard to tell how good they will actually be until they actually start racing, so can reasonably come up with package and let the chips fall where they may. Offer (PM) me money, or make me reasonable trade offers if you prefer, or even outlandish offers (in my favor, of course!). I do race almost every category. PS: I insured them all, so please factor that into your offers. Best to all, Lucas.
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Polk Buffalo
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Re: Lalor: results just in!

Post by Polk Buffalo » 11 months ago

Grats to you Lucas. I am a happy owner of Lalors only allowancegalloper :)
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Te Akau Downs
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Re: Lalor: results just in!

Post by Te Akau Downs » 11 months ago

i got a nice 2yo freak chaser, 1/2 brother to Advance To Go
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Andrea Bouwkamp
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Re: Lalor: results just in!

Post by Andrea Bouwkamp » 11 months ago

I only bred one to Lalor that is 2 now. Not a good result(it was to my worst Chaser broodmare). The rest of them got to I Love To Jump before he was pentioned. Lalor got all my best stock this past year. I won’t know how good until they are 2.

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